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Every day I remember to put into practice my New Year's resolution, which if I were to call one word it would be: Organization.


At home, in the office, on the calendar, in the head. It's been a month, but there are some first successes in my account. Although on a daily basis I still dig myself out of too many tasks that I have always taken on my head, working on a broadly understood organization may turn out to be a good topic for my blog, work on which is also my New Year's resolution.

So I challenge myself: ReOrganization


Where do I start?


Calendar in paper version

Until now, I combined planning in a paper calendar with a phone calendar that I have synchronized with the computer. In addition, a notebook for notes that do not fit into any of the above places and relate to what I am currently working on.


For several years, I have been using calendars in which each day has a dedicated, separate page (or Saturday is on one page together with Sunday). And guess what? It made it very easy for me to fall into the trap of taking too much on myself. When planning tasks and seeing only one or two days at a time, I had the wrong impression that maybe even today I do not have much time, but "tomorrow" I will definitely find it.


It led to situations in which I took more than I could do, and there is probably nothing worse than the feeling that something was not done in time, that someone was disappointed.


From here for this year I bought a calendar with a view of the whole week in a vertical arrangement, with hours from morning to late evening.

how to choose a calendar for the new year

Thanks to this, when planning tasks, I can see the whole week at once, I flip through the paper and look at it for two weeks. Thanks to this, it is much easier for me to determine if and when I am able to undertake the next task, and if I undertake it, plan it well in time. I can see immediately which weeks I have very busy, and which are looser, without having to page several dozen pages. Result?


I better predict the duration of individual tasks, and I have a picture of the whole week in my head.


The second important rule I introduced is planning everything in the paper version of the calendar, and enter only tasks that are precisely defined in time, such as meetings, into the calendar on your phone / computer.


On-line calendar

online calendar blog

Since I am at the phone / computer calendar, I decided to use the Google Calendar application. On the other hand, I created 3 separate calendars that display simultaneously in different colors: two business, which I provide to the appropriate employees to be able to apply changes to them and organize the work of the office, and a private one that I share with my husband.


to-do list

wunderlist blog task list


The third tool that I use to plan - this time short, usually undefined in time tasks - is the Wunderlist application, in which I also use the division into work lists, separate for different projects, and private lists, and in them I find lists as obvious as:

- tasks for today

- shopping, divided into shops and departments, for example, separately food and drugstores, so that the stores do not waste time remembering, not to forget anything and buy more than I need,

and less obvious, such as:

- ideas for gifts: often around birthdays or holidays we wonder what to buy to our loved ones, and I'm sure that our loved ones have repeatedly told us about what they like and what they feel like throughout the year. I try to write down such things on this list, thanks to which I don't have major problems with the right gifts

- movies to watch: reading a magazine, browsing the Internet or watching trailers at the cinema, I often told myself: this film I have to watch! But later when I'm looking for a movie for the evening, it's hard for me to remember valuable items, and now I just fire up Wunderlist and save the title of the movie. I have a similar list for books that I want to read

- blog ideas: that no interesting topic escapes me

- Wish List: here I write my small and bigger dreams to come true.


I am very curious how you like my ideas for organizing work times and more?
And of course I will gladly read about your favorite ways to organize your time reliably.

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