There are no lost opportunities

no lost opportunities

Why did I quit school a year before my final exams? What did I turn my head on the street for? How did I find a job in the famous 16th district of Paris, in the home of the real Madame Chic, not to speak French?


Answers to these and other questions and  you will find my approach to failure in ... the latest issue of the Magazine for Mam Mint, which I have the honor and pleasure to be the heroine of next to such names as Agnieszka Maciąg or Marta Lech-Maciejewska.


Agnieszka Kudela Press Magazine Mint


My path to motherhood was bumpy, and when I started sharing with you this and other stories from our life here on the blog, I did not even dream that it would become such a wonderful and warm place around which a wonderful community of supportive and open women will gather. That is why I feel honored that my path and approach to action are an inspiration for you and that I could tell about them in the pages of MINT magazine.


I often reach for it myself to learn about the extraordinary stories of women who live their own way and bravely set out their paths, and now my story is right next to those told by extraordinary women whose actions and attitude are inspiring to me!



So how do you buy Mint? Either you fly to Empik and choose from 2 covers (the center is the same note.) Or you buy online.


You can buy Mint magazine online in electronic version or in my favorite paper version - I personally recommend the printed one, because firstly, you can safely read in the bathtub, and secondly, in our everyday e-world it's fun to sometimes smell the wonderful smell of printing ink and touch it - and attention - there is something, because Mint is not issued like a typical magazine on ordinary glossy paper, but on ... something that stimulates the senses and immerses the reader a little deeper.


With the rest of what I'm going to tell you on the e-blog - just check it out 🙂



Mint Competition


On the occasion of my interview, I bought and I will distribute 5 copies of Mint Magazine here with delivery to your door (in Poland) - just that You will write in a comment what is your favorite way to relax in 15 minutes.


From all the answers written to Sunday 2 June 2019 to 23: 59 I will choose 5 people to whom the Magazine with a personal note from the Editor-in-Chief and myself will recommend.


Writing a competition comment means you accept these short rules.



Awards given:


Sylwia - comment from May 29, 2019

Kasia - comment from May 29, 2019

Małgorzata R. - comment from May 31, 2019

Urszula - comment from June 1, 2019

Wiola - comment from June 2, 2019


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