What is worth having in a baby's annual room? Changes are coming!

baby room one year old inspirations

Change is my middle name. I love changes in life, at home and at work. Only in love I am constant and I do not accept them there. So there is a balance 😉

Santa's room, which you know was created for a newborn, extremely practical and comfortable, but above all for me. Mikołaj is over a year old and his room requirements have changed a lot. There is no space for toys, books, which he could have permanent access to, after all he loves them so much.

So there will be changes, not only in functionality, but also visual, let everyone have something nice for themselves 😉

And here are some of my ideas for what could be useful to children who are already a year old!

1. A place for toys

Extra shelves? Or maybe a bookcase? Drilled to the wall, of course, with containers on top of it?

children's room bookcase shelves

1. House Bloomingville Shelf> click
2. Square shelf Wires 2 pcs, Done by Deery> click
3. Tipi house shelf> click
4. Kallax rack> photo credit >  click
5. Hexagon shelf> click
6. Tipi bookcase> click
7. Wooden box for toys - 100% HANDMADE> click
8. Bookshelf house / dollhouse> click
9. Kallax 4 × 4 rack> photo credit > click
10 Kallax shelving> photo credit >  click
11. Hexagonal shelf 3 pcs.> click


2. Place for books

I think that the chest on wheels will work perfectly and help you wander with books between rooms, where we just feel like reading and watching

toy chest

1. Bloomingville Fox toy box> click
2. Toy box "Pythagorean's Dream" Nobobobo> click
3. SAFARI de LUX Klupś toy container> click
4. Wooden Toy Box> click
5. Wooden Box for Toys - Mamimami> click
6. A box for toys "Mint" Nobobobo> click
7. Chest on wheels, rungs - WoodenStory> click

3. Table and chairs

For drawing, painting, reading, molding, doughing - isn't all this awaiting us in the near future?

baby table and chairs

1. Toddler Pinio Set> click
2. KRITTER series of furniture for children IKEA> click
3. Junior Pinio Furniture Set for Children> click
4. Mammut furniture series for children IKEA> click
5. MAYA table + 2 chairs> click
6. SUNDVIK IKEA children's furniture> click
7. A set of table + 2 chairs for children + PAKAMERA cushions> click
8. Stokrotka Bellino table and chairs> click

4. Rag doll and clothes

To teach caring and care from an early age. Dress in pajamas, go to sleep. Ideally suited to learning body parts, colors, dressing, will develop manual skills and empathy.

rag doll blog

1. Doll Rebeka ART-MADAM> click
2. Trousselier - Rag Doll Ninon Parisienne Saliorshirt> click
3. Arthur - a boy rag doll> click
4. Janek Lalka Chłopak Art Madam> click
5. Piotrek ART MADAM candy doll> click
6. Lisek> click
7. A boy rag doll - Sebra> click
8. Bartek boy doll> click
9. Embroidered Lalanna doll> click
10. Izabela doll> click

5. Trolley for ...

Not necessarily for a doll, after all, you can also load your favorite toys, books or folded clothes into it and transport it from place to place. The turtle and the toy car are sure to go for a ride as well. Such a cart can also act as a pusher right away.

wooden doll stroller blog

1. Trolley, wooden car, red> click
2. White and brown trolley> click
3. Wooden trolley with a retro yellow-green dollhouse click
4. Montmartre / Wooden Story trolley> click
5. Walker wooden cart with Hape blocks> click
6. Crazy little dog - walker Janod> click
7. A pusher, a walker for children with colored blocks> click
8. Wooden cart - walker HABA car> click
9. Janod A trolley with an alphabet of 30 blocks> click


Who as a child didn't love "base building"? And then sit in it all day? Two chairs and a blanket, a table and a long tablecloth or blanket, an inverted sofa bed ... probably every child loves tight "own" places, a piece of their own space, giving a sense of security. So I think a small teepee tent in the room would be a shot at 10! Not to mention the little wooden house that makes me feel warm to my heart.

teepee baby blog1. TIPI Feathers> click
2. Tipi Ajku Chevron Gray> click
3 TIPI Little NOMAD> click
4. 1 TIPI Little NOMAD >> Moonshadow wigwam> click
5. Set of Teepee Mata Cushions Moroccan Kingdom> click
6 Neutral wind - tipi> click
7 Hanging tent> click

7. What would you add to my list?

Mmmm, it is widely known that we arrange children's rooms and we also buy toys for ourselves, so let me know what you would like?

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