We starred in the #nierozerwalni music video

An inseparable music video

It was a warm spring afternoon during our monthly adventure in Romewhen Kinga wrote to me and invited me to take part in the #NIEROZERWALNI social campaign. I had no idea what it was going to be about yet, but I remember the first emotions triggered in me by the word "inseparable" - security and warmth, as well as some strange feeling that it was about us ...


It cannot be denied that our life is ups and downs, the highest peaks and endless valleys, joy and sadness, life and death, but there is one thing in all of this that always gives me strength - some inner feeling that my family and I we are simply #indicable.


It's the factor X that binds our marriage, which makes us fix it every time something grinds, which invisibly motivates us to change for the better, tunes us together, because if we are forever, it's good that it would always be like best.


It is such a force that makes us accept each other and our children completely and always, which tells us to tell children that nothing of our love for them will change, that they are a value in themselves, no matter what they feel, who they are and will be, how they behave, because our love is unconditional and forever.


You may think that I am crazy that nothing is given to us forever and for sure ... and I know it very well, Wojtek and I both come from broken, patchwork families, we also lost three Children, but this is probably what our faith is all about. gives strength, reduces fear and makes you try and fight always and to the end ...



How do you like it Would you like to listen again? Because I very 🙂

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