Kitchen Wish List - this time thematically - kitchen

kitchen wish list

When arranging my kitchen, I focused on simple forms and neutral colors: white, black and silver steel.
Thanks to this I can easily change its character. Besides, I could use some gadgets.
After additions in white and silver steel, I really feel like my favorite, expressive pink with a touch of blue and yellow, and I imagine so.

1. Let's be eco
I suggest starting with a pink bottle and can crusher.
Every day I drink at least one bottle of mineral water, adding to the cat and husband's generated consumption, which translates into the eternal full cost of rubbish, I consider buying such a gadget extremely justified. To buy here for PLN 39,99 + shipping.

2. Yyyyy what is this?
I hate dish dryers, which is why I haven't found any in my kitchen so far. However, I am unlucky, because the place on the counter, where you can safely put the pot or pan right after washing, works extremely well. That is why I decided to buy a dryer that will blend in with the surroundings, i.e. my gray and black worktop - and here is my favorite. What do you think about this solution? Of course it's a huge compromise between comfort and design (to the benefit of the latter), but I believe it's useful. To buy here 70,00 PLN + shipping costs.

3. tread
One purchase, and pink will seriously come to my kitchen.
To buy in Duce, both in stationary stores and Online at the price of 39,99 PLN.

4. Kettle
Love at first sight! Nothing more to add, the photo speaks for itself.
Found in Media Markt, found at a much more favorable price 229 PLN here.

5. cans
Pink and blue, one for vitamins, the other for receipts. Positively!
To buy here 55,50 PLN too small and 70,00 PLN high + shipping costs.

6. Ice crusher
Only the future mother probably knows how hard it is for a future mother to survive the heat.
I am happy with the non-alcoholic version of mohito, which, however, does not taste so good when it contains ice cubes instead of crushed. To make the wait more pleasant, I decided on this purchase, the courier is coming to me!
To buy here 101,87 PLN + shipping costs.

7. Clock
And now the power of colors in one place!
I found the clock in the store titled, which appeared in our shopping center in the place of my beloved store Flo. The only problem was the price around PLN 150, but I could easily find the same clock on the Internet for more than half the price.
Where? Here! How much? For 69,90 PLN + shipping costs

And what colors and kitchen gadgets would you like to invite to your kitchen?

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