The best ideas for Christmas gifts for children

The Christmas are coming! This is the last bell to think about Christmas presents. Do you already have an idea what to buy for the youngest members of your family? I will suggest what works best for different age and price groups.


It is known that something else will work for an infant, something different for a one-year-old child, and another thing for a 3 or 5 year old. Each gift should be adapted to the age of the child, to his skills, but also support further development. Therefore, using my experience as a mother of 2 and 5, I will try to advise you on various Christmas gifts for children, dividing them into those for babies and slightly older children, up to the age of five - but this time I will start with the oldest children and end with babies.



3-5 years

The little boy is already a serious young man, part of a community that is often called Kindergarten. He is a small explorer curious about the world, so toys that will allow you to "see" the world of adults, such as playing a doctor or a cook, first chemical, physical and biological experiences, or a practical backpack for trips, will be perfect.




Children like to imitate us by learning about the world of adults through play. We can help them by giving a small adult a wooden kitchen! Our favorite is large wooden kitchen with stickers for individual decorating My Style Janod. Alone alone folding is great fun, and thanks to various stickers, you can use the kitchen with your child personalize it as you like! It was a great afternoon here!


Our kitchen is usually either in the kitchen:


in the living room, next to her, children often ask for arrangement restaurant - place table i stools and the fun of cooking consumes them for a very long time! And if you have one toddler at home - I'm sure that z he will sit you in his restaurant and prepare the most varied specialties with the greatest pleasure.



The kitchen is also the best gift for me - a view of children playing, how they cooperate, cooperate, change roles and solve conflicts - because how can they happen - it is one of the greatest pleasures of my day.



And as I preview, how they pretend to be they cost soup from a ladle, collect orders and laugh at imaginary flavors like pineapple with chocolate - I am melting!



If I had to choose one toy, which the Toddler will get under the Christmas tree, which will be universal and for many years - today I would choose without reflection just the kitchen. This is the second kitchen in our house - the previous one was much smaller and the boys grew out of it.




Magnetic suitcase

First place to learn letters and numbers, maybe even write the first letters? [37] Suitcase from Janod except for the magnetic board, which you can also write with a dry-erase felt-tip pen, it also has a chalk board on the reverse, and besides a description! This is called full grazing 🙂




Magnetic puzzle

A great toy for a long time for little boys - perfect for Christmas trips, for the car or plane and for folding on the table at Grandma's. [36] Magnetic puzzle. Vehicles gives a lot of design possibilities - the set contains 50 magnets - elements of various vehicles, and 18 pictures with exemplary vehicles to be mapped. This puzzle is a hit with us!




Set for little princesses

So nothing else [35] wooden princess, prince, witch, horse, unicorn carriage and, of course, like the prince, is also a frog 🙂 An excellent play set.




Set for small firemen

Fantastic [34] wooden fire house with ten accessories, e.g. helicopter, firefighters, flames, fire hydrant, fire extinguisher and ambulance. Who knows, maybe this will be the first experience of a future young firefighter? 🙂



Backpack or school bag


Choose the right backpack for your child's height, I like it tremendously [30] the jeans one. An older child will enjoy the backpack in a fashionable, [31] metallic color. It is important that it is roomy, but light, relieving the back and simply nice - perfect for kindergarten, for a trip or for the first independent nights at Grandparents 🙂 Or maybe it will work better stylish school bag? You will certainly find something for both [32] girlsas well as for [33] boy.




A place where a child can sit back and browse through books, fold the first letters. If you choose [29] rocking chair, you won't easily spend a little reader on it!



2-3 years

You won't catch such a child anymore 🙂 You can only provide him a joyful childhood, taking care of his safety, while helping to have fun and still develop a great children's imagination.




if not [27] whole set, although at least individual elements, maybe the first [28] cylinder? Your children are certainly ready for these new experiences. And you? 😉


2in1 ride and scooter

scooter 2w1 scoot and ride


I might as well put him in lower age groups because fantastic [26] vehicle from Scoot & Ride has a 1-5 year range! Thanks to the adjustable elements, the ride rides with the child to become a beautiful scooter over time. A practical gift for longer 🙂



Obvious obviousness. Girls of this age already want to take care of their "little daughters", so they are happy to play with the doll, change, change clothes and transport it in a pram. There will be time for Barbie - choose one made of safe, delicate material, e.g. [25] Metoo.


12-24 months

One-year and older children are curious, take their first, somewhat unsteady steps, their small and large motor skills are still developing.


