Step by step makeup

step by step makeup

My step-by-step makeup is the answer to the questions I regularly receive on Instatstory: How to paint? How to do makeup to hide fatigue? How to paint your eyes The truth is that makeup is like a second skin for me and I feel very good in it, but also that I am an absolute amateur of makeup techniques in this topic, which I watched a bit on YouTube. While painting every day for over a dozen years, I have developed makeup techniques that have been proven with me, thanks to which the list of my cosmetics is almost constant, just like the activities that I do everyday.


Makeup cosmetics set

I started my adventure with minimalism two years ago a metamorphosis of my dressing table, I literally left a handful of several hundred cosmetics, I exchanged a few of them for better substitutes. Today, I am extremely proud that my dressing table has looked like this for the last two years:


white dressing table, allegro dressing table


They are absolutely ALL colored cosmetics and brusheswhich I have today (apart from stocks - I try to have one foundation, stone powder or mascara in stock) and all skin care cosmetics, except for those that I use only in the bathroom, like masks or acids, or at night, like cream by the bed.


make-up cosmeticsorganic cosmetics



Step by step makeup

To the question: "how to paint?" each of us has to answer for himself or in the company of an experienced make-up artist: each of us has a different complexion, different beauty and makeup for different occasions. Today I will show you my makeup routinewhich I treat as a base for every make-up - if I care about stronger effect, I add more layers of the same cosmetics when I care about it a softer effecte, I even skip some steps. Every morning I look at the calendar and the watch and decide how accurate and clear makeup I will make today.


The makeup I will show here today is almost the most powerful version I wear every day, the perfect base for evening makeup, to which I apply only a little more shadows, nothing more. Thanks to this, even after an ordinary office day, I am able to add some shadows and go out for a greater opportunity, gently improving the foundation.


My makeup is so durable that during the day I do not have any cosmetics to improve it, well, maybe sometimes you will find in my purse a powder that will allow me to matt if necessary, or lip gloss, which I also rarely use every day.



Make-up base

make-up base


My only the base for makeup is cream. I apply to the whole face moisturizing cream with filter, and on parts with a tendency to shine, i.e. on my nose, I apply oil-control cream - both are Organic Series brands and today they are the only brand that serves me, and my skin has stopped shedding me every day like when I used creams from other brands - this is the first cream that I can use every day. From time to time I decide to test something from a different manufacturer, but so far this one in my opinion is second to none.


eye make-up base


I apply to thin and bruised skin under the eyes intensively moisturizing serum also by Organic Series to ensure maximum nutrition and hydration. Thanks to the non-greasy texture, it is an ideal base for makeup and concealer. I also use it at night.




Revlon Colorstay No. 180 Sand Beige


I have been faithful for several years Revlon foundation for combination and oily skin - it is without a doubt good coverage foundation and very durable. My color is No. 180, Sand Beige, packed in a container with a pump, which ensures very convenient and effective dosing of the product. You can match the perfect color at the Hebe, SuperPharm, Douglas or some Rossmannach drugstores, but I almost always buy it at an online pharmacy for some 30% of the drugstore price, i.e. PLN 26,99.


On average, once a year I try to find him a worthy successor, something even more permanent, but with little success. I have already tested foundations such as Double Wear, Clarins Everlasting or Clinique Even Better or Clinique Redness Solutions and none of them provided me with greater durability and better coverage, despite the fact that some of them were almost ten times more expensive.


If you have dry skin, Revlon Foundation is also available for dry and normal skin, but in my opinion it has slightly different covering properties that suit me less. My complexion is capillary, I also have a few discolorations, stronger coverage gives me confidence, but if your skin does not have such requirements, you can safely reach for the lighter version.



Make-up sponge

makeup sponge


I've already tested fingers, brushes, classic disposable sponges and reusable egg-shaped makeup sponges to apply foundation, which I use now.


