Step by step hybrid manicure at home GUIDE

hybrid manicure

On the blog, I comprehensively touched on the subject of hybrid manicure, and here is a small guide to posts.

1. Hybrid manicure at home - which brand of nail polish should you choose?

hybrid manicure what brand of varnish to choose

Here you will learn what to look for when choosing a hybrid nail polish brand, then learn about the high quality ones and how to distinguish them from the weaker ones, as well as learn about hybrid nail polishes that I have already had the pleasure to test whether at home or during a hybrid manicure in the salon cosmetic.

2. Hybrid manicure at home - what do we need?

hybrid manicure what you need to buy

In this post I have described in detail all the products you need to perform hybrid manicure at home. I reviewed varnishes I have used so far, as well as special lotions. Of course, the basis of hybrid manicure could not be missing, i.e. UV or LED lamps.

3. How to make a hybrid manicure step by step at home

how to make a hybrid shellac manicure

And finally, step by step, I described to you how to make such a hybrid manicure at home. I have revealed here a trick about the "free edge" of the nail, thanks to which your hybrid manicure will be much more durable and the varnish will not come off the nail plate.

how to make a shellac manicure

At the end I also answered a frequently asked question Does hybrid nail polish damage your nails?.

In the next posts on the topic of hybrid manicure I will want to show you my favorite colors and also test next product brands to give you a wider range of varnishes to choose from.

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  • Sylwia

    Is it possible to do such a procedure before the hybrid manicure or better after?

  • dominika9

    Very cool suggestions. As far as I'm concerned I buy NeoNail. And I will tell you that I got used to colors and I only buy these.

  • Ania

    have you ever tried hybrid from silcare? thanks for the substantive article ^^

  • 05.06.2019

    very cool guide 🙂

  • 19.04.2019

    They look fabulous 🙂

  • 18.02.2019

    Not everyone certainly has the ability to make hybrids alone, but I recommend everyone try it. Let's not hide the prices of good nail stylists are high and the waiting time is quite long. I personally used manicurists myself, but now I paint myself and it is getting better and better. Greetings.

    • 17.04.2019

      I prefer to go to the cosmetician professionally and quickly


    Such the simplest manicure is usually the best. Thanks to him we have well-groomed hands
    and we also feel comfortable. For you, the whole procedure looks almost like a beautician
    so it's great that you can do it from the comfort of your home and it gives you pleasure by the way :)

  • Monika Polkowska

    I use many brands of varnishes, these are and those that can be found in nearby nail wholesalers, i.e. neo nail, semilac, modena nails etc. but I also use ones that can be ordered on aliexpress and are very cheap. I honestly admit that sometimes I am even more satisfied with these Chinese travels than, for example, the semilac that makes you allergic. After that, I think that you need to test and find the right brand for yourself, especially since these varnishes have different consistencies, different coverage and even differently composed brushes and everyone may like something different.

  • Igunia

    No Semilates there. PROnail once that it covers nicely and it really after these two layers, and two that looks nice on the nail

  • Agnieszka Jacek

    I really enjoy hybrid manicure, I use semilac hybrids and they work very well and shine beautifully 🙂

  • Emil

    Try La Boom nail polish 🙂 Beautiful colors and easy to paint

  • Marysia

    I make hybrids with semilac and two layers are enough, but it also depends on the color. And the colors are beautiful now.

    • 27.09.2016

      I also have several Semilac varnishes and it all depends on the color - often 3 layers are necessary.

  • 18.07.2016

    Oh yes - they also had in the salon that I visited, but unfortunately they just bought the colors that I didn't like, so I wasn't tempted 😉

  • Bowl

    Super article 🙂 I have been doing hybrids for some time and the effect is sensational 🙂 I personally use semilac for manicure and I praise it 🙂 They look beautiful on the nails, and the best is Sleeping Beauty shade 🙂

    • 18.07.2016

      I have the first color from Semilac - Sleeping Beauty - although it is quite poorly pigmented and 3 or even 4 layers are necessary (whether I did it in the salon or at home), the color is absolutely my hit of the season. With the foundation and top, I stayed Shellac.

  • Janinka

    It is worth learning by yourself, but if someone does not have a knack for such things - as I know, it is better to go to a specialist 🙂 Recently I saw new MAKEAR varnishes in the salon, the quality is amazing! The varnish stays up to 6 weeks and does not chip off, I tested this company myself 🙂

    • 11.05.2016

      I agree, but for me the durability of 6 weeks is a completely unnecessary function - after 2 weeks the regrowth is so large that, taking care of the aesthetic appearance of the hand, the treatment should be repeated

  • Marzena Jeż

    it takes a while at home before you do all the hybrid yourself but personally I think it's worth it. first of all, I use high-quality makear varnishes and a visit to a beautician would probably cost me a lot. and so I calmly relax and it is time only for me

  • Aga

    Nice color 🙂 I am in love with hybrids, but I use almost exclusively Semilac. I have no problems with it, and I am delighted with the quality and colors 🙂 there are already a lot of posts on how to make a hybrid manicure correctly, but any other, as well written as yours is worth its weight in gold 🙂

    • 26.02.2016

      Thank you very much 🙂
      I started with Shellac, once I tried another - I bought La Femme and the difference in quality was very noticeable, so I'm afraid to keep trying other brands, although Semilac colors are absolutely wonderful and I am a bit tempted by that 😉

  • 12.02.2016

    I used to go to a beautician for a hybrid. Unfortunately, I had a problem removing them. Acetone could not cope and I had to saw. It weakened my nail plate very much. Now I use Effective Nails hybrids that come off easily and my nails are as long and strong as never before. The nails do not have to be heavily matted, I do not damage them when removed, and for two weeks the hybrid protects them from cracks and splitting which happened earlier. That's why my nails look better thanks to the hybrid.

