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Hi, my name is Agnieszka - I am a Wedding Planner, 14 years ago I started my own company, and in the meantime I became a Wife and Mom.


You just visited my blog where I share proven ways to organize a home, family and small business to help Women run living on your own terms.


I share tips based on the small steps method, I introduce positive thinking and meditation, in order to achieve inner happiness.


So make yourself a cup of coffee and sit back. Invite!


Mom with a camera

mother with camera children's photography
Although for the activity on the blog I can give myself a penny with an exclamation mark in the last six months, I managed to keep in touch with some of you thanks to Instagramowi. Because recently my interests revolve around photos.

How to choose a feeding chair?

feeding chair
I spend the last days before the birth of Mikołaj reading all sorts of books on issues related to raising children. Although there are many schools, and none of them suits me 100%, being aware that life will verify everything in its own way, it confirmed my belief that I need a comfortable, secluded place to feed. And most importantly - comfortable - since for the next few weeks, and maybe even months, we will spend in it quickly, counting at least 4 hours a day (feeding every 2,5-3 hours x duration at least 30 minutes). So it cannot be an uncomfortable sofa, chair or bed, on which I personally find it difficult to find a comfortable position to sit. So I started looking for the perfect feeding chair.

Pregnancy necessity

must-have for pregnant women

I do not like the term "truck" and I think about the topic of this post for the longest time. Because although pregnancy - especially in recent months is a really heavy burden - it is so sweet!

Here we go - here are the things that definitely make my functioning during pregnancy easier:

Organization - at home, in the office, in the calendar, in the head

good time-management

Every day I remember to put into practice my New Year's resolution, which if I were to call one word it would be: Organization.


At home, in the office, on the calendar, in the head. It's been a month, but there are some first successes in my account. Although on a daily basis I still dig myself out of too many tasks that I have always taken on my head, working on a broadly understood organization may turn out to be a good topic for my blog, work on which is also my New Year's resolution.

So I challenge myself: ReOrganization

New Year's resolutions in progress

snow winter blogger
I work intensively on putting it into practice New Year's Resolutions. Unfortunately, it would not be enough to change my habits and reduce my new tasks and obligations, because I had a lot of responsibilities last year. In order not to cause further backlogs, before I start creating a new sustainable lifestyle, I decided to deal with the huge number of tasks that have been waiting for me since last year.

American pancakes according to Magda Gessler

And it all began one winter evening, when I decided to use my subscription for cable TV a bit and jumping on the channels, I heard that Magda Gessler with her Revolution in Straszyn, which I pass several times a month.