How to organize the first sleeping place for a child?

cosleeping sleeping with the child
There had to be a room for a child. Although initially it was supposed to involve giving up the room to work. Both my husband and I work many hours a week from home, yet we were ready to condemn ourselves to the inconvenience of working with a laptop on our lap or on a modest desk in the corner of the kitchen. The room for the child was a dream come true for me, a goal in itself, a combination of interests and desires of a child, passion for creating and decorating interiors. There was also a sleeping plan - from birth in a separate cot, in a separate room.

A few months before giving birth, friends lent us wicker basket for the baby, so I immediately planned that it would stand in the living room and let the child be closer to us during the day. It never occurred to me to… put it in our bedroom.


Life, however, can perfectly verify our plans. When I came home with the newborn for the third day, I did not resemble Duchess Kate 8 hours after giving birth. I was exhausted with childbirth, caesarean section and I only dreamed of having a rest, of course having my son as close to me as possible. I wanted to look at Him, hear His breath and smell Him. His little room at the far end of the hall seemed way too far away to be apart most of the time and that far away. The wicker basket by our bed in the bedroom turned out to be the perfect place to sleep for our newborn son.

It wasn't until later that I learned that how we sleep is called cosleeping and this can be done in several different ways (including sleeping with your child). I instead, I focused on solutions ideal for parents who do not want to invite a child to their bed, while wanting to have them as close as possible. Such cosleeping can be done in several ways: the child can sleep on an extra bed - in a mini cot without one side, attached permanently to our bed, or in a separate basket next to the parents' bed or in a cot with a lowered side, which we used for up to 7 month of the baby's life.

cosleeping cot with lowered side


What do I recommend?


Wicker basket it's beautiful, light and mobile. However, it won't last long, after 4-6 months, when the child starts to sit down or is too long or too active during sleep, you will have to replace it with a larger and more stable piece of furniture. So if you are looking for savings, it will not be a good purchase, but if you can afford it, you will probably be satisfied.


Standard sizes are also fantastic cot with drop down side. During the day, it is an independent piece of furniture, and at night it allows you to have a child at your fingertips, and when you leave the side, it allows you to comfortably reach for the child, stroke or cover it. It is very light, so glued felt does not require additional wheels to be very easy and slightly moved. After resigning from the basket, we slept the following months. Unfortunately, it takes up a lot of space and probably won't fit in the bedroom next to most of our beds, and the side despite leaving further separates parents from the child. It also lacks an adjustable height to be able to adjust it to the height of the Parents' bed.


When Santa finished 7 months, we decided to switch a cot at the other end of the room. Why? Nicholas repeatedly woke up during the night. We noticed that from the time we fell asleep to the time we went to sleep, he slept very peacefully for these few hours, but since we slept together, he would wake up many times. Mikołaj is a child sensitive to external factors and sleeping so close simply seemed to disturb him. Even our turning from side to side or whispering, the creaking of the bed, not to mention the morning alarm clock, could wake him up. Now, when the length of the room separates us, he sleeps longer and calmer, and at night he only wakes up for feeding. Thanks to that we're still close and we can smoothly respond to the needs of the child, watching them, hearing and supervising, and he can sleep peacefully without receiving too much stimulus on our part.


And how do you plan or sleep with your children? In separate rooms, with you but separately or in one bed?

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  • 27.12.2019

    Cool suggestions will certainly be useful to many future moms. In my opinion, it is also worth having a music box for a cot or light projector. Of course, each toddler is different, so you can't clearly say what he'll like. Certainly not every purchase will be successful and you have to be aware of the fact that smyk will not show interest in the handed toy. Personally, I advise against any fluffy stuffed animals, especially if the child has a tendency to bite. Hair can remain in the mouth, which is dangerous.

  • Marta

    You can know where the bedroom bed was bought, I really like it.

  • Dagmara

    A beautiful wicker basket, where can you buy it?

    • mokia

      I found a similar basket produced by Alvi, the name of the Birthe basket. But I am intrigued by this gray case, it's beautiful! I couldn't find anything matching the basket, where is the one in the photo from?

  • Laura

    I like this crib very much - could you please give us a location for it? I would be very grateful. Besides, thank you for all the lay-out posts, they are priceless!

  • 19.02.2016

    We have a cot in our bedroom from the beginning. This year we have a plan to make Hani a room that is waiting for renovation. I also recommend Koala Amazonas hammock with such gadgets. We were standing in the living room and she liked to lie in it. You can also take it anywhere with you 😉

  • 10.06.2015

    I saw the basket live and it's divine, but it's a beautiful bed! I like it very much!

  • 08.06.2015

    Initially, we had a plan for Adam to sleep in his cot placed next to us. And he slept like this for several months. Unfortunately or fortunately, he recently decided otherwise and sleeps in bed with us. I could put him in his bed, but then he wakes up several times a night and when I fall on my face in the morning. When he sleeps between us, he falls asleep at 20 p.m. and gets up at 6 a.m. Well magic. I'm just afraid if he ever gets used to it ...

    • Asia

      You calmed me down a little. Do I hear time I do it bad that I sleep with a tiny child in bed but sometimes I have the impression that she just wants to cuddle. Before bedtime, I devote a moment to her, hug, read, sing, and sometimes just lie next to him and sleep peacefully. Later I hear that I can't make it, I can't sleep alone. But she will always be my baby and if she needs it, she wants her to know that she can come to my mother's hug. My parents didn't rush me out of bed, and when my heart was broken, even at the age of 16 I would burn with my mother mama I knew that I could go to experience this tenderness and I want my child to remember that too.

  • Asia

    He sleeps with him in a small room from the beginning, he sleeps in his cot at the other end of the room, where he has his own corner, but like you, I wanted to have her as close to me as possible and often just sleeps with me in bed. In the future, one floor below, her little room will be used to sleep with us until she goes to school. I would prefer earlier but I would not want to evict so far from the beginning of my child's life