Pancakes without flour

I don't like cooking, I just don't like cooking.
When I look back, it wasn't always like that - as a child, I loved to test all the recipes from the cookbook of Donald Duck and Grandma Duck with my backyard friend - to this day I remember the taste of coffee cake, the main ingredient of which was ... coffee grounds 😉
But it was not that simple: I did not cover the bowl with a cloth and splashed the entire wall, I did not use baking paper here, and when I put the dough right on the baking tray, I burned it forever ...

Alinie from the blog Designyourlife I was inspired by my wonderful photo of my beloved pancakes, and an additional incentive was their dietary form - no flour.

Well to the pots!

The recipe comes from the blog Nutritionally Sister !:

2 eggs
6 spoons of powdered, skimmed, granulated milk
2 spoons of oat bran (optional)
1-2 tablespoons olive oil

Cottage cheese
1 / 2 white cheese cubes max. 3% fat
3 spoons of yogurt without sugar max 3% fat
5ml stevia liquid or other sweetener

Cream for clearing
2 spoons of yogurt without sugar max 3% fat
1 spoon of homogenized cheese without sugar max 3% fat
A few drops of liquid stevia

We mix the ingredients for the pancakes in a bowl. We try to "crush" the lumps of powdered milk. Fry in olive oil. You have to be vigilant because they get quick.
We prepare cottage cheese by mixing the ingredients.
Prepare the "cream" by mixing the ingredient.
The pancakes have cooled down quite quickly so make the cottage cheese and "cream" before frying.
It couldn't be easier or faster!

All ingredients for the dough already in the pot:

My favorite stirrer:

Frying - unfortunately I couldn't fry any thinner ones ...

And ready-made pancakes:

They came out wonderfully, a bit too thick, but for the first time I do not complain.
Unfortunately, their taste slightly disappointed me, so next time I will add my favorite bananas and maybe even a bit of Nutella ?. But they were certainly very filling - one was enough for me.

Would you like to try? Or maybe you recommend your favorite recipes for a simple and diet food?

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