My first egg-shaped makeup sponge was classic pink Beauty Blender bought in Sephora, which I almost never could make up after applying foundation and quickly stopped looking good. Then I decided on the black Beauty Blender, also from Sephora, but I still wanted to replace it with a new one fairly quickly, while its PLN 72 price per item meant that I started looking for a replacement product. And this is how I am now testing makeup sponges available at regular drugstores for a fraction of the price of Beauty Blender, i.e. for 15 zlotys. If I find my favorite cheaper sponge, I will let you know here.



How to apply the foundation?

how to apply foundation


I have already tested a lot of foundation technique, and my favorite, ensuring the longest durability of makeup is as follows:


foundation sponge


I squeeze one portion of the foundation onto the back of my hand and grasp it with the other sponge for makeup, which I dip in foundation and stamp my face place by placelike a stamp. Thanks to this, I evenly cover the entire skin with the foundation up to the neck line. I do not go any lower with the foundation - I choose the color of the foundation so that it blends into my complexion, so that the line where the foundation ends flows smoothly into the skin on the neck. I just hate having my shirt, coat or jacket stained with foundation, so I only use it on my face and match the color of my neck with it.


How I apply foundation can be seen in this video.




A good concealer under the eyes

good under eye concealer Yves Saint Laurent Cera Touche Eclat Bourjois Radiance Reveal


A good eye concealer is a very important item in my wash bag. It allows you to hide sleepless nights, months and even years. Once, I just used foundation under my eyes, but with age I noticed that I need unnecessarily so heavy cosmetics for such delicate skin. Then I focused on care (the above-mentioned eye serum) and looking for a concealer that will not dry the skin under the eyes, cover the shadows and brighten.


Because of my profession Wedding Planner, on my professional path I meet the best make-up artists and each of them I ask about the best concealer and literally each this year answered that without a doubt good eye corrector it Yves Saint Laurent - Touche Eclat. So I have it in 1,5 color and it is very nice, but I still don't see the difference between it and my brightening one concealer under the eyes Bourjois Radiance Reveal Concealer in 01 Ivory, which is very good news, because there is some 7 times cheaper if you buy it at an online drugstore and even 5 times cheaper when you buy it at Rossmann, for example.



How to apply concealer under the eyes?

how to apply concealer under the eyes


There are tons of videos on YouTube in which girls show how to properly apply eye concealer to avoid the panda effect and recommend applying it to the nasal lobe line ... which I think is unnecessarily weighing down almost half of your face with another camouflage cosmetic. Why me I apply concealer only under the eyes, next I squeeze it into the skin with a makeup sponge, rubbing it down the face so that it blends perfectly with the undercoat, of course I make my "stamp" movements.


Under the eyes corrector test only pass those that do not settle badly in the creases of the lower eyelid and do not emphasize wrinkles. These two products certainly meet these requirements.




Kryolan D7 camouflage concealer


This cosmetic meant that when I wake up in the morning on a very important day, I do not stress so much that in the mirror there may be some surprises. Kryolan cream camouflage in D7 color this is my absolute hit and savior. Every day I use it only in 3 places - to cover broken vessels, and in emergency situations as a corrector for any unexpected imperfections. Never in my life have I encountered such a covering or so durable a concealer that never ends - my packaging is already several years old! I apply it with a brush and then blend it with the foundation using a foundation sponge.



Here you can see how I apply concealer under the eyes and camouflage on the vessels.





Stone powder

powder Revlon nnearly naked 020 powder brush say makeup POWDER BRUSH


Stone powder I apply it before applying eye shadows - thanks to this, the falling shadow pollen does not stick to the foundation around the eyes, but is literally flicked off with a brush. My favorite stone powder is Revlon Nearly Naked number 20 - it is very gentle, and at the same time provides a fantastic fixation of foundation and concealer. It temporarily disappeared from the drugstore and its successor is supposed to appear, so for the winter I bought it in 010 colorbecause this 20 weaves quite dark.


