Traveling with your child by car - 11 must-have gadgets

Travel by car with a layette for the newborn

The topic of traveling with a child is one of the most common travel topics you ask me. Well, today I am sharing with you specific, proven products that make the topic of traveling with a child easier for us.

travel with a child by car layette

1. Child observation mirror >> our choice

Such a baby usually sits on the rear seat and rearward facing, to be able to observe him without turning around, it is worth having a mirror on the back headrest, in which the baby will reflect and thus the driver will see him in his interior mirror - just like to want to look at the rear window. Unfortunately, this function does not work at night and you cannot see anything in the dark.


2. Car seat pendant >> our choice

When choosing a pendant, make sure that it does not hit the Child when braking hard. Our tiger has been doing great from the first weeks of life - it's the first toy that caught Miki's attention.


3. Bottle warmer >> our choice

For milk, tea, drinking water, especially in winter an absolute must-have, if the child drinks anything from the bottle.


4. Roller blind for window >> Our proposal

It will protect against the sun if the seat does not have sufficient protection. Ours had a perfect one, which I could easily put out in the form of a booth even while driving a car, so we did not buy an additional windshield cover.


5. 1 car seat, also called 0-13 kg >> our choice

A separate post would have to be written about the choice of the seat. In short, don't look at the brands, but the tests. Many car seats that boast 0 * got them in tests many years ago, and in the newest only got 5 *, which they "forget" to boast about. Or 3 * have, but only mounted on the base. We decided on the Cybex Aton Q seat. It has 5 * mounted both on the base and on the belts. Its only drawback is its weight, it is large and heavy, but therefore safe. Special bumpers extend to the sides of the seat, creating a telescopic side protection system, stabilizing the seat in the event of a side impact. If I were to buy a car seat now, I would decide on his younger brother - Cybex CLOUD Q, which apart from the car can be folded almost flat and thus almost turns into a carrycot! I really regret that we did not have such a solution, but it is an absolute novelty. A newborn baby and a toddler can stay in the car seat for no longer than 5 minutes at a time, so frequent stops are necessary on a longer journey, and carrying a baby in the car seat during a walk can simply harm him. It is largely about breathing, about the collapse of the lungs in a position that is safe for travel and forced into the seat. On our way, we met fantastic experts on this topic and they explained a lot to us. That's why, although I had adapters for the car seat, when we went for a walk, we always took the gondola with us and moved the baby to it.


6. ISOFIX base for car seat >> our choice

If your car has an ISOFIX system, it is worth considering buying the base and this mounting system. Thanks to it the car seat is much more stable and the child is even safer. Thanks to it you have great convenience, unfortunately for a considerable price of another several hundred zlotys. Initially, we bought the car seat itself, but quickly bought the base.


7. Sleeping bag for car seat >> our choice

Traveling with a Child from autumn to spring, we encounter the following problem - we dress the Child warmly to take it to the car, it gets hot in the car and our Child overheats. Additionally, a child in a jacket fastened in a seat is not so safe!
See for yourself!

Of course, we can also stop every now and then remove from the child another piece of clothing, but I have another patent for it. I installed a special sleeping bag in the car seat with holes for the belts and driving somewhere in the car I put Maluszek in the sleeping bag, put the hat and scarves on and carried me to the car. And in the car, all you had to do was take off your hat and remove the sleeping bag. Now Miki pulls the hat off himself and reveals himself when the car heats up and is warm enough.

Choosing this sleeping bag I chose one that would also fit the gondola, I knew that it would not last long, so I bought one at a good price.


8. Blanket >> our choice

The same story as with the sleeping bag, I only use the blanket on warmer days, this one - a gift for a Baby Shower - fits perfectly into our seat and allows you to wrap your baby on all sides, especially the bigger one. It is also great to wash and looks like new after more than a year! We are in the color Hipster Electric Blue.


9. Bamboo or muslin diaper >> our choice

Larger than the traditional tetragon, it warms in winter and cools in summer. I have four and they are with us everywhere. They are perfect for traveling as a cover against sun and wind. In the clinic, a seat or stroller that is placed on top of the clinic will perfectly protect the child from sneezing and puffing. They easily absorb moisture and evaporate it quickly. Bamboo nappies have natural bactericidal properties and provide protection against UV radiation.


10. Summer cover for car seat >> Our proposal

You can choose the original cover, or just like me, take a normal diaper diaper and cut three holes in it for belts and wrap it around the seat insert, it holds and works perfectly, and gives the child great relief. Without it, on summer days, even after a short journey, I pulled out a wet baby, the diaper almost completely solved this problem.


11. Music >> our choice

Nothing soothes the morals like Maluszek's favorite music. It is with us Super Simple Songsthat we play from the phone connected to the loudspeakers in the car, and thanks to these notes we go much further.


And how do you feel like traveling together?

In the next two posts, I will show you what to take with you for a walk and how to pack when we are a child for a night away from home.

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  • Editors of

    When traveling with a child, especially a small one, you need to really prepare yourself so that the ride is trouble-free and, above all, safe. Great entry, it is definitely worth stocking up on all the things mentioned.

  • Jagna

    Only 40 min in the car seat? I heard about 2 hours

    • 29.02.2016

      Unfortunately, I read a lot about it when our boy calmed down in the rocking chair in the car seat suspended under the stairs and, unfortunately, most publications were close to 40 minutes. The only thing is that it is enough to remove the toddler, carry it in a different position and you can go further.

  • 23.12.2015

    beautiful window blinds!

  • In the shadow of Wielka Lipa

    A lot of this layette 🙂 My idea for a trip is a bit simpler 🙂 I start the car 5 minutes before departure and heat it up. I put the toddler in a car seat dressed "normally" and cover it with a blanket on the way to the car. There is no problem with all these sleeping bags, etc. And the toddler does not sweat so much while driving.
    I have never used the heater. My Smyki always drank drinks at room temperature. Alternatively, I took water in a thermos with me.
    The mirror is very useful, especially when you are driving alone with your child. "Zabawiacze" is a must have 🙂

    • 17.12.2015

      In winter, unfortunately, our car in 5 does not heat up, it needs 20, so unfortunately this idea falls away with us. And the heater is ideal when we have a break in travel, we go for a walk, come back and the water has become either in the car or on a walk very cold. We didn't use it in the summer.