Hybrid manicure at home # 2 - what do we need?

hybrid manicure what you need to buy

I am very happy that you also like the beauty subject. I have been using hybrid nail polishes for 3 or 4 years, so I am glad that I can share my experience with you.

Hybrid manicure is so easy to do it yourself that I treat it like a regular manicure. Every day I do it at home, but from time to time, when I want to please myself, I go to the beauty salon.

I am about to tell you about what you will need to do a hybrid manicure at home.


1. Lamp

My first UV lamp only had 1 bulb, but unfortunately it was impossible to perfectly illuminate 5 fingers at a time, so I had to illuminate my thumb separately, which significantly extended the entire procedure. That's why I decided to buy a 4-bulb UV lamp, similar to the one I see in beauty salons. I put a low price here and bought one of the cheapest Chinese lamps, then it cost about PLN 60 + shipping costs, but now I can see that similar are already available for less than 40 PLN + shipping costs. It was important for me that the lamp had:

  • retractable bottom, which is very convenient when performing a hybrid pedicure, if someone wants to, it is worth giving yourself such an opportunity
  • 120 seconds timer

My UV lamp looks like this:

hybrid manicure at home UV lamp

You can replace the UV lamp with a LED lamp, the exposure time of which can be shortened (from 120 seconds with a UV lamp) to 20 seconds, which will shorten the duration of the treatment.

More and more often it is said that the rays from the UV lamp can have a negative effect on the skin of the hands - just like a solarium. Of course, the time of hand exposure to such light should be taken into account, which with regular use will be about 8 minutes every 2 weeks. Therefore, in the long run, you can think of an LED lamp, which unfortunately is several times more expensive. I'm already thinking about her.


2. Hybrid nail polishes

hybrid manicure at home shellac varnishes

Will be needed:

In the first post in the hybrid manicure series at home, I wrote to you about why I decided to buy Shellac hybrid varnishes. They are not the cheapest, but absolutely efficient and after almost two years I changed the base and top just because they were already quite thick. I buy them here and I pay for no more or less PLN 65 per item (both for color and for base or top coat).


3. liquids

  • degreaser, the so-called cleaner - thanks to it, you will degrease the nails before the treatment, and after applying and hardening the polish, it can be used to remove the adhesive coating, the so-called dispersion layer. I had the first bottle of cleaner by ACTIV, the second VANITY and I don't see any difference between them, all these preparations are based on isopropyl alcohol, the price is about PLN 25 for 500 ml (enough for about a year of regular use)
  • acetone based fluid, called for example Gel Remover - here I use a La Femme product, thanks to which I dissolve the hybrid varnish on my nails (I take off the hybrid varnish), the price is PLN 29,99 for 500 ml (enough for about a year of regular use), and I buy it for stands in shopping centers.


4. Additional accessories

  • dust-free swabs - very useful for degreasing, thanks to them there are no fluff left on the nail plate, of course you can buy them in the above-mentioned online stores for about PLN 10 for 1000 items, e.g. here
  • wooden spatulas for removing skins and / or pliers, nail file, i.e. everything you use for a normal manicure, I still use a cuticle gel
  • polishing block - you do not need to have, but I like to use it sometimes to have a perfectly smooth plate after removing the varnish, or to matt the plate sometimes. I write "tarnish" and not tear, puncture, I do not use absolutely any file or the like. I do it very delicately, while doing a traditional manicure I also use a polishing block to make the varnish look better. The block should be as fine-grained as possible, e.g. 180.


So how much do we have to spend to start the adventure and do a hybrid manicure at home?

  • UV lamp around 50 PLN,
  • 3 varnishes (base, color and top) is a maximum price of 195 PLN for Shellac products, but if you decide to start with cheaper counterparts you will spend even several times less
  • liquids (cleaner and gel remover) for about PLN 50
  • dust-free swabs for about 10 PLN
    Total: PLN 305

In Gdynia, a hybrid manicure with Shellac varnishes costs about 90-110 PLN. So by performing regular treatments every 2-3 weeks, the entire investment returns to me in less than 2 months! And such a set is enough for at least a year of regular use, I think even for two years. Comparing this value to the amount I spent on regularly buying nail polishes from well-known brands that still weighed, smudged and chipped off, in the long term I can say that hybrid manicure is not only a time saver (I only do it once every 2-3 weeks ), but also money.

In the next post, I will write you how to do a hybrid manicure step by step at home. I know that many of you have already tried, many of you would like to, but are afraid to try, write to me about your experiences - I will be able to adjust the next posts to your expectations in this topic better.

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