Meatballs with potato salad

After the first culinary success, I searched for a second recipe that comes from the portal
The same - meatballs and potato salad for dinner today!

 So that I would not be too bored while frying alone, I prepared a little motivator - a series, of course with cooking in the background:
0,30 kg of new potatoes
freshly ground pepper
1 tablespoon of hot pepper (I replaced chili with cayenne pepper)
1 teaspoon of cumin (I didn't use it - I don't like it)
0,40 kg of ground beef and pork
1 egg
1 / 2 cup breadcrumbs
vegetable oil
2 tomatoes
150 ml natural yogurt
2 tomato cucumbers
1 mustard spoon
half lemon juice
1 handful of freshly chopped parsley - I forgot to add
1 handful of freshly chopped thyme - I used dried
1 handful of freshly chopped rosemary - I used dried
a few chives - I forgot to add 😉 too
1 step
I started cooking by inserting potatoes. I took advantage of the fact that they are young and instead of peeling, I thoroughly washed them.
2 step
I added the egg, breadcrumbs and spices: pepper, salt, chilli, cayenne pepper, mixed thoroughly, formed tiny meatballs and fried in oil.
3 step
I cut and put boiled potatoes, tomatoes and pickled cucumbers into the bowl.
4 step
I added half a tablespoon of mustard and half lemon juice, thyme and rosemary to 150ml yogurt. I forgot to add chives and parsley.
And it's ready!
How did it taste Quite pretty. I regret that I did not give up the use of mustard completely, I do not like its taste, and in this dish it was far too intense for me.
Meatballs (as you can guess from their composition) came out very hard. Once again, when I do ground, I will use my mother's way and use a soggy bread roll instead of breadcrumbs to make the chops soft.
My rating: 3 / 5 blankets
I made 2 cutlets times more than in the recipe, thanks to which I put them in the sauce the next day and served them with mashed potatoes and cherry tomatoes.
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