New Year's resolutions in progress

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I work intensively on putting it into practice New Year's Resolutions. Unfortunately, it would not be enough to change my habits and reduce my new tasks and obligations, because I had a lot of responsibilities last year. In order not to cause further backlogs, before I start creating a new sustainable lifestyle, I decided to deal with the huge number of tasks that have been waiting for me since last year.

That's why the beginning of the year is just as busy for me, that's why the blog is fallow, and I still usually sleep less than 6 hours a day, but I can see the light in the tunnel, which really improves my mood and approach to duties. I can't wait to cope with everything and start shaping my habits and habits again, and also implement a new time and sentence management system, which I will share with you soon. He also plans to work on the organization of the space around him, in the hope that the changes will help me shape new habits.
In the meantime, despite everything, I try to find time to relax, and undoubtedly fun is taking me for walks with the camera and the subsequent development of photos in a digital darkroom.
And how are your New Year's resolutions?
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