It is also important the way I put it on - I pick it up on a brush, and then brush off the excess, and again the same stamping movement I put the face piece by piece to finally sweep the whole face and align it. Such an application allows me to fix the foundation and concealer and ensure them great durability. In addition to the foundation, it is also very important brushwhich I use - I used to think that a powder brush can be literally any kind, after all, no precision is needed here, but it quickly turned out that low-quality brushes lose hair or this hair crumbles ... and in the middle of the day it turned out, that since the morning I have been walking with big black hair from a brush on my face.


In order to be able to apply the stone powder described with the "stamp" technique (I think I came up with the name myself), I must have brush with compact, strong bristles that do not fall out, do not scratch, do not spread out too much, because all this reduces the durability of my makeup.


Say Makeup POWDER BRUSH powder brush


My favorite is SAY Makeup brush for powder No. 11, which works great in this role. Like all brushes of this brand, it is made of synthetic fiber, which I was once not convinced of, but observing the giants on the face brushes market, I see that this is the best direction that provides us with extraordinary durability of brushes, which even after years of intensive use and washing they don't change shapes.



My makeup base looks like this: a uniform and matte complexion, ready for eyebrows and eyes.


step by step makeup for a uniform matte complexion



Eyebrow cosmetics

eyebrow brush dual ended brown brush double-sided eyebrow eyebrow mascara


For almost thirty years I lived in the belief that since my eyebrows are naturally dark (as you can see above), I am lucky and free from their styling. My eyebrows have a simple shape, and despite the comprehensive styling of the eyebrows in Brow Bar Benefit, which I decided once a trial, they look almost always the same, and they naturally grow down instead of up, which is clearly seen in the photo above .


Therefore, when I discovered this cosmetic by accident - eyebrows, revolutionized my approach to makeup and eyebrow makeup has become one of its most important elements. Today, when I do morning makeup in a hurry, I will soon give up eyelid makeup than eyebrow makeup (which I haven't done at all for so many years!).



How to paint eyebrows?

I start my eyebrow makeup by brushing them ... downwards to see where they lack volume and to be able to emphasize their topline INGLOT eyebrow number 16. Both I use one brush for combing eyebrows and for applying pomade - this podwójny SAY Makeup brush for eyebrows no. 1 , thanks to which I will help eyebrows, I can apply with extreme precision, while still providing myself with a very delicate effect. This brush has a lot precise tip, allowing you to draw many thin lines that will make up perfect eyebrow shape.


Inglot 16 eyebrow pomadeInglot 16 eyebrow pomade


When I pick up the lipstick, I wipe the excess with my hand - I really wipe almost all of the lipstick until the brush is almost dry.


how to paint eyebrows


I mark the upper line of the eyebrows with such an almost dry brush, making a lot of small movements to ensure a maximum natural effect, and then comb the eyebrows up.


double-sided eyebrow brush



Eyebrow gel

L'Oreal Plumper eyebrow mascara


To fix the eyebrows and give them the desired upward direction, I put eyebrow gel on them - L'Oreal Brow Artist Plumper eyebrow mascara, simply combing it towards the forehead.



The effect before and after - worth those 2 minutes for me


eyebrow makeup before


Eyebrow makeup after


eyebrow makeup after



And if you want to see how I paint eyebrows on a video, here it is:




Eye makeup

If I had to go to a desert island and take it with me only one colorful cosmetic, it would be undoubtedly ... mascara!


But before we get mascara, I'll show you how to prepare and paint eyelids.




I do all my eye makeup with this palette - this Sephora Daily Chic, which is unfortunately not available today, but still to be found on OLX, for example.


I don't use any today shadow bases - in my opinion, each one that I tested so far, either rolled in the crease of the eyelid (i.e. it was an anti-base), or dried out the eyelid. When I go to the prom, I might consider applying Kryolan camouflage to the entire movable upper eyelid, which will give the shadows a fantastic grip, but I cannot imagine treating my eyelids this way every day. Therefore, on my eyelids in front of the shadows there is only the mentioned moisturizing cream with a filter. For oily eyelids, I can recommend you Artdeco and Inglot eyeshadow base - I hear many good opinions about them.


