Mood board - the atmosphere of a large room and the search for accessories

We have been living here for 3 years and I still haven't managed to finish furnishing the apartment.
I like too many things at once, I change my mind too often, that's why I kept procrastinating ...

How it is?

A fragment of my large room could be seen in mine post about spring cleaning.
The room is not finished, and I can't decide in what style I want to finish it.

Today, however, I decided to prepare the so-called "Mood board" - a collage of the furnishings I have purchased, which to some extent already impose the atmosphere of this room.
When choosing individual items, I was guided by their basic character, the basic colors were white, black and gray. And the rose? It could not be missing, because for several years I feel best in its surroundings, and if it changes in the next few, I will replace the curtains and pillows and be able to give the interior a completely different character and atmosphere.


What am I missing?

- chairs at the round table
- wall decoration
- distinctive accessories.

What we love

- music - like a vinyl record player
- good movie - hence the big tv
- colors - and colorful pillows that I can change depending on my mood or the season
- and most of all, spending free time together, so despite the small size (this room is only 16m2), we decided to use a fold-out, upholstered corner, on which we put many pillows and (as in the blog name) blankets.

I am very curious - do you have any ideas?
I will be pleased to familiarize myself with every proposal 🙂

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