Is the Wedding Consultant a seasonal job?

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It is true that the wedding season usually lasts from late May to early September. But this has little to do with seasonal work for a Wedding Consultant. Why?

Wedding preparations usually begin one year before the wedding. I am writing "usually" because Young Couples come to me more and more often 2 years in advance. Every year, however, there are also couples who want to get married "on a cito", so for example only 2-3 months before the wedding.


While in fact about 90% of the weddings that I organize usually take place between the last weekend of May and the first weekend of September, preparations for these weddings take place throughout the year. It is just out of season that we usually get to know each other and meet with clients, sign contracts and start the whole usually very complex process of organizing a wedding.


Wedding Preparation Schedule


After signing the contract with clients, we prepare for them the so-called Wedding Preparation Schedule, in which, after gathering information about the availability of information from young people, we determine in which month, and often exactly on which day we will organize individual components of the Wedding Day.


Did you know that a young couple usually has to spend about 200 hours on their own organization of their wedding? That is why we are approached so often by Couples who are very active and do not have time to prepare everything personally. Or they live abroad and don't spend enough time in Poland to find, verify or visit everything by themselves. Of course, with our help, these hours are needed by the Young couple several times less, but it is always the Young Couple that makes all the final decisions or choices, so from the tailor-made offers presented, they choose the perfect ones. We do not want to overburden them all at once, so we try to spread the preparations evenly throughout the year.


The specifics of work in season and out of season

Despite the fact that the Wedding Consultant is not a seasonal job, it looks completely different and engages in the season and out of season.


Off season the work of a Wedding Consultant is mostly based on computer, phone and meetings. You can easily arrange it during normal working hours, such as 8-16, which is the time preferred by most of us and our Subcontractors (hotels, wedding halls, printing houses are usually open during these hours). However, there are also meetings with clients, joint visits to wedding locations, which, although sometimes managed to be organized at these times, often also take place in the evenings and on weekends, i.e. when our clients - usually very busy people - have their free time .


In the season Whereas the Wedding Consultant works most intensively on weekends, i.e. on the Wedding and Wedding Day (more and more often they are also organized on Fridays), but the whole week before the wedding must be very available. A few days before the wedding, everything should be finalized, order the last services that could not be ordered before - for example, the seating plan (here, something always changes at the last minute). If the wedding is logistically complicated, for example, because it takes place in a tent, we have to supervise the setting up of such a tent a few days before the wedding. Similarly to other more complicated projects, such as complicated decorations, arrivals and transfers of the bride and groom and guests, our constant control for a few days before the wedding is necessary.


Course for Wedding Planner


If you dream of working as a Consultant - be sure to check out my most-chosen in Poland Course for Wedding Plannerwho will comprehensively prepare you for this profession, and the obtained Certificate with the recommendation of the Polish Association of Wedding Consultants, which has existed for 12 years, will allow you to build trust among your clients and subcontractors from the very beginning - trust is your greatest currency.


Did you imagine the work of a Consultant?


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