40 fashion

fashion in size 40 L.

I want to look and feel good when wearing L or 40. I will add that the size 40 with the increase in size 162 is not the same as with 176. I have 162.
Until now, I search the Internet in vain mainly for blogs or stylistic inspirations touching the thread of clothes tailored to this size, so I thought there might be more of us? And maybe thanks to this blog we will find each other? We will be able to exchange what and where it is worth buying and how can we look good?

Unfortunately, blogs written by girls in the 32-36 size are useless for me in 90%, because the clothes presented on them do not look good in the 40 or 42 sizes, and some of the stores they promote do not sew even such large sizes.

On my blog list you can find:
Or maybe one of you has a similar problem?

Or maybe 40 is your size and you run a fashion blog or do you collect inspirations on Pinterest?
Be sure to leave a comment and a link to it, I will definitely visit.

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  • MIKA

    With the height of 155 cm and the size of 40, there is no chance in Poland to buy clothes with the right proportions. The "Petite" collection does not exist and no one understands what it is about. It is not enough to shorten the dress or even the jacket. Unfortunately, the waist is in the wrong place and the knees in the pants are below. There is no problem with that in the West. We are a total backwater, even on the street you can see that short women wear badly altered clothes. However, sewing every thing at the seamstress's is not real.

  • 03.11.2020

    Elegant boots look great.


    I am also in size 40/42 and I will read a low return and maybe I will change something in my stylization.

  • jadwiga

    just starting to buy online I bought a bonprix dress and blouse size 44 / 46 long sleeve lace dress with elastic band is ok blouse ramina ok but still a bit loose on the label was as L my dimensions 102 bust bras I buy 85 B pas96 hips 110 height 170 I have a little breeze, I am happy to buy shirts, as the bottom is good, the top hangs, I bought a blouse and a bra in the same shop but without bizwin 85 B SA OK. SIZE 40.42 IS STRAIGHT SIZE some 2 / 44.46 cm polwa how to understand it I have nothing to match what was the last one but nothing suited me best regards

  • 19.06.2019

    Bravo for the thread! You're right, it's not that easy to find valuable fashion inspirations. And I'm not talking only about outfits, but also about everyday clothes or even professional uniforms. Fortunately, a more "feminine" approach is becoming more and more common and we no longer have to be doomed to boring white coats, but we can choose from truly unique, comfortable and colorful medical or cosmetic clothing.

  • Zaneta

    Hello, it's nice blog. I have the size 40 / 42. Regards

  • Anulka

    Hello, I have the same problem as the author of the blog. I am 158 cm and a size 40. I have two children and therefore my tummy is left. I love GOOD and therefore EXPENSIVE TROUSERS, because they must mask my thighs, stomach, be well-fitting and good quality, then they better hold the body. It used to be much thinner, but the body changes after childbirth and with the passing years, genetics are of great importance. I have a huge problem with choosing clothes. Pants must be SHORT! and it is very hard to find one !!! In my arms I am quite slim but my breasts are big and here is another problem. I also have a huge problem with my shoes. I only buy good branded leather shoes, which often do not live up to my expectations. I wear ONLY COMFORTABLE shoes, no heels, wedges, flat and each can wipe me :(. Some of the more comfortable ones are very soft and still do not meet my requirements because sometimes too soft and the foot is not stabilized, others normal leather rubs, just heals wounds from new shoes leather by NESSI. I hope they will fit ... I hunt for pants in stores, mainly where they are of different lengths, but there is a small selection of them. Do you think that short women in size 40 should wear LIGHT TROUSERS? because spring summer has its rights and you want to wear bright clothes, but the truth is that dark pants look much better 🙂

  • 02.06.2016

    Thank you for sharing blogs worth tracking, along with yours, of course. Unfortunately, fashion is not a favor for larger sizes, so it's worth knowing how to choose a wardrobe so that everything fits together and my figure 🙂

    • 02.06.2016

      absolutely! Today I tried on dresses - in one model I looked like a pregnant woman, in the second I went out 😉 I did not succumb to fashion and I did not buy frills on the top of a dress down on the shoulders, I put on the shape of an enlarged hourglass and I feel great 🙂

  • Elka

    The problem is when you are almost 185 cm tall and 70 kg body, but you can't buy clothes because they are all too short - the sleeves are too short, the legs are too short, the blouses barely reach the navel, and the "waist" of the dresses lands right under the bust. Clothes in size 40 are intended for women with a height of max. 175 cm. You try on a blouse with the number 42 and it turns out that it is "swollen", but you did not gain even 1 centimeter from the length. The same with 44, and then it's just tents for the army. The Internet is bursting at the seams with comments on what tall women SHOULD and AVOID, but not a word about why clothes are simply not sewn for them. I greet and wish persistence to all women of all sizes in finding clothes tailored for them!

