It's never too late to make your dreams come true

It's never too late to make your dreams come true

Our dreams usually evolve with our development, but many of them seem not to change for decades, still sticking a pin somewhere between the ribs, letting us clearly know that they are waiting for fulfillment.


That was the case with our wedding photo session. Our intimate wedding took place a few years ago in the Polish mountains, in a very difficult time in our lives, and because of my sudden stay in the hospital, we also had to cancel the wedding photo session.


This unfulfilled dream - as a Wedding Planner I professionally fulfill my wedding dreams - it still reminded us of the hardships of those days, so we did not have to think twice and a few years after the wedding we decided to make them come true!


These personal photos were taken last summer in our hometown of Gdynia, and in our hearts there was a lot of space for new dreams.


All the best! Make love and don't be afraid of making your dreams come true! Common and personal ones.



And you, if you weren't afraid, what dream would you make?


Wedding dress and angel wings: Malena with Love

earrings: Pillow Design

flowers: Pico Bello

Organization: Wedding Label

Photos: Magdalena Mizera

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