40 fashion

fashion in size 40 L.

I want to look and feel good when wearing L or 40. I will add that the size 40 with the increase in size 162 is not the same as with 176. I have 162.
Until now, I search the Internet in vain mainly for blogs or stylistic inspirations touching the thread of clothes tailored to this size, so I thought there might be more of us? And maybe thanks to this blog we will find each other? We will be able to exchange what and where it is worth buying and how can we look good?

Unfortunately, blogs written by girls in the 32-36 size are useless for me in 90%, because the clothes presented on them do not look good in the 40 or 42 sizes, and some of the stores they promote do not sew even such large sizes.

On my blog list you can find:
Or maybe one of you has a similar problem?

Or maybe 40 is your size and you run a fashion blog or do you collect inspirations on Pinterest?
Be sure to leave a comment and a link to it, I will definitely visit.

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