Newborn clothes - what? where? how much?

Layette of clothes

Newborn clothes - there are lots of them in stores! What works and what does not necessarily work? What and where is it worth buying, and the most important - how many pieces?

I remember that putting together a layette and finding out if I would like to have everything and do everything for me made me dizzy and have a headache. Sister helped, my friends helped, and I was intoxicated by hormones, I couldn't understand it all. That is why I have prepared for you a short guide on the individual parts of the newborn wardrobe and my absolute must-have.


Newborn clothes

I present to you my list of favorite clothes for a newborn - what worked best for us, and what I would not buy again.



newborn clothes

Available for purchase in: HM

what clothes for the newborn

Available for purchase at: KappAhl

Simply put, blouses fastened in a crotch diaper. They can be short-sleeved or with long straps. Attached over the head or unbuttoned. Which choose?

Personally, I decided to body completely unbuttoned, which I did not have to put the child through the head. Handling such a tiny body is difficult for a new parent, let alone dressing over the head. The fear of clothes put on over my head was not fully justified in my case, because our midwife, who ran an individual birth school with us at home, told us the trick how to easily push a newborn baby into the body worn over the head. Therefore, if I would complete the layette for the second time, I would not limit myself only to those with a zip. However, if you do not feel confident in handling such clothes put on by the head for a newborn baby, then I suggest you do not make any further worries and bet on those unbuttoned from top to bottom.

My favorite stores where I buy a body: F&F i.e. Tesco, HM and KappAhl.


2. Puppet

what clothes to choose for a newborn baby

For sale at: F&F Tesco

It's a piece of clothing from the neck to the toes. That's mine newborn's favorite clothes, perfect for both night and day, necessarily fastened the entire length - then it will ensure quick changing and comfort for the child, and no elastic at the waist will compress the unhealed belly button. Watch out for the rompers fastened on the back with a horizontal flap like from cartoons - I didn't like and didn't know how to cram a child into them. We use rompers for sleeping continuously until today (for older children they even have non-slip feet), and I only buy new sizes and colors for my next purchases.

My favorite stores where I buy rompers: F&F i.e. Tesco, HM and Next.

And for the Newborn, I also recommend rompers with sewn-in noses - they are very useful at the beginning, I had ones from NEXT, but in Mothercare they are also.

3. Exit clothes

newborn clothes, how much to buy

Available for purchase in: HM

newborn clothes, how much to buy

For sale at: F&F Tesco

Something nicer, but please, remember the rule here - the more comfortable, the better. We had two sets: tank tops and a jacket, probably worn two times each. Remember, there is no need to tire the Newborn (and yourself) with fancy outfits. The first three months for a child should be an extension of the safety and comfort he knew from his mother's belly, and a tulle skirt or fashionable stiff jeans are unlikely to provide him with that.

My favorite stores where I buy clothes for going out: F&F, HM, KappAhl, Zara.


These three elements formed the basis of our children's wardrobe in the newborn period, but I also complemented it in:

4. Półśpiochy

clothes for newborn what to buy

Available for purchase in Pinocchio

newborn clothes what to choose

For purchase: HM

So vividly the lower part of the puppet. It is important that they have a wide, quite loose elastic at the waist and that they do not put pressure on the baby. On warmer days, I dressed my baby in a body + half-rompers, and on cooler days I put on even more ...

5. Jacket

what to buy clothes for a newborn baby

Available for purchase in: HM

how to complete newborn clothes

Available for purchase in Pinocchio

So all kinds of blouses put on through the head or traditionally knotted. I used them in combination with sleepy pants after the navel had healed. And if I didn't have a jacket on hand, a second body was moving.

My favorite stores where I buy jackets and blouses: HM, KappAhl, Zara.

6. bibs

best clothes for the newborn

For sale at: F&F Tesco

Cotton, fastened with a snap. I put them on for every feeding, thanks to which I managed to save a lot of clothes.

