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Behind me a very busy week away. From Wednesday to Saturday I was in the wonderful Pakoszów Palace, where we met as part of the Polish Association of Wedding Consultants, of which I am a member. It can't be hidden, but my thoughts revolve more than ever before about professional plans, which is why the post on the tools of work of every wedding consultant fits my mood perfectly.

I divided them into NECESSARY, that is, those that you must have from the first day of operation and OPTIONAL, without which you can completely do without, but it is worth having them.



Web page 

Without a move, it's the main and basic channel of your communication with customers, your virtual seller. The most important business card. Absolute MUST HAVE.

And on it your unique corporate identity, logo and first photosshowing you and your style.



It should be fast and light. Your basic work tool. You must like him.



Smartphone with Internet access, so when and where you need it will work as a mobile office. It should have a navigation function and a subscription with favorable international connections.



All contracts and major emails require a printout. Also offers or cost estimates, so it's important that you can print a lot, cheap and in color.



Many documents require scanning and sending. Personally, I also keep all contracts in an electronic version. For me, the printer and scanner is a 3-in-1 device - it also makes photocopies.



Own, on credit / leasing or on loan. There aren't too many days of the year when you need a car, so if you don't have a car, you can boldly consider renting it for those days of the year when it is necessary (market research, visiting locations, presenting the location to clients, coordinating the wedding day, etc. ), you will certainly not get into the high fixed costs that you do not need at the very beginning, and the leasing installment for the smallest new car is many days of car rental each month.


Aparat fotograficzny

For various reasons, you can not always count on photos from the photographer, although my advice is to work only with those who will provide you with photos for the portfolio, of course with the consent of customers. The camera will also be useful when visiting locations, presenting projects to clients and everywhere, when what you see is faster to photograph than describe.



An elegant badge that will distinguish you from hotel guests or employees on your Wedding Day. You don't wear it to meetings.



Elegant, high quality, memorable.


Rubber stamp

Highlights the importance of documents with your participation.


Bank account

For settlements with ZUS, Tax Office and, above all, with clients.



Good time organization is the key!


Nice pen

Oh yes.



A very helpful tool to support your website. It is thanks to him that all your friends will learn at once that you are involved in the organization of weddings.



Another channel of communication with the customer. Works image-wise, rather customers will not look for you on it, but they will be happy to preview your work from the kitchen.



The world needs to know about you! Lack of spending on advertising at any time during the company's development is a serious mistake made by companies.


Legal software

For developing photos, making offers or invoicing.






Personally, I do not have a tablet to this day and I take my laptop with me to meetings and ... I cannot imagine doing all these complicated operations in Excel on a tablet, but I know that some of my industry colleagues prefer to have a tablet for meetings, maybe it will be useful to you, especially if you already have one.



Prestigious but unfortunately expensive. You can do without them.



You can print yourself instead of ordering at the print shop.



A very time-consuming and time-consuming tool for communication with the client. A neglected blog will deter you, so before you decide on it, think about whether you will have time and the opportunity to run it.


Advertising gadgets

So everything that is nice and can be associated with your company.


The office

I am lucky to have an office from the very beginning and I just love it. This is my little professional place on earth. The office, however, is a big cost, so initially it is not worth deciding on such a high load, and you can work equally well from home. In practice, my clients prefer to meet where they are comfortable and often it is the hotel where they stay. If you are unable or unable to work at home, I suggest looking around for so-called workplaces for rent, which is the offer of a larger office that rents individual workplaces at a good price. I am sure that if I had to work at home I would look for something like that.


Before you decide to become a Wedding Consultant, you must prepare yourself Business Plan and calculate whether it pays off to you at all, and on the cost side, except for those related to running a business, put all the items listed in the NECESSARY section. This will allow you to estimate the initial expenses that you must incur. Ideally, if you already have most of these resources, you will be able to make your first profit faster.


What do you think is worth adding to my lists?


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