My peace of mind - my strength | The challenge # I don't wait. I act

Action # stay at home promotes order in wardrobes and in ... head.


When it turned out that many of us stay at home with our children for 14 days, of course I grabbed a… rag! However, I quickly concluded that we need structured minds and calmed thoughts more than these orderly wardrobes. Because if cleaning the wardrobe is to be a substitute problem for what is going on in our head, the suppression of this growing anxiety, then we will most likely clean the wardrobe and after a while… we will feel the same again as before.


On the other hand, if we approach the topic of calming down and cleansing our mind, it may turn out that we will either clean it with inner peace, or we will rise to the heights of creativity and see that even such a difficult, extreme situation in which we all find ourselves today, also means possibilities.


I would like to mention words here Dalai Lama:

"If the problem can be solved and you can do something, there is no need to worry.

If it can't be resolved, worrying won't help. "


I noticed that if a problem has no solution - it's not the problem, it's a fact.

A fact that I have to accept, adapt and find in this new reality. That doesn't mean I can't act - quite the contrary! I acknowledge my powerlessness in a given topic and I am looking for those in which I have great causative power and # Nie Waiting I acted.


Following this lead, I began to wonder what influence I have today on the prevailing coronavirus and recommendations to stay at home. And it's not like I can't influence it. Of course I have.


However, the truth is that at first I broke down, I easily put down my good habits and I easily succumbed to apathy. I quickly got into a situation where I couldn't separate myself from the phone and became addicted to reading this information about the prevailing pandemic ...


I remember my face and the feeling of heat when it turned out that they closed schools, kindergartens and nurseries. Where really the information about the closing of schools, kindergartens and nurseries was for me good information. I realized that I felt it was a safe decision.


So today I want to focus on what I can change in my life and environment, because, as I often say, we develop best in a crisis. Often, when we are simply uncomfortable, we will somehow improve, we will twist ... and we continue to stay in the situation. Looking at myself, people who surround me, heroes of books, biographies of famous people who inspire me - I can see that too often only extreme inconvenience is an impulse to act. It's like in this phrase that the measuring cup has changed. You come to a certain point and then you say: enough.


Usually we decide to jump into the deep water only when it is so uncomfortable that we can not stand it any longer. 


And so I think that the more information about coronavirus appears in the media, the more often the alarming signals reach us, the more I should talk to you, write to you about unrelated virus topics. For entertainment, for a stepping stone, for a normal life. For that if you are overwhelmed by difficult topics, you will look for a springboard ... you will look at me.


Am I afraid of coronavirus? Yes. Virus and what will be. I don't underestimate him and I am serious about it. But that doesn't mean I'm going to walk sad, let all dark thoughts go to my head. It does not mean that we cannot find anything good in this situation. Opportunities to spend more time with the child, opportunities to make decisions for which we were not ready before. Opportunities for change.


And from this place an appeal to you, to all of us: if only you can - live a normal life.


National "quarantine" is not a national mourning!


Yes, give up leaving the house and receiving guests, but still dance, sing in the shower, have fun doing what you love (as long as at home), test new recipes, finally finish this book that has been lying on the shelf since last summer and play a show that a friend once recommended you, but never had time. Get yourself a little spa. Have some wine. Make love, plan a home date. Look for solutions where others see the wall - you'll be surprised yourself how many things you can influence.


And one more, very important ...


For we can only feel happiness here and now - not yesterday or tomorrow.


That's why I took my hand, I came back to mine morning and evening rituals. Also because we need a routine in our lives that is hard to work at home, we don't take the kids to school, etc. Morning breathing session and gratitude practice, evening relaxation - enough worrying! If you don't believe me, jump on my Instagram and see my face in one of the last photos in a black dress. I looked at them and said to Wojtek - IT WAS NOT ME! And he confirmed - it's hard for you to look like a person bursting with positive energy as we know you after a crying night, full of stress and emotions.


Of course that I'm scared - for health, for my and our children's future, for our company, employees and associates, for the crisis in Poland and in the world, for people without work ... But I've already given myself time to worry and nothing, I emphasize - NOTHING good came out of it. I walked furiously like a wasp, cried, and even howled like a wolf to the moon in the office.


Now I pull myself together - I recognize my powerlessness over what I cannot control today, and I see my agency in topics in which I say to myself: # I am not waitingI acted!


Therefore, I invite you to the CHALLENGE: My Peace - My Strength # My PeaceMy Strength


I want to share with you my morning and evening routine, inspire you to change your thinking - because if we change our thinking, we also change the reality around us!


Join my challenge by subscribing to the mailing list below. Recommend it to women for whom a change of attitude will also be useful and learn about my methods to fight stress, depression, anxiety - my ways of life energy.


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It will be great. Hope you will join. See you tomorrow!



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