Fashion and my 5 quirks or what you don't know about me

You are asking me more and more often for the fashion department - for kids and for me, but are you sure you want it? Here are 5 of my fashion quirks. 

1. I'm not Madame Chic

I am a total warmth and from early spring to late autumn I sleep in warm pajamas and wear warm ankle slippers, wearing my favorite warm robe every morning. Neither of me on this topic Madame Chic. But there is one condition: the top of the pajamas must fit the bottom, the set must be, because if not then… I feel terrible!

2. Dear ZOO

I love socks with animal faces. Nothing improves my mood like the monkeys or pandas on my feet. Since Miki is in the world, I have another excuse to wear them.

3. How could I live without it?

When I buy a new thing for myself, I wonder how I could live without it before and I think I wear it all the time, I wash it and wear it as soon as it dries. Until I get bored ... until I can't look at her and again I have nothing to wear!

4. Remorse

I usually feel guilty when buying new things. Because too expensive, because I have a similar one, maybe I don't need it ... So when I buy a new thing, until I decide to wear it for the first time, I don't take the tags off because I like to feel that if I think that this thing is unnecessary, I can give her back. Do not ask how many times I have worn something new in a hurry and left the house with a tag. But "colostrum".

5. What to pack?

I hate leaving the store's fitting room without buying anything. Then I feel some irrational guilt. Especially when some nice lady advises me. In my life, it is difficult for me to say "no", so when I leave the store after trying on many things and do not buy anything, I feel very uncomfortable.

Say that it's not just me who has it and share at least one of your fashion idiosyncrasies with me!

PS Wojtek after reading the post asks: And Madame Chic sleeps in panties?

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