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Although for the activity on the blog I can give myself a penny with an exclamation mark in the last six months, I managed to keep in touch with some of you thanks to Instagramowi. Because recently my interests revolve around photos.

Although it is true that the best camera is one that we have at hand, work was an incentive for me to buy an SLR camera. Actually, you need to take better photos for your professional portfolio. I was running around with a Sony TX-10 monkey at the time and you may not believe me, but for a long time I thought that this camera takes pictures better than an SLR. Seriously!!! I photographed everything that stood in my way at work and after work. Initially fascinated, but with time I started to identify limitations: little effect on depth of field, little effect on light. Additionally, my Sister pointed out that their faces are slightly distorted in the portraits I made for her children. What? Unfortunately - like most digital cameras with a wide-angle lens, it was not suitable for portraits. The faces were redrawn - their elements in the center of the frame were raised (you can read more about this phenomenon when shooting with a wide-angle lens here).
The desire to take better and better photos led me to decide to buy an SLR. Several friends interested in photography helped me in choosing the first one, because my knowledge of taking photos ended in auto mode.
The first year with the mirror was a game of paraments for the so-called "feel". I read various websites and forums about photography, and watched the parameters used by photographers to take specific photos. The book I received for review, "Artistic Wedding Photography" by Jose Villa, was also very helpful, where the conditions and parameters used for taking the photograph were listed under each photo. Thanks to a few videos on YouTube, I even started taking photos in RAW format and developing them in the digital darkroom. But it was all like wandering in the fog.
This expectation of a child really made me decide learn to take better pictures. Stop improvising and learn the secrets of aperture, exposure time and ISO. All this is to give my child a beautiful souvenir from childhood in the form of family photos.
The first step was to buy a book on baby photography, and Robin Long's Natural Newborn Baby Photography was there to help me out. Beautiful photos and again descriptions of the conditions and parameters used. Unfortunately, I still felt lost and had a lot of unanswered questions. Many photos that I took were simply wrong, which I found out hours after taking them, downloading them to the computer. In everyday life, unfortunately, there are not many options to repeat a photo. It was then that I decided to take matters into my own hands and enroll in a photography course. But as you can guess, having a 2-month-old baby was almost a miracle. Fortunately, I found an online photography school. I can take part in on-line lessons when I have a free moment, I often read them on the phone, e.g. while feeding, and I do my homework by photographing my loved ones. What more could you want?
Before I gave birth to a child, I absorbed lifestyle photos on Instagram, and I thought of posting my child's photos in a row 10 as mere spamming (sorry!). Now I love to watch other moms, smiling or pensive faces caught in flight, photos from both the camera and the SLR camera. I love to share my world with you and visit yours.
Once a month, I do my little son's photo session to compose an album for his first birthday. Yesterday Santa finished 7 months, so tomorrow I planned next photos, and here are our archives:

Photographing my loved ones and closing all those common moments in the frame gives me wings. I love to spend time taking photos of loved ones, I later love to give them presents in the form of still totally amateur photos. Now I can not wait for the Friend's arrival and photographing our children together while improving our workshop.

And what is photography for you?

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