Marine stylization for a boy

children's fashion marine styling for a boy

I love lazy Sundays ... a walk by the sea is our ritual, and now it has been joined by one more stop - a seaside playground for children. I already know why parents love playgrounds so much and I'm not surprised at all.

You liked ours very much first styling for a little boyso I am happy to have another one for you.

It was a really special Sunday… just the three of us. All.

SpodKocyka-Stokke Xplory--Opine-review-6924
SpodKocyka-Stokke Xplory--Opine-review-6952
SpodKocyka-Stokke Xplory--Opine-review-6954
SpodKocyka-Stokke Xplory--Opine-review-6959
SpodKocyka-Stokke Xplory--Opine-review-6963
SpodKocyka-Stokke Xplory--Opine-review-6965
SpodKocyka-Stokke Xplory--Opine-review-6977
SpodKocyka-Stokke Xplory--Opine-review-6981
SpodKocyka-Stokke Xplory--Opine-review-6982
SpodKocyka-Stokke Xplory--Opine-review-6984
SpodKocyka-Stokke Xplory--Opine-review-6992
SpodKocyka-Stokke Xplory--Opine-review-7005
SpodKocyka-Stokke Xplory--Opine-review-7009
SpodKocyka-Stokke Xplory--Opine-review-7021
SpodKocyka-Stokke Xplory--Opine-review-7032
SpodKocyka-Stokke Xplory--Opine-review-7035
SpodKocyka-Stokke Xplory--Opine-review-7038

SpodKocyka-Stokke Xplory--Opine-review-7046
SpodKocyka-Stokke Xplory--Opine-review-7065
SpodKocyka-Stokke Xplory--Opine-review-7067
SpodKocyka-Stokke Xplory--Opine-review-7080
SpodKocyka-Stokke Xplory--Opine-review-7086
SpodKocyka-Stokke Xplory--Opine-review-7101
SpodKocyka-Stokke Xplory--Opine-review-7104
SpodKocyka-Stokke Xplory--Opine-review-7135
SpodKocyka-Stokke Xplory--Opine-review-7137
SpodKocyka-Stokke Xplory--Opine-review-7138
SpodKocyka-Stokke Xplory--Opine-review-7139
SpodKocyka-Stokke Xplory--Opine-review-7140
SpodKocyka-Stokke Xplory--Opine-review-7143

You know what I love about these photos? As each subsequent one, it is painted with light in increasingly warmer colors ... I love photos at sunset. And you? 


The photos were taken by:

Santa Claus: chinos - F&F | body - Carter's | jacket: HM | shoes - ZARA baby | hat - MEXX

SpodKocyka-Stokke Xplory--Opine-review-7164

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  • 04.04.2019

    A beautiful boy. greetings

  • 28.08.2018

    Beautiful pictures. Happiness is boiling over :) Styling is very well thought out. It's nice that you combined elegance with comfort. We know how children like to play and it would be good that nothing would limit their movements :)

  • Hanna Krajewska

    Wonderful photos and clothes for boys for various occasions. Practical solutions that allow you to dress something more than once! I didn't think about it, and I'm the mother of two frisky little sons who are very energetic on a daily basis, it's hard to keep up!

  • Monika

    We have this jacket, too, but I'll wear the little one for a wedding, not a playground. Everyone praises these styles so much, and for me a lovely boy, parents at ease and the child dressed as "old little".

    • 03.09.2016

      No exaggeration - this is a regular cotton sweatshirt cut in the front like a jacket - we don't buy clothes at once to wear something only for a wedding, so it was perfect for us for a Sunday walk with a stop at the playground.

  • Julia

    lovely summer hat. We bought our St. Andrew identical and is delighted!

    • 03.09.2016

      Ours too - it's the only hat that I accept in summer 🙂

  • Basia

    Yes, I am asking for opinions on organic clothes.

  • 25.05.2016

    Lovely stylization. I love toddlers wearing hats 🙂

  • 10.05.2016

    Wojtek is right! These are the most beautiful pictures of Santa <3