Pregnancy necessity

must-have for pregnant women

I do not like the term "truck" and I think about the topic of this post for the longest time. Because although pregnancy - especially in recent months is a really heavy burden - it is so sweet!

Here we go - here are the things that definitely make my functioning during pregnancy easier:

pregnancy must-have Tummy Shield - adapter for safety belts for pregnant women


maternity necessity bio oil tołpa gatta pillow croissant maternity pants awaiting baby


1. Tummy Shield - belt adapter for pregnant women

Every day in the car, I am alternately the driver and passenger, and my growing belly was quickly pressed by the seat belt, the lower part of which, like every pregnant woman, runs perfectly at the height of the child. I was looking for a belt adapter for a long time that would make me feel comfortable and safe. The ones fastened with latches or tied with a knot fell off, and finally I found this one - heavy, with a metal fastening that runs along most of the seat. Initially, its fairly high price tried to scare me away - around PLN 330, but it turned out that in some stores, e.g. "Mama i Ja", you can rent them for PLN 30 per month - then we decided to buy it right away, i.e. at the end of the 7th month pregnancy and we will pay only PLN 60 for its use. I believe that this is a very good price for the comfort and security it promises

I will also mention one more very important issue - although the provisions of the Highway Code allow pregnant women to not fasten seat belts, I did not use this privilege even if I did not have a special adapter for pregnant women. Without fastened seat belts, even in a small accident, there is a huge probability that we will fall out of the window, and in order to live, the Child needs us first of all!


2. Bio Oil - universal body and face oil

When I asked my friend, who has been living in Germany for 12 years, what drug she would advise me about stretch marks in pregnancy, she replied that in Germany women do not have stretch marks because they have Bio Oil. I had to buy it and I have been using it every day for 6-7 months. Now I'm in the 9th month, and I have literally a few stretch marks all over my body and do you know when I got them? One day I came home so tired that I had no strength for any lubrication, only after a quick shower I rushed to sleep. The next day, I showed my mother's tummy, and with it already a few small cracks in the skin. Maybe it's a coincidence, maybe not, but since then there has been no "Children's Day" - I lubricate myself lying down. The downside of this specificity? However, this is an oil that I think is too heavy for the day, so I use something different for the day.
It is worth buying at a cheap pharmacy about 42 PLN for 125 ml

3. TOŁPA dermo body, mum., SOS strengthening cream against stretch marks

And this is my alternative to the oil for day use, or as I call it "under the clothes". There is no intense smell, which is very important to me when pregnant, it does not stick to clothes, and I cannot complain about the condition of my skin, so I am satisfied.
It is worth buying, e.g. Super-Pharm at a promotional price of around PLN 30 per packaging



4. Tights for pregnant women, e.g. Gatta Beauty

During pregnancy with the tummy visible only once I decided on ordinary tights, in which I could not stand an hour. Stretched high on the tummy, they squeezed it too much, and immediately rolled down under the tummy, so I went to the first better store for tights dedicated to pregnant women, tried on and bought 3 pairs of Gatta Beauty dedicated for pregnant women. The only caveat I have for the seam, which passes through the center of the tummy, could be definitely softer, because in its current form it is too much for me under clothing. But it's still a much better solution than ordinary tights!
To buy in Gatta showrooms


5. Sleeping pillow for pregnant women, eg Motherhood

Initially, we didn't get along well, or I just couldn't shape it properly. When I took her with me to 2 weeks to the hospital for the pathology of pregnancy, one of the doctors pointed out that while sleeping on this pillow I would try to keep my right hip, pillow and left hip in a vertical position and similarly with the right arm, pillow and left arm. Since I put myself on it correctly, I can't imagine sleeping or resting without it. In addition, you can also conveniently sit there, entwining it around. This is definitely my favorite on the list of pregnancy necessities. I wonder if it will also be useful for me at feeding.
To buy in the online store at a price of about PLN 125, with the possibility of free personal pickup in larger cities


6. Can ...

Such a can. My pregnancy has a lot of complications, so the amount of medication I take is also right. I keep them all in one can, so that you never look for any medicine. So I have all the pills or injection kit there, so that whenever I need any medicine I know I'll find them there. Every Monday we supplement it with the amount of medicines necessary for the next week, and when leaving the house we simply take it with us.
I bought it at Ikea at PLN 15,99 for two


