Mom on wheels

mother in a wheelchair

When I broke my leg more than 2 years ago, I cried for a week and it was not because of pain. It seemed to me that this was the end of the world, and my well-being was not improved by the fact that I was professionally attaching a 3 day trip away from an international wedding, which, of course, I personally coordinated (greetings, my dear, because I know you look at me sometimes!). In addition, the sale of the latest collections of wedding dresses has started and my clients have been waiting for trips with me on the shops!

When I fell down the stairs last Wednesday, I knew that the pain was enormous and that nothing good had happened. Instead of despair lying on the floor, I was glad that I wasn't in Santa's arms! That he was playing on the mat and was safe until Wojtek arrived. That the phone was happily almost at hand and that I could call for help. And cancel the meeting with the client.

The situation in which I found myself is seemingly even more difficult than the one 2 years ago, because it is not enough that this Friday I coordinate the wedding, I am also the mother of 9, a monthly son, whom I look after myself every day when Wojtek works. But this time I was not depressed or pessimistic. I don't blame myself or the world. The situation is the same, but I am different.

It's been the sixth day since I broke my leg. I promised myself that instead of whining, I would use this time as best as possible. The first days and the first limitations are behind me. I can't take Mikołaj for a walk, although the weather is wonderful, our first vacation, for which I have probably been waiting all my life, is at its best! I cannot carry Santa, look after him, even take him out of the crib and take him to the mat or to the kitchen and cook him dinner, because I still have crutches in my hands. So what? Maybe I'll get myself some circles? Thanks to the wheelchair, I could be much more independent. Sit down, take Santa in your arms, put him on your lap and even go for a walk together! The only thing I fear about the wheelchair is the reaction of other people. But I can do it! We will spend a wonderful summer together, not only on the couch!

And on SeeBloggers i will go too!

History has come full circle, but I have dealt with it quite differently. For my smile and positive attitude, fate quickly repaid me, for Mikołaj I managed to organize the best care, and at the wedding, as always, I can count on my harmonious team.

I can see how much I have changed over the last 2 years, like despite tragedythat have met us, today I can go through life with a smile, hope and a raised, though full of reflection and longing head. It took me a long time, for some too long, but just right for me. I am happy and slowly stop being afraid of saying these words!

On this occasion, I have a few motivational texts in my plan, in which I will show you what tools I used to work on myself, to find where I am and with more and more courage I reach for my dreams again.

And when you see me running around in a pram with Miki in a sling, do not turn your head the other way, just smile at me. There is nothing worse than looking pityingly or pretending not to see you. Disabled, others ... Your smile will give me courage for sure!

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  • 08.07.2015

    Difficult situations in life shape us better than upbringing, school, teachers ... It's good that we know how to use them and turn them into our strength and advantage :)

  • Anna

    Agnieszka, you are my inspiration 🙂

  • Wing

    Agus ..
    not "despite the tragedy" and thanks to them today you are the happy, mature woman you describe .. 😉
    Kisses from our four 🙂