Eye makeup I start by applying a base shadow over the entire eyelid - for me it is color 1 Tender Beige from the palette with a brush Sephora Must-have powder shadow number 60.


step by step make-up base shadow for the entire eyelid


I put it on the entire eyelid, right under the eyebrows.


how to paint eyes


Then I reach for mine favorite shadow from the Chesnut shimmer color palette - this cool brown, which is neither a typical mat, nor any glitter invention. Its delicate shine allows untrained amateur hands to conjure a beautiful blurring of the shadow on the eyelid. When I want to cool my makeup a bit, I mix it with this gray shade and apply a mix of these colors at the same time. I was looking for a brush for a long time that would be suitable for shading the outer corner of the eye and finally found the ideal - it INGLOT 48SS brush - with no other brush, blending shadows is so easy and so nice.


eye shadows palette


The most important rule I follow about applying shadows is - better less than more! LESS IS MORE! I prefer to impose 3 thin layers of shadow of the same color, which will stick to each other, than one too heavy, which will neither be beautifully rubbed nor will it be as durable as three thin ones. Therefore, after applying the shadow to the brush, I wipe the excess shadow on a handkerchief - I was kidding! Of course, in your hand.


eye makeup step by step


I move on to applying and rubbing the shadow in the eyelid - I start from the outer corner of the eye, where I apply the most shade and rub it along the lash line, as well as into the crease of the eyelid.


eye makeup step by step


Then, if I feel like a strong makeup effect this morning, I immerse the tiny ones Sephora Multitasker shadow brush number 63 in black eye shadow and I imprint its excess on my hand.


step by step makeup


And with my beloved "stamp" movement, I press it into the very corner of the eyelid.


step by step makeup


In order to gently rub it along the eyelash line and of course in the direction of the eyelid bend and finally everything blend beautifully with the mentioned INGLOT brush number 48SS.


Then I move to painting eye lines. I don't use a pencil or eye liner today - they give too much effect to me, and above all - uncontrolled. Anyone who has tried the eye-liner for the first time or even the tenth time knows that it is he who rules our makeup, not us, and that we can see every trembling of our hand on the eyelid and in such makeup it is the eyeliner that plays the first violin, which I prefer to leave to my eyelashes. Eye shadow and ultrathin INGLOT brush number 31T they do a super robot - I use them to paint the line on my eyelid


step by step makeup


As you can see - this line that I draw on the eyelid along the lash line is very thin - it is also so delicate that even if my hand is shaking, the child climbs on me, it consists of so many tiny lines painted with a brush that I have a whole time influences its final shape.


how to make a line


Once I paint the line, I want to give it a softer effect, so I rub it on my eyelid - I use for this INGLOT 39P brush, thanks to which my line on the eyelid is delicate and quite smoothly goes to the applied shadows.


Inglot 39P brush how to make a line


If I feel like it stronger look, no longer putting the shadows on the brush again, gently I emphasize the lower line of eyelashes on the line from the corner of the eye, approximately to the outer edge of the iris.


Finally, I apply a glowing, slightly shimmering Coral Satin eye shadow inner corner of the eye and under the eyebrow line.


step by step makeupstep by step makeup how to paint eyes


This is what eye shadows look like without applying mascara:


eye makeupeye makeup



You can see what my "live" eye shadow painting looks like in this video.




And now the most important point of the program.



The best mascara

I have been painting eyelashes since primary school (it was still eight). I remember the time when Mascara or Grandmother's mascara was sneaking up, but to paint eyelashes at all, you had to spit on it. Mascara is the best and the most widely tested colored cosmetics and when I tell you which my mascara is the favorite, you may think that you have already tested it, but it has not worked, or because of its brush you will not even want it try.


My favorite mascara is L'Oréal - False Lash Telescopic. I bought it for the first time during my studies in Paris, and after a dozen or so years I still use it, and although I regularly romance with carcasses from various price ranges, I always come back to it. There is one condition - must be fresh - it is rarely on sale and is often in arrears in drugstores, and the old man is able to completely discourage us. So I don't buy it online, but in the busiest shopping malls. There are many fakes on the market, so if you choose to buy online, you need to be careful and choose a trusted store.


the best mascara


The second ink I love is Maybelline Lash Sensational, but for me it begins to flake off faster and does not separate the eyelashes so wonderfully, which is why they are not such a beautiful fan above the eye.



