Organization of a baby chest of drawers

chest of drawers quax changing table chest of drawers for children's room organization

A chest of drawers for a baby is - contrary to appearances - not such an easy matter. How to arrange everything in a chest of drawers so that everything is easily accessible?


When Maks was about to be born, enchanted by all the beautiful commodes for the child, and above all their wonderful organization, which I admired on Pinterest, I decided to adapt it to our reality.


As soon as she stood in our bedroom chest of drawers with a changing table...


white gray children's room dresser changing table feeding chair


... I bought organizers from Ikea in which I put children's clothes.


My idea was to organize clothes in the organizers vertical so that I could see the whole oh review right away, and complete ready-made, beautiful sets.


I remember my beautiful Instastory with a chest of drawers full of clothes….


And it looked beautiful! Until ... Max appears in the world.


After a few days in the home spent at home, I hid and reorganized our chest of drawers from the beginning. Why?


these vertical arrangement of clothes turned out to be completely impractical and non-functional for several reasons.


First of all, it was difficult to hold Sonny on the changing table with one hand so that he would not fall, and with the other taking out a set of clothes, because when taking out one set of clothes, they all fell out.


Secondly, if I arranged the clothes in such a way that there were, say, eight or six sets, and at one moment one was carrying a child and two were in the laundry, the others rolled up and all my idea of ​​transparency and order was in ruins.


How did I reorganize the baby's chest of drawers, learned from my mistakes?


A chest of drawers with a changing table in Maks's room has three drawers and that's enough for us. There are no cosmetics or changing accessories in the drawers of the dresser, because we have kept the number of such things to a minimum - thanks to this, everything fits in the box on the dresser. If you're curious, see it in full our changing corner.


I put my clothes in the first drawer - one on top of the other, in clusters: bodysuits, shorts, pajamas for pajamas ... Completing sets of clothes was impractical - my child was raining or soaking the diaper, and then I did not see any sense of changing it "so that the set would fit". When the baby spilled on the bodysuit, I only changed the bodysuit, when its diaper leaked - I only changed the shorts. Thanks to the toned content of this drawer in one color, everything fits together. Only when I want to put my baby on a specific set, I prepare it in advance.


In addition, it quickly ceased to matter to me what pajamas I would wear today for my Son - be it elephants or leaves - so what was the point of displaying them vertically? I take the first ones in advance, and when they are running low - I do the laundry 😉 Or, I arrange them from the ones I like the most to those I like the least or are stained.


Only this way allowed me to easily change my baby, when I could hold him with one hand and pull out clothes with the other - usually the first one from above!


children's room chest of drawers quax muppetshop


You can see the contents of the first drawer below - believe me, these are all the clothes I have in use in a given period - only their size changes from time to time. I do not wash every day - it is enough even for a child with reflux.


chest of drawers for the child how to arrange clothes


Second drawer is a place for muslin and terry nappies, sheets for Moses basket and two types of bibs:


organization of children's dressers muslin diapers tetrowe


As you can see, unlike in the case of vertically arranged clothes, the lack of one muslin diaper does not make the others fall over, move or unroll, which is why I could afford such a solution here.


As a curiosity, I will tell you that each of the boys has their own diapers and there is absolutely no way that Santa would use Maks's diapers - he knows perfectly well which ones are his and he knows where to look for them. And if I give Mikołaj's nappy to Maks sometimes, I have to tell him that my brother only borrows this nappy and it will certainly return to its place.


chest of drawers for changing baby muslin diapers


In the third drawer our dresser for a child includes cones, towels and blankets.


baby dresser with changing pads baby hooks bamboo blanket swaddle


Here, too, I could allow myself to be arranged vertically - thanks to this arrangement, I can adjust the cover to the current needs or the weather. I could also lay the hooded towels flat, but rolling them made me gain additional space for covers.


This chest of drawers really contains all the things I have for Maks for a given age - except for the jacket that hangs in the hall.


In our baby's dresser you will not find bedding or pillows - Max first slept wrapped in nappies, and now he sleeps in a sleeping bag. You can read about what I cover my children with depending on their age in the post: A horn, blanket, sleeping bag, swaddle, or maybe a quilt and pillow?



And what does your space for clothes look like? Maybe I inspired you to change?

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