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Hi my name is Agnieszka I am a Wedding Planner, 12 years ago I started my own company, and in the meantime I became a wife and myself Mom.

You just visited my personal blog where I write about children, fashion, interiors i business, to help women organize yourself both at home and at work.

I write about my life, to which I introduce ideas in small steps minimalism i work-life balanceto fulfill even better in every life role.

So make yourself a coffee and sit back comfortably. I invite you!

How did I find strength and motivation to lose weight?

In 2017, I decided to fight for myself, get motivated and, above all, persevere in my decisions to get back to the form in which I felt just myself. Today I am sharing with you my very personal story about how I lost weight 20 kilo in 40 weeks and finally I see myself and not someone else in the mirror.

If, like me, you ever want to motivate yourself to lose weight, before you start reading this post, take the first step - bring and put a piece of paper and something to write on hand. Please. Thanks for that.

Calendar For A Good Day - 2019 Planner is free to print

Annual printable weekly calendar planner

As promised, I place on your hands (read on your printers) a calendar / planner for 2019 for self printing. The calendar is free, and the downloads are prepared so that they can be printed on both sides in the A4 format as per the instructions below, and then cut in half to the A5 format, fold, attach to a binder and enjoy your own calendar made by yourself!

Breastfeeding and a date with her husband or return to work

breastfeeding and return to work

There are a lot of reasons why we must leave our Baby with someone other than ourselves. School or college, work or additional assignment, case in court or other official matters, stay in the hospital, own or with an older child, and even a dateand with my husband or going to the cinema with a friend - they absolutely do not necessarily mean that we must give up breastfeeding, or that we will have to feed the baby with modified milk. Today I will tell you how I organized breastfeeding, running my own company ...

Printable 2019 calendar - monthly

2019 calendar for monthly printing

A calendar with a view of individual months hangs in the kitchen and helps to orient each family member in the family life. I print it every year, hang it on a pad with a clip - thanks to this the calendar costs me a few pennies, and in case of mistakes or a big change of plans, I can always print another page.