My motivation to get up early

Yesterday I took up the challenge, according to which today I got up on my feet at 6:30 (from 6:00 I napped…). So I consider the task completed 🙂

But as I wrote yesterday, there is no point in getting up early just for the sake of getting up early, so I decided to motivate myself. So I have prepared a list of my motivators:

1. When I get up at 6 am, I will start work in the office at 7:30, which means that I will finish it earlier, come home more often at 16 pm and have time to clean our beloved apartment, and maybe even cook something sometimes?

2. When I get up at 6 am and go to bed earlier, I am going to enjoy a beautiful, sunny day longer 🙂

3. I will be able to spend more time with my husband, we will be able to eat more meals together.

4. I will not answer sleepy morning calls 😉

5. It will be easier for me to schedule meals according to my diet.

6. A regular sleep could translate into longer weekends.

For now 6, I will search and add more.

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