Mom goes back to work #1

mother goes back to work

I have been working since the age of 18, and I have been creating my own or family businesses for 8 years, work gives me great fulfillment, joy, satisfaction, a lot of experiences, continuous development, it also allows me to fulfill many dreams or finance some of our home expenses. Work is a huge and wonderful part of my life, it is also thanks to it that I am who I am and where I am, so I did not even think if I would return to work, but when and how much.

And of course, first of all ... what kind of care will we provide for the Child for this time.

I gave us a year. Mikuś and mi, a year just for us. Well, almost only for us, because of course there is also a place for Dad, family, friends and acquaintances. For a little work and a little blog. A year is a lot for some people, and definitely not enough for others. It must be enough for us.

We made a profit and loss table with Wojtek, where our plans and feelings related to them such as joy and stress, financial outlays and potential profits were translated into numbers and percentages in the Excel table and we decided which businesses and passions we will develop further and which plans temporarily suspend.

The decision has been made - since October I am going back to work part-time. Mom is back to work!

Actually, the words "I'm going back to work" when you keep an eye on family interests are quite funny. You can't imagine that I haven't been doing anything for the last 2 years. But looking after everything is not the same. That is why, by the words I come back to work, I understand that I am returning to regular working hours, to more responsibilities, to a new strategy, to people, to earn, to invent, to develop, to an office building in the city center. For 4 hours a day + XNUMX hour for commuting. And during this time Miki must be provided with the best care. We are faced with a choice: a nursery or a nanny? Our fate is in the balance, I will probably write more about it within a few days, about the opportunities and threats we see in each of these options, and what our decision is about.

Do you plan to return to work? Or maybe you are back? After what time What care did you provide to the child? I count on your votes!

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  • monika

    I returned to work after 6 months, I did not use the privilege of an additional six months and I consider it an excellent decision that I would not change for anything in the world. It is not only about me, but also about the baby, she did not notice my disappearance at all, she gets along very well with her grandmother and is developing very well. The truth is that for us mothers, it is impossible to define a good time of return ... I am a scientist and I have an irregular working time, which allows me to work in a system of my own choosing, and I have a loooong vacation

  • 06.09.2015

    I came back after nine months. Although I didn't really quit my job at all, I just didn't visit it regularly. I am lucky that I do not work rigid hours, so for now the team of my husband, my mother and I can advise on childcare. I hope that it will be possible to continue until kindergarten and it will not be necessary to attend the nursery. Good luck to you, too, it costs a bit of effort and proper organization, but I - just like you - knew from the beginning that there was no other way out and I am glad, because work is development.

    • 07.09.2015

      Oh it's wonderful that you managed to avoid hiring strangers! We are looking for a Nanny and it is very difficult… and stressful.

  • 14.08.2015

    I am coming back, but only in 6,5 months. We already have a plan, unfortunately we will not run away from the nursery, but fortunately only for a while, because then our grandmother takes care of it. The nursery is, unfortunately, a constant illness, at least this is what my friends experience ...

    • 31.08.2015

      I hope that your adventure with the nursery will be short as you want, and then only a warm, loving Grandma 🙂

  • 10.08.2015

    I work almost always at home. But more and more often I think about finally going out to people. I have two children, 3 and 5, both of them go to kindergarten after the holidays so I'm going to spread my wings :)

    • 31.08.2015

      Huge respect for working from home - it's not easy at all. It's not easy when you don't have children, let alone with children and so young. If you managed in such conditions, when the children go to kindergarten, you will be doomed to great success!

  • Kora

    I'm also going back to work and I had the same dilemma, but I decided to go to nursery and I don't regret this decision. Stefa wonderfully spends time with other children. After the first day she started walking! He enjoys and squeaks every time he sees the door of the nursery, and I am calm that he does not miss because he has so many activities that he simply does not have time for it. Nanny probably won't provide so many attractions, it won't socialize so much. But you have to decide for yourself what is best for you. Good luck!

  • Kasia

    I returned to work after 9 months. At first I was so foolish that I finally got back to the "people", that I don't have to listen to the screams and guess what was going on. After a month, I cooled down and started to miss me. Now Tusia is almost 2 years old, and I still miss her and I would like to be with her and discover the world with her. But I'm calm because when she was 14 months old she started going to a wonderful nursery. He likes going there and I know he spends a lot of fun and learning there 🙂

    • Pika1990

      I came back to work after 2 and a half years and my son went to the nursery and this is the nightmare of the place and he missed 1 day in the nursery and unfortunately he fell ill. One grandmother, unfortunately, is still working and the other lives in London and there is no way out only a nursery :( :(

    • 07.09.2015

      Oh my, a nightmare indeed! On the first day, what we fear most happened ...
      Long time ago How did you do Did you get a sick leave?
      I share your fate with Grandma, one works and the other too far ...