Holidays with the book - Gray, counterfeits Gray and the latest proposal by Dorota Masłowska

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On the occasion of Christmas shopping, I could not miss my favorite Empik, where the first two parts of Gray peeked at me as perfect gift ideas from almost every corner (you can read my review here).

But not only Gray, because I barely distinguished them from the other few books whose authors decided to hook up to the undoubted (sales) success of this series:

First of all, "Eighty Days of Blue" - not only the title on the same note, there is also the cover in the same style, but also the advertising slogan from it:

"Even more spicy and sublime shade of Fifty Shades of Gray."


Next, "Designed for the Game" - where the word "Games" written with a capital letter undoubtedly and intentionally associated with the title Gray. But as if that were not enough to ensure the book's financial success based on the success of the prototype, it is supported by the following inscription
"Gray is just an appetizer,
time for the main course ... "
And one more - here I see a hybrid of several covers - as if Gray was not enough, the Prada accent was added 😉

Avoiding stands and shelves promoting book hits and pseudo-hits, between the shelves with Polish literature, I became interested in our hidden, native proposition:

And although the "Polish-Russian war under the white-and-red flag" a few years ago was neither finished nor appreciated by me, I decided once again to bow to Dorota's undoubted talent and present my loved one with her latest literary proposal. What will come of it - I will let you know for sure. Or maybe you have already read?

And what book would you choose for this year's Christmas gift?

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