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Hi my name is Agnieszka I am a Wedding Planner, 12 years ago I started my own company, and in the meantime I became a wife and myself Mom.

You just visited my personal blog where I write about children, fashion, interiors i business, to help women organize yourself both at home and at work.

I write about my life, to which I introduce ideas in small steps minimalism i work-life balanceto fulfill even better in every life role.

So make yourself a coffee and sit back comfortably. I invite you!

Cybex Priam

Cybex Priam is supposedly a perfect baby pram, a pram in which the stars bring their kids. To form our own opinion, we decided to test - for ourselves and for you - whether it really is as good as they say.

Lactation crisis

lactation crisis

The lactation crisis can affect us at every stage of breastfeeding. Did you know that according to the data of the Central Statistical Office of Poland in 99,4% of women after breastfeeding start breastfeeding, but after 6 weeks only half feeds?

That is why every single day of breastfeeding is our huge victory. Most of us finally give up in the fight for feeding primarily because they do not have access to appropriate knowledge, support, help or just a warm word, and even have to fight with loved ones who have a young, uncertain self in a new role my mother says that she has "weak milk", that "the child is hungry" and "treats you like a pacifier" (by the way, it is worth answering the question what was the first: breast or pacifier? Or maybe just a child treats a pacifier like you ?).

I have always heard about the lactation crisis as the beginning of the milky way and was prepared for it. However, the lack of food after a few weeks of feeding completely surprised me.

How not to dress

how not to wear a fashion blog

I prepared a list of basic mistakes that were the reason that I didn't always put together clothes well for a given day. Check if you also commit them, because it is extremely easy to eliminate them and the effect will be visible immediately.

Holidays with children - Primavera Jastrzębia Góra # children

The first thing I did when the new 2018 year calendar came to me was to plan family trips throughout the year. As you know from our Instagram, I have already returned to work, and keeping work-life balance is my absolute goal for 2018 year. So I invite you to the account of our first vacation, on the occasion of which we will check if the places we visit are #dzieciolubne and are suitable for relaxing with small and absorbing toddlers. We went to Hotel Primavera in Jastrzębia Góra in January. Has it turned out to be a good place to stay with the kids, and we managed to get some rest, or did we come back even more tired than we went?

Dubatti One

Dubatti One 2w1 stroller review review reviews

Choosing a stroller for a child is not as easy as it may seem. Not only the toddler's comfort and safety are important, but also the comfort of driving the stroller and its functionality. At Maks's birth, encouraged by positive reviews, we decided on Dubatti One. How did he work with us? Would we recommend it to friends?