Idea for a children's room

children's room personalization letter M
My first post after such a long absence simply could not be about anything other than what is happening with me lately. I decided to share with you my way of planning a children's room. And today it will not be about functionality, but about design.

I knew that by entering the stores with children's articles and equipment without a specific concept I would buy a lot of unnecessary and not necessarily matching items ... because it is impossible to base the promotion on a green horn and Kłapouche's tender eyes on purple linen. So I started by preparing a plan.
1. colors
children's room yellow gray


I wanted our child's room to match the rest of the house, where three colors dominate: white, gray and black. The color palette for our children's room could not be missing. And as it turns out - very well - children, especially in the first months of their lives, are interested in contrasting combinations. The room, however, is not designed for such a short period of time, and I am gradually introducing colors into our house, so I started looking for the missing, perfect color. Here, of course, the Internet and thousands of various photos turned out to be very helpful. And I decided on ... yellow, sunny, positive color, perfect for both a boy and a girl.


2. designs
children's room zigzag chevron gray yellow owls
We already have colors, but the multitude of patterns and shapes can also be quite confusing and instead of calming - irritate. That is why I opted for plain fabrics or with a zigzag pattern. In the room I have also planned pictures, pillows and other decorations, on which, apart from the aforementioned zigzag motif, sometimes the owl motif will appear. Our baby's room could not lack personalization - the initial of the name will be perfect here.
3. "Mood board" or a collage of inspiration
baby room chevron yellow owls cot blanket pillows
Cot - Pinio
Picture shelves - Ikea
Picture frame - Etsy + Ikea
Pillows - Ifffka
Blanket - Poofi
Garland - Etsy
Chest of drawers - Ikea
And finally, I put together all the ideas to make sure that before I start looking for the right products, the planned climate suits us.
Our son's room is almost finished, I still need to sew one curtain, finish painting the wooden letter M and shorten the curtains. I can't wait to show you what effect we have achieved.
And how did you like our plan?

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  • kinia

    Hello :) I'm in the process of decorating a room for my baby and I have to admit that I will copy some of the things from your plan;) I have a question maybe not necessarily related to the topic .. Did your son sleep in the room alone from the very beginning? You in the bedroom?

  • Ewa Anna Skalska

    Hello! great ideas 🙂 what is the letter M made of? I like it very much and I thought that I would do it too 🙂

  • Ania

    I have a question about the floor in your Son's room .. :) Would you tell me if they are panels or a floor? what company, type or color….? They look great, are exactly to my taste and I am looking for this color and look for my home. I will be extremely obliged for your answer :) best regards

    • Ania

      Thank you very much for the answer :) my husband is not convinced to such a color but I hope he will be tempted :) Although in the living room downstairs we are planning a floor in some dark color.
      Ps. I am a faithful fan of your blog and I follow every day 🙂 You are great grandmother and you have a very nice family :) I also have a son (18 months old) and I have recently returned to work (come on, I won't tell you ... the beginnings were difficult - for everyone) so your blog is for me a wonderful reading for my life like that.
      I greet warmly:)

  • 11.09.2014

    Very interesting ideas for arranging a children's room. For sure, a few other options will come to your mind and I hope you will share them with us;) I don't plan to arrange a child's room for now, but when this time comes, I will definitely use your ideas because they are great.

  • 10.09.2014

    I plan slowly too. I refrain from shopping spree to create one specific whole 🙂

  • 08.09.2014

    Gray with yellow is my favorite color set. At home I have a lot of it 😉
    I am curious about your room arrangement.

  • 14.08.2014

    I'm glad you're writing again. The room will definitely be beautiful. 🙂
    Well, congratulations with all my heart! I wish you happiness and comfort!

  • 14.08.2014

    It will be beautiful! Show the end result, it will definitely delight!

    And congratulations :)


  • 09.08.2014

    I like the plan very much, waiting for photos!

  • 08.08.2014

    But it is beautiful ♥

  • 06.08.2014

    it will be perfect! 🙂

  • 06.08.2014

    I was waiting for you!!! It's good that you are - I've always liked your posts 🙂

    It's nice that you have a plan and (above all) that you stick to it 🙂 You have chosen beautiful themes and colors and I follow your actions on Instagram. I hope you will stay here and there permanently.

    It's great that your little one will have their own little room! We share the bedroom with our son, so I had only one corner to plan and arrange. Now Olek is a year old (he finished today, today! 🙂) and his "kids" zone has dangerously extended to the whole house - planning hihi for nothing 😀 The open bookcase in the kitchen is inhabited by stuffed animals, and I had to move the necessary things from the lower shelves high on the cabinets. The lack of space can be felt, because the clothes come and come, and there is nowhere to "push" them further 🙂 And the obvious thing - TOYS. Only one box, we promised ourselves. Sure - there are already two in the living room, plus a bicycle, a rocking horse and a tent 😀 But as you probably guessed, there is nothing more wonderful than seeing a happy child! 🙂

    Grow healthy: * Kisses!

  • 06.08.2014

    I really like this combination of colors. I have nothing for the standard choices of parents, the simplest ones like pink for a girl, blue for a boy, because if something is done well it will just look good and end of story. However, I like the custom, original and at the same time very tasteful options, like this one. 🙂

  • 06.08.2014

    He liked it very much !!! Lovely colors!

  • 05.08.2014

    But there will be a wonderful room 😀 Beautiful colors, great combination 😀

    Greetings warmly 😀

  • 05.08.2014

    If you become a mommy soon, I warmly congratulate you and of course daddy.
    Will it start moving again?

    • 05.08.2014

      Gee! 8 month already, wish you luck. Of course, for sure a lot of people remember although I am not a mother and in a long time I do not intend to be one, but the blog was great, I read it very well and if I started again I would definitely visit

  • 05.08.2014

    Beautiful !