My favorite stores where I buy bibs: F&F, Aden + Anais.

6. Overalls and a hat

baby clothes what and how much

Available for purchase in: HM

how many clothes to buy for a newborn baby

Available for purchase at: KappAhl

For the newborn, I didn't have any coats or jackets, for the first six months I wore a suit that suits the weather. When choosing it note that both legs open almost to the feet - thanks to this you will put the Child on the overalls, fasten the zippers on both sides and after the trouble. Unfortunately, babies usually do not like dressing and there is no point in prolonging this unpleasant procedure for them. I ordered one beautiful and fashionable jumpsuit from the neck to the crotch (no leg opening) and only once "pressed" the child into it, then ... then sent it back.

My favorite stores where I buy overalls: HM, KappAhl.



newborn clothes, how many sleepers

Available for purchase in Pinocchio

So kind of like a half-romper with suspenders. For me, a completely uncomfortable piece of clothing - especially if they do not open up in the crotch. I successfully replaced them with rompers or half-sleepers, and although I had a few, I practically did not wear them.

How many clothes to start with?

While the children do not have problems with downpouring, the clothes really don't get dirty almost once in a while, there will be a diaper break from time to time, but believe me, such clothes for a newborn are really enough to change once a day (although I was crazy and I had other for the day and others for the night).

Personally, I had the comfort that I had most of my clothes from my Sisters and borrowed from my friends, while if I had to complete my layette from scratch, my purchases would be as follows:

  • body - 5 pieces each with long sleeves, size 56 and 62, plus a few with short and / or shoulder straps if it's summer
  • puppet - 5 each in size 56 and 62
  • clothes for going out - for your own pleasure 😉 1-2 sets, size 56 and 60 are enough
  • półśpiochy - 2 pairs
  • jacket - 2 pieces
  • overalls - 1 for the first three months
  • bibs - 5 pieces
  • shoes - 1 pair in case the suit does not have closed feet.


  • tetras diapers - 10-20 pieces
  • muslin / bamboo nappies - 2 pieces
  • socks - 3 pairs - will be useful for too large rompers
  • scratches - 4 pairs - in the hospital, I do not recommend cutting the newborn's nails so that they do not scratch themselves, it is worth putting on special socks on their hands
  • a hat outside - there is no such thing as a hat around the house, because you probably don't walk around the room wearing a hat, do you? 😉

What size clothes should I choose for a child?

You will definitely come across opinions that the Newborn baby did not fit at all in a 56-size clothes and the same that he was melting in a size 56.

We had the second option - our Newborn, although he was 53 cm at birth, was rolled up like a flower bud and melted in most of the clothes 56 (which company is a different size, for example, HM and KappAhl clothes are larger than others), so how only his belly button healed, I went to the store and bought him something for a size 44 so that he would not look like his older brother's clothes 😉

That is why I propose to start with two sets in size 56 and 62 cm. If they turn out to be too big, you can always buy something better suited, and if the size 56 turns out to be too small, you can always resell unused clothes (it is not possible to return the item if you wash and iron the clothes before delivery).

How to buy clothes?

If you have friends, cousins ​​or siblings of a similar age, you may get some clothes, but I suggest a different solution - offer a change of clothes in your company. With us, it is done in such a way that the clothes are borrowed between a few best friends, after use they are returned to the owner or passed on to a person from the company - with the consent of the owner, of course. I do it myself - I have a lot of virtually undamaged clothes from my first child and many from my sister's children who have already left at least 3 children and are still in great condition, because where would such a baby use them? So I keep lending them to my friends, everyone adds something to them and it is really the best form of completing a layette. Although I know that you will want something new anyway 😉


I am very curious how do you look or plan your shopping package? 

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  • Ania

    I remember how I had to face this mission of a layette for a newborn. Before I went to the delivery room, I went to the hospital for 3 months with a full package. Good luck to future moms.