    • 30.03.2016

      I fully agree with you - I am 162 cm long and many clothes are good for me without shortening, the same is offered to people as tall as you - it's impossible to look good in it. The only thing left was to wait for a chain of stores for tall people 🙂

    • Barbara Konowalska

      I measure and weigh almost the same, and I have exactly the same problem. You can forget about a jacket, elegant shirts or well-cut pants. I don't even mention dresses. I have a problem with shoes because I need shoes with an insole between 27,5 and 28 cm. By the way, these tips, what should be avoided tall women, you can usually smash the butt of the ass 🙂.

    • Narty_ma

      God, the world is shrinking, I have a problem like you, having a height of 170cm, so I have no idea where you need to look for clothes. Each blouse, jacket, jacket-sleeve 7 / 8 (at best) and cold in winter. If I pull my pants on it, it stick out at the waist for half a meter. How good at the waist is a step not halfway through the thigh. Well, now fashionable with over-size something that will happen with the right sleeve. Tents for the army and buying sewing machines also remain.

  • 19.06.2015

    Hi! I have been fighting overweight for 3 years ... and all the time I had in my head that I wanted to wear size 38. I started with size 48 (shame!), Today I have size 40/42 - you know size is not equal, so 38 also happens ... But it seems to me women in size 40 are more feminine and sexy than women in sizes 38/36. Not to mention 36! I invite you to my blog: http://wybierasz-ty-jh.blogspot.com/

    • 24.01.2016

      Thank you for the invitation - I'll be there soon 🙂

  • 05.05.2015

    You can look good in any size 😉 The media have distorted us so much that over 38 someone is "fat"

    Where did the handbag come from? You do not know? So get to know her colorful story!

  • 27.04.2015

    I don't know, I'm supposed to laugh or cry. This is the 40th size that would be perceived as "big"?
    You ask what to wear to look good at this size.
    In my experience, it looks good at ALL in this size. Amen. Dot.
    I dream of being able to wear it one day, but probably not in this lifetime. You have girlfriends problems. Anyway, I only wish you such :)). Seriously, I recommend visiting the blog I'm following. He is led by a beautiful, smart and even-faced girl. He writes that he wears 42, and even in 44 gusts, but I don't believe anything. See for yourself: http://viosna000.blogspot.com/

    • 24.01.2016

      Very nice! I am already there 🙂 I think I should add that I am 162 cm tall and I would certainly look better if I lost some body. But for now I do not lose, so I want to act here and now and just feel good and comfortable.

  • 16.12.2013

    Finally someone thought of me .. my thicker legs swollen today like pumpkins after a whole day of looking for a dress in which I would feel good ... miserable of course ... and soon Christmas with my boyfriend's family, then New Year's Eve trip and other occasions. I want to cry of powerlessness. The more that I sew various petticoats but in miniature for dolls, and I can't wear such ones myself.

  • Anonymous

    I am very happy that I looked here 🙂 I was looking for such a blog !! I will definitely visit regularly and get inspiration! 😀

  • 13.09.2013

    Jejka, I'm so glad I found your blog. Because I noticed a tendency of extremes, but promoting blogs 34-36, or 44-48 etc. Kisses Love!

  • Anonymous

    Girls! xs - 34, s - 36, m - 38, l - 40, xl - 42, xxl - 44 😉 this is about the sizes you write about

  • 02.08.2013

    I also think that size 40 is not big -> this is the M equivalent -> most stores have clothes of this size, I would even say that it is normal size and most women in Poland oscillate around it ... the problem starts when you wear size 46 +, that's when most blogs become useless 😉 you can always be inspired by shoes, accessories, hairstyle or makeup, oh yeah for consolation 😉

  • 25.07.2013

    Hello! How surprised I read this post. I have recently been writing about XL size fashion and I am also looking for similar blogs - there are very, very few of them in the Polish blogosphere. I cordially invite you to visit me (and… actually, size 40 is not big, XL is the equivalent of size 40/42).

