Color and theme - how to organize a birthday?

safari birthday

A nautical, cheerful, scary, fairy-tale or maybe film-like? Check out 13 hit birthday themes!

There are only 2 weeks left until Mikołaj's birthday, it's high time to choose the colors and theme of the birthday party. It is thanks to consistent colors and patterns that we will buy or make only the necessary and matching invitations, decorations and dishes, everything will be harmoniously presented on the Birthday Day, but also in the photos, which cannot be missing from this important day.

So today I have prepared for you a set of leitmotifs that can perfectly personalize the whole project, from invitations, through parties, to photos.

1. White and blue, stripes, circle and sail or Marine theme

In the red version

and for a change with sunny bile

2. Pastel or contrasting expressions about balloon flight

3. Does anyone not like Peppy Pig?

4. Yellow Submarine

5. Lion, elephant and tiger or wild Safari!

6. For aviation fans - by plane

7. For small amateurs of cinema - BATMAN

8. Girly, light and romantic

9. For fans of cartoon Minnie Mouse

10. Aloha or Hawaiian

11. And for little lovers of baking ... Cupcake! Omnomnom!

12. My Pony Pony

13. And something for our #InstaBabies 😉

When choosing a theme, it is worth answering the question what our child likes best. I think that it makes no sense here to make your childhood dreams come true, especially if our child already has focused interests. And in the case of a one-year-old child, this is often the case. For example, Miki loves his black and white tigers.

Tigger pendant - Friend with a booklet - Fisher Price

It was the first pendant that attracted his attention, the first toy he smiled at.


For Christmas, he got it in a walking mascot version, and I really can't imagine a better birthday theme for Santa. They even talk to each other and chase each other and stuff. A black and white tiger must be there (the manufacturer decided to use quite non-obvious colors for a tiger and for the first weeks I was sure it was a zebra; it's good that it was explained)

So we already have tiger and black and white colorand so we need it necessarily revive and cheer up! Santa also loves to play with a book about elephants, bite Sophie's giraffe, so in our case the safari theme is actually a consequence of Santa's preferences.

Czyli safari - we already have the theme of our party, to this I add a previously agreed date and time of birth and a list of guests, which you could read here. It's time to design and print invitations! About this in the next post! I will make an invitation design, additionally available for you to print yourself.

And which theme do you like the most? And if it's your first or next birthday to write to you, be sure if and what theme appeared on them!

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