  • 05.05.2020

    with clothes it is always a bad story there is so much choice that sometimes gets stupid

  • 17.10.2019

    Gee, thank you for this blog and this article. I am in the 5th month with twins and as far as the matter of accessories or cosmetics is concerned, I have planned such clothes ... I completely do not find in it what I need, in what quantities. I like minimalism on a daily basis, very comfortable and I feel confident in this "not having" unnecessary things, but motherhood, all advertising, first child, inexperience makes it very easy to fall into the trap of such unnecessary buying. Thank you once again! I'm staying longer! Best regards! 🙂

    • 18.10.2019

      I am very happy - I hope you will find some nice tips in other posts too 🙂

  • Sylwia

    How is the size at Next, is the first size (50 cm) too small?

  • aneta

    From Polish products I recommend clothes from Eevi, my latest discovery. Most of the purchased clothes are from Polish producers. It is worth paying attention to the certificates. Overall a very interesting and helpful entry. 🙂 I am completing the layette and 5 body kits seem to me not enough 🙂 But the writing is great. Can anyone recommend a nice bamboo diaper shop, preferably online 🙂

    • Aga

      At the pharmacy, gemini are great 😉

  • 29.06.2019

    Maybe some suggestions for summer clothes for the child?

  • 03.06.2019

    I buy everything for a phaseymase child.
    There are also handmade clothes

  • 28.05.2019

    The basis is not leaving it at the last minute. Everything can now be completed online so you don't even have to leave your home

  • 19.04.2019

    I am very happy: )

  • Martynka33

    Hi, very nice article about baby clothes. For my part, I can add that the best quality clothes I had for my kids are those purchased at - they have high quality clothes there

  • 21.12.2018

    Personally, I have never bought clothes in foreign chain stores. In the shop - - we used to buy pinocchio clothes that you mention and we were very pleased. They have quite a few nice collections. Especially for a girl :). We also bought Ewa Klucze clothes and quality comparable to pinocchio.

    • All projects

      I really like the Kaola Kid store for good quality of clothes, for good quality of cotton and for the fact that despite frequent washing they do not fade and do not become pilling.

  • Magda

    I recommend Kidsmax for myself when it comes to clothes and toys for babies. Especially if your kid is a Star Wars fan, they have really cool Star Wars sweatshirts and bibs with interesting patterns 🙂

  • Krystyna

    I return to the memories of the first layette for a baby with a really big dose of nostalgia and often smile when I remember it. Being very inexperienced at the time, I wrote down all the details on a piece of paper so as not to forget anything, but this often did not work. I often preferred online shopping, and I found clothes for babies in lumpex or received from friends. I admit that buying sets in two sizes is not a bad idea, but it is best to start with friends from things, if possible, and buy in lumpex. Why? First of all, we are often able to find clothes in great condition, and branded at a ridiculously low price. In addition, from these clothes most often the child grows up quickly, so we will not put a lot of money into it, and maybe we will pass it on to others or sell it to some group. Best wishes! 🙂

  • Carolina

    I am asking for advice. I am a mother of a 7-year-old and my daughter will be born soon. The problem is that I have already forgotten everything when it comes to "handling" the newborn. If a child is born in the fall, do we put something under the romper? Is the clown alone enough?

  • Cornelia Rudnik

    I highly recommend DearEco for it. They have beautiful patterns and very nice materials.

  • Danuta

    I remembered how I 4 organized a layette for my firstborn years ago 🙂 Now, when it comes to shopping for clothes, we mainly use the offer of the 5.10.15 store.

  • Nina

    I remembered how I 4 organized a layette for my firstborn years ago 🙂 Now when it comes to shopping for clothes, we mainly use the offer of the 5-10-15 store.

