Let it go, woman!

Yes, these words are addressed to you!

And to myself.

A wonderful day is behind us. Halfway through I had to unscheduled to take care of Miki, who felt my presence and instead of sleeping 2-3 hours as usual, he got to his feet after only 15 minutes of sleep ...

An uneaten dinner and a trip to work are behind us. Yes ... Children at work are a complete lack of professionalism, says Wojtek, and I fully agree with that, but you can sin sometimes, right?

There were laughs and a tower of cups and saucers, there were Aunts and Uncle and a menacing face, followed by fairy tales, shopping and returning home with Bednarek in the musical background. Most of the day in Three we like it the most. And at home, cry, because Mom went to dress up and neck rings and a lot of laughter that I love so much. And emotion, my immense happiness is mine, that I am here and now. There was supper and again laughter until my stomachs ached and biting fingers and croaking. There was a bath and a hug to sleep, which we love so much, our few minutes of calm, distance and singing.

It was a wonderful day, I love intertwining family and professional life, professional with blogging and again with private. I feel then that everything makes sense, that everything flows from and influences myself. I feel good.

And then the Child goes to sleep, I have an endless list of tasks in front of me, all of which I will not delete from my notebook today… and here they appear.


Because I could have done everything better. Work faster, eat less, clean up more or not at all, and talk to loved ones longer.

Do you have it too sometimes? It's pretty good and you are looking for a hole in the whole? Instead of enjoying what you have, you break everything down, instead of pulling yourself up?

At such a moment, when I am looking for relief and want to recharge positively, I recall some of Wojtek's wise words: if you could do better in that particular situation, you would do it, and if you didn't, you couldn't.

And with these words in my head, with a smile to you beloved, I'm finishing this post, the best I could write today 😉

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  • 20.10.2016

    I've already worked a lot with my perfectionism. You don't have to be the best to be awesome 😉

  • salus salus

    We like you very much and we have our fingers crossed 3

    • 24.02.2016

      Wonderful, thank you very much 🙂