How to apply eyelashes?

I often answer the question whether I have artificial eyelashes. I don't have one, but it's not like I get up in the morning and they are beautiful and long. It's also not like I wave ink twice and they are so curled, bold and elongated. Eyelash painting is the biggest job with my makeup!


Mirror I put it in this position to see your eyelashes from below - when I paint them, I treat the brush like an eyelash curler. After applying, the mascara freezes quickly on the eyelashes, so I use this time and press the eyelashes with a brush up to fix their raised shape.


How many brush movements do I make? Each time, for each eye - several dozen! For big outings, even a hundred. It is the only mascara that is applied with each stroke in such a small amount that I can cover my lashes so many times and still have an impact on the final result. It has never given me the effect of "butterfly legs" or sticking. I think that when put in and out, it's perfect ink. It is also great to wash off in the evening.





how to paint eyelashes


Face contouring

I only contour my face when I have time and feel like it, I feel just as well with the pink.



Face contouring palette

face contouring palette


The first product I bought for face contouring was Contour Kit by SMASHBOX - dry face contouring kit. When I used up the first pack, I decided to buy a wet contouring kit, but I didn't love it - the effect was much clearer and it was harder to gradate its intensity, so I quickly bought back the dry contouring kit you see at the top and became my favorite. I use the included brush to apply the highlighter, but for applying dark colors I use the brush you see in the picture - it's a contouring brush from KillyS, bought from Rossmann.


How to contour the face?

contouring brush


I take a bronzer on the brush and the same as with shadows - I brush the excess from the brush then I start applying it to my face.


I imagine that my face should be oval shaped and I shade all parts of the face that extend beyond the oval. I have a high forehead, so for me this is a high forehead to the hairline and gentle jaw bones.


how to contour the face


I also contour zygomatic bones (commonly known as cheekbones). For many years I shaded my face only at the height of the zygomatic bones, but my face looked hard and sad because of it, so today I try to pull the shading on the cheekbones, leaving some space for the blush.


how to contour the face dryhow to apply bronzer



Highlighter and highlighter brush

highlighter brushface highlighter


To apply the highlighter, I use the brush that was attached to the palette - it is tiny, but it works well because the surfaces of the face on which I apply it are also small.


How to use the highlighter?

I use the highlighter to add glow to the face and hide signs of fatigue. I apply it in a small amount on:


- center of the forehead

how to apply the highlighter


- on the nasal bone - to make the nose appear thinner


how to use the highlighter


- for cupid's bow - to emphasize the lips


where to apply the highlighter


- on the chin - to slim the face


face highlighter how to use


- over the zygomatic (cheek) bones and under the eyes to give them freshness,


and if I didn't light my eyes with a shadow, I put it on yet on the inner corner of the eye i under the eyebrow archto open the eye more.



Cheek blush

blush brush for blush


My favorite pink is baked Bourjois blushes in Golden Rose number 34. This rose is so "clean" and fresh.



How to apply blush?

That the applied blush would give me a freshness effect, I smile to myself in the mirror and underline the naturally protruding part of my cheek with pinkdown to the ear. I don't make any unnatural beak, just smile honestly at myself - just like I'll smile at others all day long to make the blush look good. I don't walk around with a pout on my face every day, so it certainly won't help me make up.


I've been looking for a long time brush for blushto help me apply it - some were too narrow, others too wide, and this one turned out to be perfect. This SAY Makeup blush brush No. 9.


I liked these brushes so much that I think about instead of another foundation sponge, which needs to be changed so often, try the foundation brush from SAY Makeup. And you, which brushes do you use most often? What is your favorite method of applying foundation?


where to apply blush how to apply blush



I prepared videoon which I show you as I contour the face with bronzer, highlighter and blush - due to the fact that the camera and camcorder "eat" cosmetics, for the purposes of the video I specially used more of the product to make the effect clearly visible - I use it less every day to make the effect more natural.