  • Julia Czerkawska

    ooo :) very cool. I usually buy on escallante pl because it is
    the same clothes as in chain stores you have mentioned above a
    comes out cheaper. the more that there is also an outlet immediately on

  • Ana

    I bought Pinocchio clothes for my daughter's layette, they are very good quality, very soft. Products win with other comfortable fasteners (in rompers and clowns), solid workmanship (safe for children) and interesting design (bike, whale and at the same time subtle color combinations). The company has its online store and the most important clothes are sewn in POLAND. I would recommend!

  • Aleksandra Bąk

    We are just completing the layette for the child, I mainly order everything online. I chose some pretty clothes in the 5-10-15 store. My sister supplies and recommends there, so I will probably base on her recommendations 😉

    • Malvina Nievida

      Well, I also completed a layette for my toddler in 5.10.15 🙂 In addition to clothes, check out the section with accessories for toddlers - educational mats, nursing articles, etc. I even bought a few sets of feeding linen from them 🙂

  • Ala Alankow

    Is a diaper put on and a clown right away? Is there still a body?

    • 08.04.2017

      It all depends on the weather outside and at home. It will be different in winter when you have 20'C at home and 24'C at home.
      You must watch the baby to not overheat him. In our winter to this day, under the cloak goes the body on straps, in the summer nothing, and even put on a rampersa or clown without feet, and even with short sleeves and a short leg.

  • 05.02.2017

    I agree that rompers are the most comfortable, especially during spring, autumn and winter. In summer, the body will work. I used to wear rompers more often than sleeping ones. We'll see how it will be with my daughter.

  • 31.08.2016

    Kapp Ahl a little pricey but Pinocchio indeed great value. Completing the layette is not easy. Thanks for the good advice.

    • 01.09.2016

      Oh no, and even when the pregnancy hormones were so buzzing, the word "completing" was beyond the scope of my competences 😉

  • Agnieszka Gr

    I am the mother of Janusz, one month old, and I know how hard to dress a child, there is always a problem and usually when we go from winter to spring. Each child dressed differently 😉 But this post contains everything, it is important that the child does not oppress anything 😉 Welcome to my blog I just dared to put it on.


  • 09.03.2016

    For me, the most are rompers, long and short bodysuits and sweat shorts. I have to buy some more sleep pants but it's probably 2-3szt. I didn't decide on the caftans or the rompers. I have quite a lot of clothes but they were not new clothes so I could go crazy 😉 We'll see in a month whether everything will be useful and if something will be missing 😉

  • Asia

    I am the mother of 4, a child, and my list looked completely different. Julek was born with 56 cm and weighing 3,5 kg. The size of 56 is best to skip at all, unless you know that the child will be born small. I had two sets in size 56 and almost did not wear it at all. First of all, he grew out of it after a month, and secondly, and here my advice: some parents (including me) are afraid to dress a newborn at first, if you dress him in 62, the clothes will be loose and it will be easier to squeeze it in, especially in body. So before giving birth, after 10 I prepared 62 and 68 fords and clowns (it's good that I prepared myself, after less than 2 it ceased to fit in 62). Why after 10? I gave birth in late autumn and knew that the laundry would dry a long time. And my son very often has nappy accidents, so sometimes he had to be picked 3 times a day. I would also like to point out that the child is best picked 2 times a day. Thanks to this, the child learns to distinguish between day and night. At least that's what the midwife said. And when it comes to other things: you shouldn't assume that your child would be innocent, because when he is born he basically sees nothing and touches the world through touch. I did not come up with the idea of ​​bibs, and it would save me a few full washing machines. I advise against any suits, except those without a hood. Who would want to sleep in a hood? And such a child only sleeps, and if he does not sleep, at least lies. I did not buy any clothes because I thought that the toddler is too small for it, but the author is right and it depends on the preferences of the parents. I bought a lot of socks and they are very useful. And the last point: the sleeveless pants worn with jackets / blouses - NO NO NO! I thought I would get crazy, the T-shirt always comes out of my pants and rolls up when worn on my hands, just a nightmare, but if someone does not mind eternally improving the T-shirt it can be 🙂 I hope that my judgments did not offend anyone, but that as I said Julek has only 4 m. is a very fresh topic for me and the emotions associated with it 🙂