Toys made of safe rubber foam

For example from the Rubbab offer, from which I once showed you sensory balls and skittles. It will be a great gift for older kids [15] vehicle set (cars, planes, ambulance, fire truck and others), which thanks to their simple form and beautiful colors will develop the toddler's imagination. Or better: another excuse to spend time with your child, i.e. [16] hoop set, which is perfect for both one-year old and older children.


toys for children 9-12 months



Sensory puzzle or puzzle

sensory puzzle wooden animals Janod


Beautiful wooden puzzles for beginners, 2-6 elements. Maybe [17] with a Christmas theme? Or [18] sensory puzzle, consisting in matching figures in the right place or another, [19] with animals. The choice really is huge!

toy for 12 months baby


Educational cube with a loop

Always a gift for a toddler. Such a cube is not only a sorter, but also gears, labyrinths, interlaces. It's best to choose [20] ankle with a loop, after which you can move the blocks.

toys 12-18 months


Educational table

Such a cube, only in an even richer version 😉 Pyramids, sorters, towers, gears ... All made of safe and colorful materials. Such educational table will consume a child for a long time.


toys 12-18 months


Musical puzzles

The child's task is to match the right animal to the shape. When he succeeds, he will hear a characteristic sound. You can choose from among others [22] animals on the farm, [23] pets and [24] vehicles.


Magnetic rocket

magnetic rocket

Our boys love her. Rocket from Janod These are a few wooden parts that need to be joined together to go into space 😉 We recommend!


7-12 months


Seven months is the time when the baby sits and crawls or acquires these skills, the first teeth come out, and each object necessarily lands in the child's mouth. In this period, a great gift will be toys that can be safely put in the mouth, toys that support large and small motor skills, motivate to move.


Feeding accessories


7 months is also the time when the baby tastes new things. So you can give him a practical one [1] silicone kit, safe [2] tsp to first eat alone or [3] a plate with washer.


toy for 6 months baby



baby toys 6 months


It is widely known that children love stuffed animals! Nice touch toy, e.g. [9] plush hedgehog, can become a child's beloved toy. A wonderful gift will also be a Christmas one [10] gnome or [11] mouse od Maileg - for these toys, you can also buy additional accessories, prams, clothes or cots. When I see them - I am reminded of my childhood and rag dolls - I feel like playing with them myself!


educational toys for children 6-12 months



Teethers toys for playing and bathing

rubber teethers


A sitting baby eagerly spends a long time in the bath. We can make this time pleasant for him, for example by presenting him with beautiful shaped bath toys [12] whale, [12] turtle or [14] crab. They also have an additional function - a teether, so they help your baby soothe itchy gums. The animals are made of safe material - natural rubber, and they are painted with food paints, so they can be chewed safely.


rubber teethers



0-6 months


Let's face it - at this age, practical things will be most useful to a toddler, so there is nothing wrong with giving a good-quality stroller bag, comfortable clothes or cosmetics with a good composition.

If you want to buy a baby a toy, the first sensory, contrast and rustling books will work best. Maybe you'll find a beautiful music box? Or maybe a teether made of safe materials?


Rattles and sensory books

A great gift from the first months of life, the little one will be looking at the toy with interest (and of course he liked it;)), and when he discovers that it rattles when moving - it will be fun! Choose one that you can [1] fasten with Velcro to the handle or leg, to catch or [2] with a mirror and ribbonswhich will interest the baby even more.


Ribbons, mirrors, rustles, interesting pictures - sensory books are great at developing a Toddler. I recommend for example [3] booklet about animals on the farm or [4] a book with a happy lemur.


toy for 6 months baby




swaddle aden anais


multifunctional  [5] Lodger hydrophilic covers - thanks to the dimensions of 120 × 120 cm, such a diaper can be used in an infinite number of ways!


They will be useful for the baby as a diaper, a swaddle, and a garland, and a towel, and a sunshield, a windshield, a gondola sheet, a moses scythe sheet ... They come in beautiful colors and patterns. My children have been loving the Lodger ones for years - their love for cuddly toys is variable - but they have been sleeping with such a diaper for several years.

The best gift

Does it exist at all? We could think about it, conduct street surveys, polls ... but in fact the best gift we can give to someone, especially our children, is time spent together, paying attention, doing something together, especially if we are in a hurry every day. Only this… and so much. All you need is a small gift, for example a simple board game, and the time spent with it with your child - priceless.

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    My 10-year-old child has a lot of things in his basket for toys with a teddy bear, so I decided that this year's gift will be more unusual. I plan to buy tickets to some amusement park or other place to diversify the child's free time and expand his curiosity about the world and different places.