  • Carolina

    I see that I found something for myself 🙂 thanks for this post and for blogs from girls! I'm starting to browse through my blogs to improve my mood before the session! 🙂
    Karolina, 42-44 🙂

  • Anonymous

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  • Anonymous

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  • 04.06.2013

    I am wearing size 52-54, with a height of 180 cm. I see fashion blogs with ladies of my shapes or bigger. I feel tolerable with myself now, I do not hide in the corners, but I feel a little discouraged from looking for nice things / despite the considerable age, I prefer youth style / in stationary stores in Warsaw there are usually badly tailored clothes / not every woman of my weight has breasts like two watermelons, or a giant rear bumper /, the exception is KappAhl, prices are unlucky. I buy mainly online, English brands. I had the best time when I was wearing 48 and at that time I didn't have problems with shopping, even in shopping centers.

    • 28.07.2013

      I usually hunt allegro / once a month or two, nice things happen, mainly New Look /.

  • Anonymous

    I need your advice on how to dress to defend my BA thesis. Dress? Jacket plus skirt or pants? Where to look for elegant and fashionable items in the size 40-50, increase 178?

  • 17.05.2013

    It is rather much more than 40, but also colorful 😉


  • 16.05.2013

    my size for trousers and skirts is 36-38, but even 42 for blouses, which makes me have great problems with shopping for clothes ... can you imagine finding a fitted dress with such a figure? massacre; D there should be more fashion blogs by bloggers of these slightly larger sizes. Do you know what we have to remember? Marilyn Monroe was not a size 34 but much larger, and is still considered a sex symbol. Let's not get crazy with the current fashion for skeletal women!

  • 16.05.2013

    … And I'm 40-42 dimensions 104-84-104 🙂
    I buy mainly online and I often wear ready-made clothes for dressmaking :(.

    • 11.11.2013

      o I see that my blog has also been mentioned 🙂 Regards

  • 13.05.2013


    40 is a normal, good female size. Don't look in chain stores, it's a waste of time.
    Find stores of Polish brands: BIALCON, DANHEN, ECHO, MAXIMA. I run a boutique myself for several years and I know that what is Polish is sewn into Polish. For slightly protruding bellies, larger breasts or more abundant hips.
    These are very good quality things, not Chinese, sewn in Poland. Huge collections, large selection from sporty to elegant. These are a bit more expensive than H&M but well worth the price.
    Go to the websites of these companies, they are a collection, look at them, look for them in your cities.
    I have clients up to 44 - this size. And in the things of these companies they look young and fashionable.


  • 12.05.2013

    I also like 40 in 38 gusts :)) Unfortunately, only biscuits everywhere ..

  • 12.05.2013

    I am the author of a blog where I mainly present the XL styling. I delayed starting my blog for a long time ... I kept telling myself that I would do it when I lose weight and so on. Finally, I decided I had enough and started delafashiva.blogspot.com
    The beginnings were difficult. Bad reception and opinions ruined my day. Over time, however, anonymous comments have ceased to make such an impression on me. I will repeat what I wrote in the last post. In the morning, tell yourself "you look beautiful today" to your reflection in the mirror. Each of us is beautiful, unique and different.
    I have a lot of complexes, but they certainly come from my head, let's not convince myself that we shouldn't be interested in fashion because of the size XL
    I receive a lot of messages, to which I always reply, for which I thank and send a lot of kishops ... At the beginning it was a rehearsal, but with time I noticed that it shows many people that you should not limit yourself only to black and shapeless, baggy clothes. Let's play with clothes ... Fashion is for us, no matter if we wear size 24, 38 or 42.
    Let's enjoy life, because we will not live it a second time and do not be afraid to leave the house for fear of the opinion of others.
    Kisses for everyone :*

  • 12.05.2013

    I will look for you, I recently found a few of them.

  • 12.05.2013

    M / L rules: o)) I am very much in favor, because a purse or shoes you find is not art, and well-lying jeans or a top is already a higher shelf, especially in sizes 40 +


    • 02.08.2013

      M / L is really normal sizes, healthy, beautiful bodies, often with sexy curves ... if such girls received unfavorable comments, the world would turn upside down completely

  • 12.05.2013

    I also have L / M.

  • 12.05.2013

    I wear size 40 🙂 and I see that blogging with this size is tiny! it's a pity, because I'd love to get an idea 🙂

  • 12.05.2013

    Unfortunately, in the blogosphere, most well-known bloggers have tiny sizes in which most typical girls wouldn't stick, the clothing they present looks perfect only on them .. I like the XL fashion blog: http://delafashiva.blogspot.com/2013/05/you-look-lovely-today.html

    A girl with very nice curves, who can choose the clothes for her figure, I really enjoy browsing her blog.

  • 12.05.2013

    I also wear 40-42 so I would love to visit the blog of a girl who shows clothes and styles in this size 🙂

    • 13.09.2014

      I welcome too