Yellow-gray children's room step by step

This is the third post in the series: How to decorate a children's room. We get a lot of messages from you asking about what products we used to decorate Santa's room (our room design i our room performance). There are so many of your messages that sometimes you have to wait a long time for answers, so I decided to tell you step by step how our room was created and what materials we used.


1. painting

The room was originally white, we painted two walls on it two different shades of grayi. We bought 3 paints for a trial. We opted for two shades of gray: a gray glow (the darker color) and drifting ice floes (the lighter color). We discarded the silvery ice because the paint was too purple in color.

dull colors of the farm world children's room

dulux gray glow silvery ice

2. Furniture

The most important piece of furniture that gives character to the whole room is undoubtedly crib. I came across them in some interior design magazine and luckily it turned out that it didn't cost a fortune!

We bought a Pinio cot model Moon in the online store, unfortunately the store did not meet the promised deadline and the case brushed against the manufacturer, who rose to the occasion and the cot was with me in 2 days. Therefore, remember if you want to order children's furniture, in most cases the order fulfillment time is 4-8 weeks! However, if you started this purchase too late, IKEA will surely help you, where you can buy literally everything right away, usually at a very attractive price.

It is from Ikea that the next furniture in our room comes: the GULLIVER changing table, the MALM chest of drawers, the PAX wardrobe and the STRANDMON feeding chair, as well as the RIBBA picture shelves.


3. fabrics

I have always dreamed of a personalized room for Santa. I dreamed about it textiles such as curtains, bedding, changing mat cover or decorative pillows sewn from the same fabrics. Unfortunately, I did not find such solutions in traditional stores or they were very expensive. Here, the DaWanda portal came to my aid, which brings together creators and handicraft workshops, where I could buy ready-made or custom-made almost all textiles for Santa's room. So I ordered there sheets for the cot, covers for the changing table made especially for me, a horn, a pillow with an initial and an owl pillow. I bought all of this at very affordable prices. You can find a huge selection of textiles and other decorative items for children's rooms in the category baby furniture.

I made the curtains myself - my DIY project is there here. I bought curtains at Ikea.

A blanket / quilt with stars from the H&M Home store hangs on the cot.


4. Decor

No interior is complete without frills. Our climate is built by:

  • posters owls and paper garland MIKOŁAJ are DIY projects
  • frame in the stars, in which the ultrasound photo comes from the ZARA Home store
  • yellow piggybank a bunny bought at Home & You
  • garlands I made the stars myself
  • letter M above the cot ordered in the store
  • toy container black with stars bought from H&M Home
  • containers for small items in stars bought from H&M Home
  • yellow cartons bought in IKEA store (no longer available)
  • white basket IKEA garbage
  • white basket for used nappies Angel care
  • gummed rug with stars from H&M Home
  • wooden toy from IKEA.

Mikołaj has been using his room for over 10 months, it has not changed much during this time - this is how it looked at the beginning.

pinio moon cot
yellow chevron zigzag curtains
feeding chair Ikea strandmon gray
armchair for breastfeeding
books on raising children
lettering baby name chevron santa claus banner yellow

GULLIVER IKEA changing table
pinio moon cot
changing table basket for angelcare diapers


star carpet
star carpet


Taking photos for this post turned out to be an excellent opportunity to take a monthly photo session to Mikołaj, this time with Dad on the occasion of just finished 10 months. Here is a small preview, I will show you more pictures this week.

children's photography

I hope this entry will inspire you and, above all, help you decorate your interior. Let me know!


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