Mama is offline!

It's a terrible feeling when I check my email on the phone in the morning and see a great offer or… a problem. I can't enjoy breakfast with my husband or goofing around with Santa anymore. My thoughts revolve around the offer or I am focused on solving the problem as soon as possible. What if I hadn't checked my mail until I went to work?

I would spend a wonderful morning with my boyfriends, relaxed went to the office, checked the e-mail and quickly responded to the offer or resolved the problem.

Company e-mails, private e-mails, telephones, text messages, instant messaging, Facebook, Instagram ... most of these tools are essential or very pleasant in our daily life. However, being online constantly has more disadvantages than advantages, in my opinion. We fragment, we do nothing here and now and 100%. Playing with Miki is not as fun as the phone is constantly buzzing, every now and then an e-mail, a message, and I look a lot if it's not very important. Because you know how it usually ends? I stop playing / ironing / cooking / reading / relaxing in order to settle the matter as soon as possible, write back, prepare an offer, so that I have as much as possible from my head as soon as possible. More and more often I try not to do it right away, but return to the previous activity and what? My mind is elsewhere anyway. I think up price lists in my head, put words into sentences, write e-mails, negotiate, and as a result I do nothing at 100%.

It's time to change that. So I decided to introduce both seasons and offline zones into my life.

Offline times


I need about an hour to get ready for work after I get out of bed. There is no room for the Internet, e-mails or Facebook anymore. There is only me and my family. Thanks to this, I go to work much more efficiently, full of good humor and curiosity what the day will bring.

After work

After work, I don't run home on the wings to… work again, be in touch with the whole world. Until Wojtek returns from work, it's time for me and the child only.


As you already know, I don't start the day with the Internet. I do not finish it this way, so at least 30-60 minutes before bedtime I try to calm down and relax away from flashing screens. It's time for a shower, book or conversation.

Offline zones


This is the place where we sleep in a Three. There is no room for a TV, and recently also for devices connected to the Internet. This is our zone of silence, peace and relaxation, rest and common fooling around.


To be with Him on 100%.

And how is it with you? Are your phone, laptop and tablet online all the time? Since when the phone acts as an alarm clock, radio, computer and above all a camera, it's hard to do without it right? If so, what do you think about my solution? Or maybe you came up with this a long time ago?

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  • 07.10.2015

    I only have the internet when Junior is asleep - when I get over what I leave for this long-awaited time niejszy home, order, dinner, laundry are more important ... at the bottom end, the internet and my blog - which sometimes makes me feel guilty, because I would like to try hard more 😛

    • 07.10.2015

      Hihi, I have something in the middle - washing, dinner (for me) and order are at the end 😉

  • cosmomama

    I always try to have mornings without internet. Because when I turn on the computer, then everything goes slower and I look at the screen every now and then.

    • 07.10.2015

      Oh yes. I struggled all morning in traffic today - check this e-mail or not check it 😉 I think it will be a while before I get used to being offline 😉

  • 06.10.2015

    As if I read myself :-) There is something in it, I also have such a resolution not to check my e-mail in the morning and evening. I check once a day, and only once a day, and that's enough. I also try to organize my blog in the same way so that it doesn't absorb me too much.

    • 07.10.2015

      Oh once a day sounds great! I work at e-mails all the time so I wouldn't be able to do it, but I think I will turn off the on-screen notifications: NEW MESSAGE! It distracts me terribly.