3 unhealthy products that I threw out of my bathroom

eco cosmetics mama toothpaste without fluoride antiperspirant without aluminum

Caring for our health is our duty, I understand it particularly well since I have a child and I know that I should be healthy and strong as long as possible to support them. It was during pregnancy that I began to be interested in and analyze what I eat, as well as what I tap into my skin. And finally I decided to throw out of the 3 bathroom products that do not positively affect our health, replacing them with much healthier substitutes. What did I throw away?

1. Fluoride toothpaste

I have read for a long time about the fact that fluoride is harmful, but only caring for a child made me explore the subject even more (example publication source) and I decided not to risk the negative impact of fluoride on the health of our family, especially a child who cannot rinse his mouth well and eats toothpaste when brushing his teeth, so I replaced the toothpastes of our entire family with those in the organic version, without fluoride, of course, which they take great care of our teeth and healthy, fresh breath.

fluoride-free toothpaste

toothpaste without fluoride - for children and adults

2. Aluminum antiperspirant

Aluminum salts are effective in inhibiting perspiration, but “there is growing evidence that there is a link between anti-perspirant and underarm care products and an increased likelihood of developing malignant breast cancer. The action of cosmetics containing aluminum salts (...) may be dangerous to our health "- source. For now, I am testing the first substitute product, a natural "antiperspirant" without aluminum, i.e. an eco ball-based aloe deodorant - URTEKRAM, if I am satisfied, I will gladly recommend it to you.


3. Washing products with SLS

Sodium Laureth Sulfate, or "SLS", damages the natural hydrolipid barrier of the epidermis, causing increased water loss, a feeling of tightness and drying. Disrupts the secretion of sweat and sebum. Even in low concentrations, less than 0,5%, it can irritate the skin, especially allergic and sensitive skin, leading to itching, contact eczema or eczema. " source.

I replaced SLS with products containing the least irritating detergents (especially in children's cosmetics, there should be no such products !!!), i.e. Coco Glucoside, Decyl Glucoside, Disodium Cocoyl Glutamate or Lauryl Glucoside. What exactly did I choose? In our shower there is a product from Rossmann - Babydream: Universal Cleansing Gel, and Mikuś uses a gentle 2in1 cleansing gel from Momme.

Washing liquids for children (and adults, and why not) without SLS

washing liquid for children (and adults) without SLS

I wonder if you read cosmetics labels? What else would you recommend to throw away and replace?

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