Every day minimalism - a dressing table

In the previous post I wrote to you that I want to buy less, save more, work less and have more time for what is really important in life (post: Minimalism every day). The first thing I decided to change in my surroundings was the dressing table.

First of all, I took out all my color cosmetics - from all drawers, cupboards, wardrobe, bathroom or travel toiletry - and placed them on top of the dressing table.

minimalism colored cosmetics

At first, all cosmetics were on the desk, and I was painting on the next table, taking cosmetics from the desk. If I used any of them, I left them on the table. It quickly turned out that I practically always reach for the same things that constitute a minority of my collection.

Are you wondering how many cosmetics I used for a week?

minimalism the best colored cosmetics

After a week, I decided to deal with the cosmetics that were left on the secretary. I picked up each of them and checked its expiry date - and so I got rid of the first products that were simply expired. I took each product in my hand one by one and answered the following questions:

1. Is this product still valid?

If not, these cosmetics would end up in the trash can.

2. Is this product suitable for my skin type? So: does it have the right color, texture? Is the coverage level ok for me? Is it holding up well?

If the answer was negative, the product ended up in the cosmetics container for giving away / selling.

3. When was the last time I used this product? Why don't I use it every day?

If it turned out that on the right side of the table there is a substitute that suits me better - the product ended up in a container for giving away / reselling. If it turned out to be a product only for special occasions, I decided each time if it was worth keeping it.

After such a selection, I decided to give the container one more chance and get one replacement from it for some of the products on the right side of the table that I use every day - and create from them emergency kit for example in case of lost luggage or forgotten beautician. In my work every day makeup is required, I can't imagine not having an emergency kit at home. Thanks to this operation, the volume of the container for giving away / resolding has slightly decreased, but it is still something to share with the world.

It turned out that in addition to colored cosmetics only, I have in the dressing table many containers to store them, but none meet my expectations fully. So I decided to replace all the useless, most frequently purchased promotional containers with one functional, well-thought-out, high-quality one. And here, after identifying the real need, I consciously decided to buy. I chose the transparent organizer from Ikea, in which I put together all the color and beauty cosmetics, as well as the makeup accessories that I use every day. I put them in the exact order in which I like to use them the most, and took the large dressing table in the dressing table to the guest room, replacing it with a small table where I have a beautiful order. I also added cosmetics used occasionally as eye-liner or only in summer as mineral powder. Finally, all the cosmetics that I left myself fit in the new organizer:

minimalist beautician

At the end of the cleaning I did list of cosmetics that I use and for each of them I decided whether its qualities suit me or not. For cosmetics whose qualities suit me, I made a decision not to buy substitutes, so in the case of shadows, foundation or mascara, I decided to buy them in advance - in advance, which on the one hand will allow me to buy at a promotional price, on the other hand Having a stock will prevent me from running out of my favorite product, and I will be tempted by a not necessarily better alternative in the store or I will have no choice but to buy a replacement when I do not get my favorite product.

In the case of cosmetics that I have given the attribute of incomplete satisfaction on the list, such as an under-eye concealer - when it is finished, I will allow myself to experiment with a new product.

I wouldn't be myself if I didn't put something on the new dressing table that pleases the eye - so I brought a tray and a candle that stood in the living room and flowers that I had left after a busy weekend.





How do you like this form of inviting minimalism to your life? When was the last time you looked at your colored cosmetics? 

In the next post in this series, I will deal with the bathroom ... the lower drawer of the cabinet under the washbasin does not close anymore!

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  • 23.11.2016

    oh, if only such order was maintained… and it is always hotter

  • Małgosia

    Nice initiative! I can count my colorful cosmetics on my fingers with one hand and I always paint myself with a trembling hand ... I just can't, and that's it 😉 Maybe someday you will write a post about your makeup and cosmetics that you use / recommend?

  • 14.10.2016

    Great idea! Once every six months I try to organize cosmetics and clothes. What I don't need, I give away or sell it on the website. RECOMMEND! 🙂

    • 17.10.2016

      Excellently! I had a huge backlog, now I have everything in view, so I hope to maintain this state, mainly by not buying 🙂

  • 11.10.2016

    I have already dealt with it 🙂 Throwing away and giving away gave me a lot of joy, and now I enjoy using my favorite, still the same products 🙂 I am glad that I have little!

    • 11.10.2016

      oh yes, and the prospect that I don't have to buy anything is wonderful 😀

  • 11.10.2016

    I have to take a similar step because I have reloading

    • 11.10.2016

      oh yes, and I'm happy to think that I won't spend anything on colored cosmetics over the next few months 😀