Step by step hybrid manicure at home GUIDE

hybrid manicure

On the blog, I comprehensively touched on the subject of hybrid manicure, and here is a small guide to posts.

1. Hybrid manicure at home - which brand of nail polish should you choose?

hybrid manicure what brand of varnish to choose

Here you will learn what to look for when choosing a hybrid nail polish brand, then learn about the high quality ones and how to distinguish them from the weaker ones, as well as learn about hybrid nail polishes that I have already had the pleasure to test whether at home or during a hybrid manicure in the salon cosmetic.

2. Hybrid manicure at home - what do we need?

hybrid manicure what you need to buy

In this post I have described in detail all the products you need to perform hybrid manicure at home. I reviewed varnishes I have used so far, as well as special lotions. Of course, the basis of hybrid manicure could not be missing, i.e. UV or LED lamps.

3. How to make a hybrid manicure step by step at home

how to make a hybrid shellac manicure

And finally, step by step, I described to you how to make such a hybrid manicure at home. I have revealed here a trick about the "free edge" of the nail, thanks to which your hybrid manicure will be much more durable and the varnish will not come off the nail plate.

how to make a shellac manicure

At the end I also answered a frequently asked question Does hybrid nail polish damage your nails?.

In the next posts on the topic of hybrid manicure I will want to show you my favorite colors and also test next product brands to give you a wider range of varnishes to choose from.

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