New design on my blog

new blog design
And I got a nasty infection. But the whole day spent in bed turned out not to be completely wasted - I prepared a completely new version of my blog.

Of course, I am a total amateur in this matter, not every detail I was able to refine at the moment, but undoubtedly the first effects are already visible. And I'm dying of curiosity what do you think about this change?

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  • 28.09.2013

    Change of appearance definitely a plus. Celadon goes very well with gray. The headings give the impression of a flat design, which also has a positive effect. Generally - congratulations on a nice new blog 🙂

  • 27.09.2013

    the feather is wonderful 🙂

    color also suits me, light and pleasant 🙂

  • 27.09.2013

    Curious, I also have it again. 🙂

  • 27.09.2013

    great change for me 🙂

  • 27.09.2013

    Amateur ??? I would like to be such an amateur then ... It's wonderful here !!!

  • 27.09.2013

    I am your reader for a short time and unfortunately I do not associate any more sablon, but this one seems cool to me. They like such transparent solutions. The only thing I would change is maybe the font color. It's about this light turquoise (I don't know how to define this color). It blends a little with the white background and when I look at the blogóq list that you visit, I need to take a good look so that I can read. This is of course my subjective opinion, but generally very cool and clean. greetings