7. Maternity pants

While I bought pregnancy blouses for a whim, pregnancy pants are an absolute must for me. I've been wearing mine since 3, one month pregnant, as soon as my tummy started to get fuller, in order not to feel resentful that I crush my baby in tight tubes. I chose a neutral, gray color, quite light, because my pregnancy lasts mainly through spring and summer. Denim, timeless and quite universal material allows me to create from them both sports and elegant stylizations.
I bought it from H&M for about PLN 150


8. Awaiting Baby

I got this book from my sister and I really like how, month after month, and even week after week, it accurately describes all stages of the baby's development, but also answers the multitude of questions that most future mothers probably ask themselves. I have never aspired to read it from the beginning to the end like a fascinating novel, I treat it more as an encyclopedia or a guide in which it is easy for me to find specific advice or answers to questions that haunt me.
For sale, e.g. in Empik in the soft cover version at a price of about PLN 46


9. What to Expect - PREGNANCY - phone application

And if I don't have a book with me, I am happy to read about the development of a child on the phone. This application after turning on always shows how many weeks our pregnancy has, what about the size and weight of our Dzidzia is and compares it to the fruit and redirects to the description of the week of pregnancy in which we are currently. I tested at least four applications dedicated to pregnant women, but this one was permanently on my phone. It's free, unfortunately in English.



That is, among other things, an online pregnancy card, which has all the functions and parameters to record which a pregnant woman needs. I regularly record pregnancy symptoms, medications, medical appointments or test results, and upload photos. However, what is the biggest advantage of this portal is the Friends group, which Users create around themselves. You can search and invite friends, among others guided by the stage of pregnancy, where there are other Users, thanks to which we are surrounded, among others, people at a similar or even exactly the same stage of pregnancy at which we are, and yet there is nothing like exchanging experiences with people equally interested in the subject as we are.
Using the portal is free for the first 30 days, then paid 6-11 PLN monthly, depending on how long the subscription is purchased.



In Thematic Portals or even in "professional" books, I have already encountered many idiotic descriptions of individual weeks of pregnancy and, for example, when in the 10th week of pregnancy I saw my baby going crazy on the ultrasound screen, and in the book I read that the baby's first movements only take 2 weeks later, I put them aside. It was similar with portals, even worse. is a portal that, in my opinion, most reliably presents information about the course of pregnancy and baby's development, so if I want to check what will happen in our belly next week, I go directly here.
Using the portal is free.

It's probably all the things (except ice cream and watermelons) that I can't do without pregnancy. I encourage you all to share your or your friends' pregnancy discoveries in the comments, maybe I will be tempted by something 😉

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  • daria

    Gabriella has great models of maternity tights - no seam compresses, compresses or irritates the skin, as is the case with competing brands. They look great and wear them really comfortably. I recommend it to future mothers, but not only because also those who did not return to Anna Lewandowska's stomach immediately after giving birth 😉

  • 30.11.2018

    It's wonderful that I came here. I am a future mother and such content is very useful 🙂 You write great. Regards 🙂

  • Life and chill

    I do not leave my sleeping croissant, well! even if we leave somewhere for the weekend, he must necessarily come with us! 🙂

  • 15.06.2015

    That's right, that's right! In practice, all subjects work great. A must-recommend! Regards 🙂

  • 11.09.2014

    Croissant is my love. I can't sleep without him. For me it's 18tc. And I finished all the specifics for the crawls, so I will try the ones you recommend now. 🙂

  • 10.09.2014

    I used to lubricate the body with olive oil for children and despite the fact that I gained more than 30kg, I don't have a single break, even a small one 😉
    So you don't have to spend more than 10zl 😉

  • 09.09.2014

    For me during pregnancy, 4,5,7,8 were useful. Croissant and maternity clothes are my favorites by far, without the former, I would not be able to deal with hip pains, etc. From books I also recommend "Fatherhood for newbies" (supposedly for daddies, and I was very happy to read) and "Your pregnancy week after week" Ed. Buchmann. From websites, I also looked at: and

    For the rest of things, I was a car, not my own, I drove a little, I just embalmed into stretch marks with what I usually do and fortunately I don't have them so far (apparently the propensities are partly genetic).

    PS This can is a great thing - not only for pregnant women, I think I'll buy it: D

  • 09.09.2014

    cool here with you! 🙂 a lot of essentials 🙂

  • 09.09.2014

    I use stretch marks creams and at night, which often happens to me when I get up, I apply a lotion because at night Akira on my stomach is the most itchy.
    I intend to buy a croissant, I'm getting ready for it.
    Today, bi pants are the only hip trousers that still fit, but the color of autumn is no longer because they are turquoise
    I have bought the book. I treat the same as you, and I also state that parenting is the most reliable of those on the Internet.