35 Christmas gift ideas for Him ♂

a gift idea for him

Don't have a gift for your family's male representatives yet? I present a guide created in cooperation with my husband Wojtek, who is forbidden to read it before Christmas Eve - gifts from PLN 20.


idea for a gift for a man to 50 PLN

1. Puzzle

Probably every man likes challenges, he gladly checks in what time he solves the puzzle himself and in which colleague from work. Mine loves and recommends.
19,95 PLN - see in store

2. Mafia

My husband and his friends' favorite social game. Colleagues too. You can take blind for brother, boyfriend, husband or dad.
25,49 PLN - see in store

3. Magic Ball No. 8

A hit and a funny gift for all the undecided.
The magic ball number 8 contains as many as 20 answers in Polish and will certainly help solve the most important dilemmas:
Should I have another beer? - YES, YES, YES
Will the wife be angry? - You can count on it 😉
39,00 PLN - see in store

4. Happy socks

Festive or not at all - colorful socks for a man with a sense of humor.
34,90 PLN - Christmas - see in store
PLN 34,90 - daily - see in store

5. Factual about men's fashion

A guide by Michał Kędziora for men who both like to play with their own outfits, and for the more conservative ones. It is best for a man who has a distance to himself and will not take it as a ploy, but will only benefit from the knowledge of classic and timeless cuts, fabrics and patterns, about the ability to combine individual garments according to a few simple rules. It will also be under our Christmas tree.
39,49 PLN - see in store

6. Key Organizer

For the key-keeper! 😉 You don't have to carry a keychain with you and then try on the lock, figuring out which is the basement door. End of it! At Toys4Boys you can buy an organizer, thanks to which the recipient will be able to say goodbye to the keys clinking at every step, and his partner will certainly appreciate the fact that he no longer has to sew up pockets pierced by keys ... 🙂 The organizer allows you to arrange the keys in a fixed order, so that there will be no question of a mistake.
29,00 PLN - see in store

7. Shoulder bag

No more stuffed pockets! Car keys, house keys, car documents, wallet - guys can have a lot to carry too. A small shoulder bag can be a bull's eye! My husband wears it, I spend less on his pants, and because of poverty I will throw my phone there myself.
54,50 PLN - promotional price - see in store
109 PLN - regular price

8. Universal phone holder 4-5.5 ″

Regardless of whether the guy is in the Apple or Samsung camp, he will easily put his phone here. You too. We have in both cars and we won't give it back, we recommend it. Importantly, it is very easy to use and the phone attached to it can be charged, as the handle does not cover the charging socket.
59,80 PLN - see in store



idea for a gift for boyfriend to 100 PLN

9. Bluetooth mouse

For people who spend a lot of time or simply working at the computer, the Microsoft Designer Bluetooth mouse will be a good gift. You no longer have to deal with a tangled cable or a wireless key protruding from the USB port, as it is in typical wireless mice. Very stylish appearance and reliable operation mean that such a mouse will please every man.
99 PLN - see in store

10. Financial Ninja

Knowledge of home budget management will be useful to every man, regardless of age and financial status. We promise.
69,90 PLN - see in store

11. Block mug

I do not understand it, but my husband says that such a cup is every man's dream. I guess everyone has their favorite mug, where everything tastes best. Here you can also start your creativity: here's a cup to which you can attach blocks and build something cool - a fantastic idea for someone creative!
74 PLN - see in store

12. Converter

A converter that turns a car socket into a full-fledged 230 V socket - thanks to it, every man can connect a laptop, a shaver ... or a home milk heater while traveling. Its shape fits the cup holder so it won't get in the way.
99 PLN - see in store

13. Pendrive

Fast, metal, capacious, simply male. Perfect for keys, without the plug that my guy would have lost anyway.
69 PLN -  see in store

14. NeoCube puzzle

For a lover of riddles and puzzles, the NeoCube puzzle will certainly be a successful gift. 216 strong neodymium balls give a sea of ​​possibilities to create any shape or pattern. The balls will allow the recipient to create figures in 2 and 3 dimensions, they will stimulate the cerebral hemispheres and help to get rid of stress. The size of the Neocube is also an advantage - you can take it with you everywhere.
69 PLN - see in store

idea for a gift for dad to 10 PLN

15. Wireless headphones

For running, for work, for DIY and for the car. Simply for everything and for anyone who does not like restrictions.
169 PLN - see in store

