Motherhood is overrated

motherhood is overrated

I fell asleep for work today. All because of those teeth. The baby woke up about 5 times today. It was waking me up, it was waking me up. Of course, when I woke up semiconscious at 6:15, instead of 6, the Baby slept until 7:30. Of course, in the middle of the week, when we go to work, he often sleeps so long, on the weekend when we stay at home, he never… gets up at 5!


And this view in the mirror, the shadows under the eyes make me look more like a panda than a woman. I feel like poop. I got up 15 minutes too late so I have to do everything in full make-up, I have to do everything in a hurry, running between the bathroom and the kitchen on one leg, tripping over my husband. This day cannot go well.


We left 10 a minute delay. I can already feel through the skin that there will be traffic jams. Of course they are. Who invented this pedestrian crossing here? He always knocks the entire street. For several terms, they have promised us 2 a band path, and I don't even see the possibility where it would run.


I'm running into my office, running late. I tremble at the thought of opening the calendar, fearful that tasks will spill onto my desk and flood the floor. I don't even have time to make myself coffee.


Ok i work. I try to do a million things at once, overwhelmed with duties while my XNUMX-year-old baby plays with the Nanny at home. With Nanny, not with me.


Every now and then I look at my watch, in my head I tick off tasks that I won't be able to do, just until the break. Is. My husband's phone call, I'm always better off complaining. For the fact that I am sleepy, overloaded, I have too many responsibilities and no energy. I don't think I can do any longer.


It strikes 12:30 - end of work. I go to the car and run to the city - I have something else to do. Of course, there is nowhere to park. I stand 800m away and waste 20 minutes walking aimlessly both ways. And I still have to pay for it. I don't have any change, so I put 50 PLN into the parking meter, and instead of the rest, a ticket pops up: the rest of the amount of PLN 45 should be picked up at the parking service office on Białostocka Street. And where the hell is Białostocka? Lovely, a few kilometers away! Such things are only possible in Poland! What tempted me to put the last 50 zlotys there? What if I didn't have an ATM card and that would really be my last PLN 50 this month? They should forbid it! It is probably only with us that it happens so absurd that the blame for the inability to spend the rest without asking is transferred to the recipient! And who will refund me now for the time and fuel that I will spend on collecting the rest?


And that's beautiful. I don't have any cash now to collect my watch from repair. So I fly around town like a fool and look for an ATM. I've had enough!


I get in the car and go home, I keep thinking about how I get used to them in this parking office. Or better, I will send an official letter and complaint to the City Hall.


I'm going back home, obviously in a traffic jam again. Everyone pushes themselves in front of the mask, such a route during rush hour is a great challenge for our nerves.


I come home, change the Nanny and… I have no strength to play with the Child. I only dream of hot coffee and a blanket. I turn on fairy tales for my child. One or two more didn't hurt anyone. Truth? During this time, I relax on Instagram and then start preparing dinner. At 16:30 pm I wait for salvation, then I will catch moments of respite. In order for my time to pass faster, I am going for a walk.


It struck 16:30 pm and my husband is still gone. I'm calling him - I hope it's only a little traffic jam between us. Phew, it will be soon. At the door I give him the Child and ask for an hour for myself. I am angry and pumped up and tired. If I don't rest, I will fall!


At 17:30 I look for signs of sleeping in the Child, nothing like that, we still have a minimum hour of rolling on the floor, while my thoughts revolve around the tasks that have not been completed today. It's good that at least we play in turns. The hour of bathing, going to sleep has come ...


Well, another day is almost behind me. But unfortunately I have to work instead of resting. Such charms of combining the function of a mother with the function of a working woman. At work, you feel guilty that you are not at home, and at home that you are not working.


Ale hola hola… it's not my day!


My day is like that!


I almost overslept for work today. Poor Child, his teeth are good, he must hurt so much. It's good that he cried only a few times tonight, because sometimes he can't sleep at all. You can see that he is tired because he sleeps so long today. Okay, he'll regenerate and get up in a better mood. I look at myself in the mirror - it's not as bad as I slept, it's good that I have a new eye concealer that will keep me from looking like a panda bear. Today I got up 15 minutes too late, so I will give up applying shadows and only stick to the crayon, after all, a woman is a variable. I like it in different guises, it will be a good day!


We got up 15 minutes too late, but we left only 10 minutes late, it's not bad! If it goes well on the road, we will be on time at work. Traffic jams? Oh yes, but behind this pedestrian crossing you can ride smoothly, not far.


I enter the office only 5 minutes late, so I managed to almost completely catch up with sleep. I open the calendar and arrange tasks according to priorities. I brew my favorite coffee because I know that good organization and 2 minutes of rest will translate into better efficiency. Working with your favorite drink, with a well-planned schedule, will be more fruitful than if I had to do all the tasks in a chaotic manner. I can already see that the day is too short to complete everything I had planned, but I like to work at home in the evenings, so I postpone a few tasks for later.


I am glad that I found such a fantastic Nanny! I love her and I'm glad that I am able to combine my career with motherhood so well. I am very grateful to her that she looks after our Child so wonderfully, so that I can focus on work for several hours every day without remorse. 6 hours will fly quickly, and a wonderful afternoon awaits me and the Child! Finances? The additional costs of childcare will end one day, and I already have a thousand ideas for what to use the money saved in this way.


