Children's room metamorphosis

children's room clouds

When a year and a half ago I designed a room for Mikołaj, I did it mainly for myself. It was supposed to be comfortable for me, I was supposed to have everything at hand and perfectly organized. Now that Miki is one year old, the room has started to fulfill new functions, the feeding and nursing room has turned into a playroom and a room for exploring the world, and there is a shortage of places to play and store treasures. Then I started to mumble more and more about the new arrangement ...

Nothing else but the new lamp that stood in our room became an inspiration for further changes in both functionality and color.

The lamp gave rise to a new color scheme and theme. Pastel clouds became my inspiration for the new colors of the room. How did I choose her? I used the PANTONE color palette, from which I chose a set of pastels:



It was on their basis that I selected wall paint, toy paint, and also came up with wall stickers.

Since a light cloud motif appeared on the lamp, I thought that it would be perfect for other elements such as wall stickers, pouffes or bedding.


Colors and designs

So having:

  • leading colors: pastels
  • theme: cloud

I started to search for specific products, from which I created a coherent whole. The list could not be missing:

  • wheeled crates toys / books
  • a stable shelf for toys, which at the same time will help maintain order
  • nice, thick carpet on which we can spend hours on a fantastic
  • mass of pillows that will allow us to relax
  • new graphics matching the new room climate
  • and textiles in new designs and colors.



The collage of inspiration was attended by:

Colors - PANTONEThe carpet | IKEA, Containers for toys | IKEA, Box for toys | Nobobobo,
Toy shelf IKEA. Pillow case | H & M Home, Lamp | Lamps & Company,
Cot Pinio, Chair for feeding | IKEA

How do you like the project? Tomorrow I will try to finish the photos and present you the final effect! Are you curious

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