16. Wool scarf with an admixture of cashmere

For the one who values ​​warmth, coziness and good quality.
143 PLN - see in store

17. Cable detector

This device came in handy during the renovation of the bedroom. Initially, it seemed like an unnecessary expense, but in the end it turned out to be necessary - thanks to the cable detector we avoided drilling into live wires. Two weeks later, while hanging the tires in the garage, we saved a whole bunch of cables supplying electricity and the entire house. Today we recommend it to everyone.
198 PLN - see in store

18. Weekend bag

For a weekend, to the gym, for a small getaway for a few days.
169 PLN - see in store

19. Leather trouser belt

Leather belt for trousers will be a great gift for a man who focuses on elegance and appreciates high-quality products. Available in black or brown.
259 PLN - see in store

20. Breathalyser

Indispensable after all drop-down events, and yet New Year's Eve and carnival are approaching! A very practical gift for every man, especially for drivers.
PLN 209 - see in store

21. Tool kit

For the automotive lover. The set contains all the necessary keys, sockets and knobs, and the whole is enclosed in a practical, handy case. A man can feel like a professional car service!
178 PLN - see in store

idea for a gift for a man to 300 PLN

22. Smell

Very characteristic, interesting male fragrance 212. Hint of green lemon. floral and green notes, e.g. ginger. Additionally, a note of sandalwood and musk. Timeless and very masculine. We both like.
249 PLN - see in store

23. Powerbank Fast Charge

This is not an ordinary powerbank, it is a portable quick-charging charger that is compatible with the largest number of phones, for every man who lives quickly and values ​​quick charging and using the phone without a powerbank connected. Every time your man uses it, he will definitely think about how you save his situation.
229 PLN - see in store

24. the DVR

If your man drives a lot, he will definitely appreciate the video recorder that records the road and other traffic users. The video recorder starts automatically while driving, the recordings are of high quality (also at night), and the wide-angle lens ensures that nothing is hidden!
299 PLN - see in store

25. Leather, perforated wallet

A wallet is always a good gift, and one that is well made (punched skin effect) and protects contactless cards against unwanted reading will be double-hit 🙂
229 PLN - see in store

26. Beard trimmer with a hair vacuum cleaner

If your boyfriend, husband or dad wears a beard, even a very short beard, the beard trimmer with a stubble suction system is sure to be appreciated. And if you live together - it's also a little gift for yourself, no more hair on the sink.
285 PLN - see in store

27. Lamborgini ride

Although Wojtek laughs that I say "Lambordżini", I think that when he finds this gift under the Christmas tree, he will have a real reason to smile 🙂 Emotions, memories and photos are something that will stay with him forever, and a ride on a 520 horse machine is must be unforgettable fun for every man. Not for everyone? The dream gift, the organizer of this attraction, offers a lot of such exciting or relaxing experiences. Balloon flight, parachute jump, paraglider flight, off-road ride, fly board, tank ride or rather whiskey tasting, sushi course and fun in the escape room - they usually lose with everyday duties and expenses, but the pre-paid attraction obliges and now you will simply have to find time for it.
299 PLN - see in store

28. Sonic toothbrush

My heroine 35 gift ideas for her, ideally suited to the male side of the sink.
239 PLN - see in store

29. Shoulder bag

Great quality bag, covered by a global warranty. Wojtek has been successfully using his fourth year. It's a gift for years!
249 PLN - see in store


a gift idea for him

30. Drone

The perfect gift for a fan of sky acrobatics and electronic news. Such a drone can have a range of up to 200 meters and perform 360 acrobatics - quilting, spinning barrels, flight on one side - a great show not only for the drone operator, but also for observers. The drone is equipped with lighting, so you can travel the sky even at night, and after attaching the camera to record fantastic movies!
389 PLN - see in store

31. Skagen watch

The timeless and minimalist style of Skagen watches will appeal to many men. The designer is a Danish company inspired by the natural landscape of its region. Wojtek has and loves.
699 PLN - see in store