I don't even know when the break started, a quick lunch, a phone call to my husband and some warm whispers. I am very sleepy today, so I decide on an energetic tea mix.


It strikes 12:30 - end of work. Now? I'm packing my car and going to town, I still have to do something. I have nowhere to park, so I go to the City Hall, where there are always places, thus giving myself a 20-minute walk. It's such 20 minutes only for me, when I can walk through the city, my armband counts my steps, and I can be alone with my thoughts, look at people, at the windows of small shops. I am lucky to live in 3-city.


At the parking station, it turned out that instead of the rest of PLN 50, I received a voucher for cash to be picked up in an unspecified place on the mysterious Białostocka Street. I must admit that this is an idiotic solution, but it's good that I have an ATM card and will pay out cash immediately so I can pick up my watch for repair. And I will send an e-mail to the Service Office asking for a refund to the bank account.


I get in my car and drive home, the traffic is congested, so it looks like a longer journey than always, so my favorite music is already on, or maybe I will listen to a motivational audiobook?


I come home, change the Nanny, brew myself a warm coffee in a thermo mug and take the Child for a walk. Nothing gives you more energy than losing it! After the walk, I unfold the tunnel for the child to play and start preparing dinner. I don't even notice when it's time for my husband to return from work. We eat dinner together, then I take 30 minutes "off" and check if there is nothing urgent on the e-mails and where I have so many hearts on Instagram. Moments later, we go crazy together on the carpet in the living room. A child's laughter is the most beautiful sound in the world.


The hour of bathing and going to sleep has come. What a pity that our Child always wakes up during the evening reading, so we only give him milk to drink, a nappy to cuddle and a moment later he falls asleep.


We embrace the house and look forward to what is going on in our businesses. Working together is our evening ritual. Nothing motivates us to keep trying as much as the small successes we see every day.


After work, talks and warm tea await us. We are planning another day, it will be equally fruitful!


What you just read is the same normal day in the life of the same person. She had exactly the same situations, and only her attitude made him very successful or simply fatal. Remember, it's up to you what your every day will be like! Your internal dialogue has incredible power, it can change your life without changing anything, change everything.


And what was your day like yesterday?


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  • KaroDeco

    Aga, very nice text 🙂 I often tell myself that the ground is a positive attitude, let it always work that way 😀

  • 09.01.2016

    100% of truth 🙂

  • Ania

    Oh man, it made me think! how many things are really bad just because we think about them. great reading for the evening, I already know which world view will be close to me tomorrow. Learning this is also a job, it's easier to always look at everything critically, anticipate the worst and additionally waste time. Great text!

    • 20.11.2017

      Thank you! It is true, such thinking is learning and work, incessant, because you easily enter the old, trodden paths, but worth every effort. Our life is worth it.

  • 08.12.2015

    Great post! For me today as in the first part (unfortunately not through the teeth, but a runny nose), but I will try to change my attitude by evening.

  • Magdalena "Sorridence" Winches

    Actually, fantastic post !!! I envy attitudes (in a positive sense, of course) and strive for such myself. Slowly, in small steps, I will manage 🙂

  • 28.11.2015

    After reading the first paragraph, I thought - Agnieszka, is that you? 😀
    I try not to complain and take the best of life. Beautiful, you described it all.

  • Agnieszka Michalska

    Awesome text! Very motivating and discouraging from complaining 🙂

  • 24.11.2015

    This is probably your best blog text! Seriously!

  • 20.11.2015

    Nice written entry 🙂 I agree with you that whether our day will be quite successful, despite the adversity or completely shit depends greatly on our attitude. Positive thinking prevails 🙂

  • 18.11.2015

    Motivating look 🙂

  • Little Mi

    As I read the first text, I thought, “Finally, there is something realistic here. No icing, no mass of hearts and a rainbow. " Only fairy tales and a total lack of willingness to play with a child worried me. Then I started reading the second line and I knew… the thick layer of frosting is still holding tight.

    • 18.11.2015

      You can call my positive thinking icing, and I know that how I feel depends largely on me and the internal monologue I conduct with myself. Once it would be like in the first scenario, but for over a year I have been working hard to make it like in the second one and I am more and more successful in it.

    • Little Mi

      Everything is never black or white (possibly rainbow). Sometimes it's good to complain a little. It's normal and healthy. Of course, I do not mean malcontent, but reproach that we feel sometimes tired, sleepless, bored or nervous.

    • 20.11.2015

      I absolutely agree with you! I think each of us must complain sometimes and I do it too. But I don't think that practicing positive thinking that really makes us feel better is a thick layer of icing. Because if I think positively, I really feel that way and nice feelings fill me, not the unpleasant ones.
      And just as I look in the mirror in the morning at a tired face and acne discoloration, instead of focusing on how bad it is - I direct my thoughts to a positive path, I say in my head: "Hell girl" do not complain, how lucky you are in life that you have a child and that you can afford an under-eye concealer! This is going to be a good day!
      I have not always been this way, but since I practice gratitude, my whole life has changed, and the best part is that I attract positive people to myself. The magic of positive thinking goes much further than in my head.

    • Justine

      Life presents us with many obstacles… I also think positive thinking is good, although sometimes I complain. When it seems to me that I cannot handle too much ... coffee ... daughter's smile ... and I know that I can do it ... because the key is a good organization ;-)

  • Sept

    I dream of such a day; /: *