    • 08.03.2016

      Thank you for your opinion!
      I recommend the suits outside, so I think the hood doesn't bother anyone.
      My son started wearing size 62 when he was probably 2 months old - he was not a small child, and yet for me size 56 or even 50 was a must. Many Mums also have such experiences, so here you have to remember that every child is different.
      Of course, if you see that a child uses a lot more clothes than you have, you can always buy them, I do not recommend buying so much at the beginning, because many children will not use it at all, or if the size is too small.
      I loved wearing the half-rompers with the body, and even with the jacket / blouse, it didn't bother me about the curls, but it disturbed me when sleeping.
      I also recommend butts only to the hospital before the nails are cut off, so that the child does not scratch when he sleeps, he does not have to be in them all the time, but he is not active until sleep, and he has long sharp claws I find very useful.

  • Justine

    I am at the stage of preparing the layette for our first son. The whole series is salvation for me 😉 I admit that I haven't found a better one yet. Thank you very much!

    • 08.03.2016

      Thank you, Justyna, for nice words and a great motivational kick <3

  • 08.03.2016

    I guess it all depends on the preferences of the parents and the child that we get. My Hansel was born 57cm, but for a month and a half he was wearing a size 56, then in a week he jumped from 62 to 68. At the beginning only clowns because it was more comfortable for us, now it is faster for us to wear long bodysuits and shorts / sleepers. There were slipfalls (he pulled them all off immediately, tiny narrow socks and clowns with built-in gloves worked for this role) and jackets (every thing put on through the head is a drama). And the amount is different here, because the streams of pee, poop and spilled milk meant that at the beginning we changed clothes and five times a day ...;)

    • 08.03.2016

      Exactly, everything depends on the child, but I tried to prepare the most universal list possible.
      Our size 56 has also been in use for a long time, just like everyone else 😉
      Scratch marks, on the other hand, did a great job for us, clowns with built-in scratches also - I had those from NEXT, wonderful! And we had our kaftaniki fastened diagonally and they were fine.
      But we also had different amounts due to the downpour, but those kittens helped me a lot, which reduced the number of times my child and my clothes were washed too.

  • Justine

    When it comes to clowns, a great solution is sewn-in inlets, I buy them at Mothercare and Coolclub.
    Besides, as for the number of sets, I have doubts whether so much is needed ... My son (daughter similarly) was born with a weight of 3550g, length 55cm, after a week he grew from size 56, after another three weeks from 62 so I was completing another set again, now is 4 months old and wears 74.
    As a result, he would put on the initial clothes once, sometimes twice… because he was born in winter, I had to collect some of them.
    My advice, if you have someone to borrow some clothes from 🙂

    • 07.03.2016

      But the number in a week? Well, with us 56 calmly enough for 2 months, and 74 has some even today 😀
      And borrowing clothes is a great idea - we have a habit of exchanging clothes and this is a great thing, because they almost do not deteriorate.

    • 08.03.2016

      And I must add about these sewn-in noses - I had one from NEXT and it was great!

  • Hania

    I love buying clothes for my son at H&M and Tesco. Of course, I went crazy with the layette and some of his things were probably not dressed at all. Well for the future I'll be smarter

    • 08.03.2016

      So, just like with us, I was not crazy about shopping, but I had so many loans that I could dress differently every day 😉

  • 07.03.2016

    I love what H&M does for little ones! :)) Beautiful! When Oliś was tiny (he was born in winter 2013), our rompers turned out to be the best. I have always been sure that he will not wrap his back anywhere, nothing can be stretched and he is comfortable ... Greetings and welcome to us! :)))

    • 07.03.2016

      Exactly, no elastics, curling kaftan, rompers best 🙂