32. Kindle Paperwhite reader

The bookworm will certainly appreciate the fact that you will give it the opportunity to carry the entire library with you in one light and handy device. It does not smell like a book, but such a reader with electronic paper instead of the backlit tablet screen does not strain your eyes when reading, and you can also use it without any problems regardless of the reading angle and lighting.
649 PLN - see in store

33. BOSCH Pro cordless screwdriver

A typically male gift, great especially for a DIY enthusiast. A woman would probably not be pleased with a mop, but it is different for men - a good screwdriver is not only a great toy, but also an invaluable tool during renovation or small household tasks, e.g. furniture assembly. And don't let its small dimensions fool you - it's a really professional tool!

525 PLN - see in the store in a set with accessories

399 PLN - view in store (screwdriver only)


34. SmartWatch SAMSUNG Gear S3 Frontier

Such a SmartWatch not only looks very good, but also gives as many as 15 ready-made designs and has 9 interchangeable straps - you can change the look of the watch depending on the occasion and styling! It is not only a cool gadget, but also a stylish accessory. The Samsung SmartWatch allows you to receive calls, read messages, listen to music, control the calendar, measure the pulse and much more. Lots of devices in one!

PLN 1 499 - see in store

35. VR goggles

Virtual reality goggles will allow the recipient to move into a completely different dimension - visit places that they may never be able to visit, or experience amazing adventures. All thanks to one device! A perfect gift for electronics lovers, both for a teenager and an adult.
549 PLN - see in store


What do you think your man will be happy about?


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  • 23.12.2020

    Very nice inspirations. I love making gifts. A leather wallet or an elegant belt will surely prove useful.

  • Ewelina

    Until I got inspired! This year I ordered the Man's Christmas Box from Birthday Box. He has not arrived yet because I ordered for 22.12/XNUMX so that he would not stay at home too long, so that my husband would not find him haha

  • 09.12.2020

    In my opinion, all phone accessories are a bull's eye, because they will always come in handy. You can, for example, put on wireless headphones, a power bank, adapters or chargers - there are many ideas.

  • Konrad

    I usually have trouble choosing a Christmas gift for my husband. Meanwhile, during last year's holidays, it was not a problem for me. I bought a very elegant leather belt. I chose the classics: a black leather belt that will work with any pants My husband was delighted.

  • Natalia

    My husband is a fan of sharp emotions. For his birthday I bought him a paraglider flight, and now for Christmas crocodile wallet from Allegro. I can't wait for his reaction!
    How many ties, watches and shirts can be bought? Let us be crazy about our boys 😉

  • Carolina

    Thanks for the dose of ideas! I'm just looking for inspiration because Christmas is coming tuż

  • Alicja

    My last gift for my husband was an iPhone 7 case - so far it has worked perfectly. The spouse is very happy, and this is the most important thing 🙂

  • Ilones

    Cool suggestions, thanks for the inspiration 🙂 For 2 weeks we have a wedding anniversary and I am looking for something completely different. Maybe something small flying? I know that he likes such things in addition to subsequent historical books or clothes 😀

  • 09.07.2019

    I always approach all gifts very matter-of-fact because I want them to be practical. This year I bet on sports shirts, which are probably hot. My Eric will definitely be glad that he will have something to go on vacation 😀 Although I am also considering buying a small gadget, I will definitely choose something from your list 🙂

  • 29.01.2019

    I really like these letters, they are helpful. 😀

  • 24.01.2019

    I would add a wooden watch to the list.
    Such a "must have" in my small collection. One regular - classic, the other wooden.
    I got the above e-book reader last year (8 version) and it is irreplaceable!

  • igus

    This year I put a tangible gift on them 😀 I gave my boyfriend a voucher rna flight in the speedfly wind tunnel near Wroclaw się enjoyed a lot <3

  • Małgosia

    We always check all sports topics, we motivate each other to run and do strength, that's why some leggings for a guy or rashguard often pass the exam egzamin

  • 21.12.2017

    Oh, I recommend family board games.

  • Rusto

    A cool ninja financial book. It is worth taking a look at the fan page because you can find a rebate code there. And I most agree with the fact that it is worth buying practical gifts. We men are simple and much more happy with something that will be useful to us 😉