    • 12.02.2016

      I subscribe to everything you write 🙂 I also stopped biting and damaging my nails in stressful situations….

  • Agnieszka Patora-Wojs

    Very cool post! I have been trying to perform this procedure at home for a long time and I think I am on my way to achieving the goal 😉 Thank you for your motivation and I look forward to the next posts regarding hybrid manicure!

  • 12.01.2016

    Beautiful varnish color. I have to find a similar one 😉 At first I was skeptical about hybrids. Or rather, I didn't believe in my cosmetic skill 😉 Fortunately, the hybrid is applied very quickly and easily. I recommend to everyone.

  • Estera Żmijewska

    This beautiful Shellaca color can you write a name?

  • Justine

    Super guide, I have to buy a set and try it myself. I wanted to laugh as I read about this reflected bedding on nails painted with ordinary varnishes because it is a notorious problem for me 🙂 Waiting for the next part of this series! Regards 🙂

    • 12.01.2016

      Hihi life, it's not enough that you wait for 15 minutes between layers, but in the morning it turns out that you have to wash everything before work

  • Paolina Paolina

    Maybe I will try 😉

    • 30.03.2016

      Good luck - I think it's really worth it, because it's a big financial saving, unfortunately not necessarily time-saving 😉

  • 12.01.2016

    I've never had hybrids on my nails 🙂
    When I use ESSIE base, nail polish and top coat, I usually have about 10 days of nail polish - and painting takes a few minutes 😉

    • 12.01.2016

      And you know that Essie has let me down? I bought in Hebe, so much choice from such a profession. I dream so ugly that I never finished painting 🙁 but I like classic Maybelline very much 🙂

    • 12.01.2016

      I don't like OPI 🙁
      I think the nail plate plays the most important role here ...

  • Creating our world

    I envy you this talent ... I definitely have two left to paint nails; P

    • 30.03.2016

      It's a matter of years of practice, not talent, I couldn't do it at one time 🙂

  • 12.01.2016

    It was thanks to you, Agnieszka, that I ordered my first Shellaki, after the Semilac varnishes sensitized my mother and sister. So I have 11 colors with which I do not know what I will do myself, because they will probably expire soon. I mean, I know, they'll probably end up in the bin. Before New Year's Eve, I bought Shellaki and I was surprised that the varnish layer can be so thin, unlike Semilac hybrids. Unfortunately, Semilac varnishes had to be filed down a bit first, and then after 15 - 20 minutes soaking in acetone, scratching it with a stick or just further sawing. As a result, my nails are soft and bend in all directions. I suppose it also had an impact on the durability of Shellac varnishes, because at the tips of the nails they started to peel off, which has never happened to me in Semilak before, probably because of this thick layer. Now, downloading is waiting for me and this will be the biggest test, because this download was why I was looking for other hybrids. Just tell me, does Shellac lacquers also need to file down the top, or is it not necessary?

    • trzywina

      Or maybe you would like to resell? :)

    • 12.01.2016

      I don't know, my love, I think it would be a bit unfair to you, because some varnishes are probably very worn, and I can't assess it. Even me and my second sister can paint nails with semilacs, we will definitely paint them 😉

    • 12.01.2016

      These allergies are amazing! Today I read about them for the first time in your comments and I'm shocked! With Shellac, I do not drink anything, I apply a soaked cotton ball for a few minutes and it goes away by itself. It falls off normally. I will make a post with photos about how I remove hybrids. If you have really thin nails, I recommend applying a layer of Boau color varnish on each color - it is transparent with a slight shine, but it thickens nicely and thanks to it I was able to bring the nails into working condition after filing through a beautician.

    • 12.01.2016

      I have thinner nails by sawing Semilaks, normally they don't even break, but with household chores, ordinary varnishes come off quickly, for now it is only red, but the one from the post above is also nice

    • 13.01.2016

      When I went to the beautician after the delivery, she also sawed my nail polish and after 4 treatments I had fingernails like paper ... in order to "get out" of this state, I applied this Beau varnish as the last layer of color - it is thick and stiffened the plate nicely and nothing fell off, it allowed me to give my nails time to grow back strong. Now I can paint without it, but it took me a few months ... until all the filed nails grew back.

  • Sept

    also for some time I am making myself a hybrid at home but I hate to wash it; / I know it is an error but I often scratch it rather than wash it off

    • 12.01.2016

      Me too 😀

    • 12.01.2016

      I was so too, but since I put a cotton pad and wrap it in foil it takes a moment and I don't hurt them anymore 😉

    • jessica1212

      Wrrrr is the worst thing about it 🙁 I didn't like it either. But now I have good acetone from Makear, soak a cotton ball, wrap the foil, wait a while and then everything goes nicely.

    • 10.02.2017

      I recommend the Shellac top and base - it combines very well with Semilac varnishes, and you do not need to saw anything, it dissolves beautifully.