Lip make-up

I try to have one in my makeup dominant - I definitely have it eyes. Firstly because I like them most in myself, and secondly because their makeup does not need to be corrected during the day. As I have already written, during the day I do not improve my makeup, and if I wanted to make a strong accent on the lips, I would have to correct them several times during the day and I could not focus only on the tasks performed, when I should remember to put eaten lipstick on my lips.


I only paint my lips in everyday makeup protective lipstickbecause, as you can see in the pictures, I often get chapped, I laugh it's from kissing in the wind. There must be a really big occasion or I have a strong desire to paint my lips. And even if I do it, the color of the cosmetic has been chosen so that I do not have to touch them up during the day, because it blends beautifully with the color of my lips.



Lip liner

Inglot 74 lip liner


The only colored lip cosmetic I have is lip liner in the most beautiful and natural color I've encountered - it's a lip liner INGLOT number 74. It seems to me that it will be perfect for most Polish women, it will allow you to delicately and naturally emphasize or bring out the color of our lips. I use it mainly because when applying the foundation and powder, a little bit remains on my lips involuntarily and makes them unnaturally pale. I could wash them off with cleanser on a cotton swab, but I usually forget about it. That is why I usually choose the second option - underlining the shape of the lips with a lip liner, which I also gently fill their entire surface, and a bit of foundation acts as a base for a colored pencil.


how to paint lips


I put it on the crayon lip balm - I have it now CARMEX the stick version - and rub the crayon on the balm, rubbing one lip against the other. I have a lip gloss in my purse - a gift from my Friend, with a delicate pink tint, and I wear it and use it mainly because it has… beautiful packaging and its mere possession is a great pleasure. It's a lip gloss Dior color nude number 363.


lip balm



And this is how my lips painting looks in practice:





And it's ready!





What else is my morning ritual?


I've already shown you mine step by step hybrid manicure - my rescue for combining the functions of a Wedding Consultant and Mother - thanks to which my hands are always well-groomed and although I paint my nails on average once every two weeks, I do not end my care here, because 2 weeks is a lot of time. Due to the fact that I do not like creaming my hands, I try to make my manicure look fresh all the time and not to be bothered by dry cuticles around my nails, a few times a week before going out I try to apply some nail cosmetics on the cuticles - conditioner or oil.


Cuticle and nail conditioner Touch by Orphica


Now I have it at hand Cuticle and nail conditioner from the Touch line from Orphica, and I chose it for my feet, which in thanks for a wonderful summer I gave a break from hybrid varnish and decided to give them a solid portion of nutrition and moisturizing before the next stylization.


I have to tell you something…

You've just read my most demanding, longest preparation and editing post in my life! I hope that I answered the question: How do I paint every day?


step by step makeup


However, despite the fact that this post was so laborious and is so long, I love painting, it takes me on average from 7 (fast or weekend version) up to 20 minutes (full version as today). In the most difficult moments, when I became a mother and my life at times did not look exactly as I had imagined, these 7 minutes each morning allowed me to feel that I was somehow controlling my life, and what was more, I was ready at any time of the day to new challenges, even if sometimes my biggest challenge was to go out with the child for a walk with the neighbor on 12 and not be late.


I also absolutely do not think that each of us should wear makeup - as you can see, I paint myself primarily for myself, I have no problem showing myself without makeup - in photos and videos. On the other hand, hiding discolorations, imperfections and opening my eyes, even if only by painting my eyelashes, makes me feel fresher and more refreshed, and I smile at myself more. However, I also like that moment when at the end of the day, I wash off makeup and care for my complexion, which she endures so much - sleepless nights, polluted air or not enough water drunk. Make-up removal is an absolutely obligatory element of my evening, no matter how tired or sick I am, I probably would not fall asleep with makeup on.


I am very curious, how do you like my makeup method and what is your attitude towards painting?

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    • 29.10.2018

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