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I know that humidification especially during the heating season is very important, so check out my two favorite ways to humidify air and one sell.

The first was an ultrasonic humidifier

We have an ultrasonic air humidifier, but I don't like the effect of steam rising everywhere, which settles on the floor, furniture or bedding, leaving them wet, and then evaporates, lifting the dust particles that we inhale. And I didn't make it up myself - when Miki fell ill for the first time, I moistened the room day and night until one Mrs. Pulmonologist told me that by using this method of moisturizing, I made the Child breathe ubiquitous dust. Not to mention how difficult it is to keep a humidifier like this clean - I mean our water container. The sediment and impurities in the water were almost impossible to clean through such a tiny opening of the container. In addition, after long-term use, white mineral deposits began to appear around the air humidifier on the floor. Whence? Such a humidifier breaks the water into very tiny particles… and the limescale comes out with the mist. So the humidifier moved to the bottom of the closet, and I started looking for other solutions to keep the room where the Child is sleeping sufficiently moist. What kind?

The second was diapers and towels

Every day, every so many days I soaked in water and hung it on a radiator or chair back. In illness, when I put a lot more weight on moisturizing, I scalded herbs and soaked diapers or pillow cases that I hung around the child's cot, which in addition to moisture gave relief to the respiratory tract. How much work with this I think I do not have to explain to you.

That is why I was very happy to have the opportunity to test the modern evaporative air humidifier with the male name Oskar by the Swiss brand Stadler Form.

What is this evaporation?

Evaporation, i.e. evaporation - the most natural and healthiest form of hydration, the same as hanging up my diapers!

Compared to an ultrasonic humidifier, no limescale, no steam, no wet floor, no bedding.

Compared to diapers - firstly, the air humidifies much faster, the water from the diapers does not drip onto the panels, does not wet the curtains, and I do not have to constantly monitor whether they are still damp, and secondly, this humidity remains at the appropriate level throughout the room . Oskar is dedicated to rooms up to 40 m2, but has a smaller and bigger brother, suitable for other sizes.

Meet Oscar

Oscar humidifier
evaporative humidifier Oskar Stadler Form
evaporative humidifier Oskar Stadler Form review

You know that we value simplicity in interiors and prefer less than more, so Oskar immediately charmed us with its cool and simple design. We chose from 6 available colors, but white seemed to be the best for our home. Thanks to her, Oskar fits perfectly into our colorful room for a child, but I would also like to put it in the bedroom or living room. The other colors are berry. lime, brown and black.

Oskar humidifier available colors

How it works?

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After opening the humidifier, we can see a surprisingly simple structure - it is a large container with a water tank in it, two filters increasing the surface of water evaporation, a fan and a cube with silver ions which, by destroying all microorganisms and bacteria, ensure hygienic moisturizing.

The fan sucks in the water evaporating from the filters and directs it to the room. Additionally, due to the fact that the humidified air passes through the filters, it is already pre-cleaned of dust particles and other impurities.

Keeping the water container in the humidifier clean is much easier than with the ultrasonic humidifier, and we replace the filters with new ones every 2-3 months.

Humidification programs


The humidifier has two speeds (the lower one is ideal for night work) and built-in hygrostat, thanks to which we can set the preferred degree of air humidification (from 40 to 55%), after which the humidifier will turn itself off to turn on again when the level drops below the set minimum. A fantastic feature for people who value automated solutions and save, for example, on electricity bills. Due to the simple mechanism, Oskar is a device that absorbs little energy, and thanks to the rest states, we can really minimize energy consumption. In addition, the humidifier will turn itself off when there is no water in it, so it does not work "dry" without any sense, consuming electricity, and this will be indicated by a special diode. However, water can also be added to it during its operation, and it is best to use a watering can for this purpose.

The device can also be put into a night mode, which consists in switching off the LEDs, which we used all the time, because the LEDs glow strongly, even in the softest light option.


Oskar came to us just when we were all cold and not only successfully replaced my diapers, but provided perfectly moist air throughout his testing. I wasn't worried about water leaking onto the floor or steam flocks or limescale, as in the case of humidifying the air with an ultrasonic humidifier or wet towels.

The manufacturer states that it has a fragrance dispensing function, but we did not use it so as not to irritate the runny nose. If it was not a test copy, after consulting the Manufacturer, I would be happy to pour my proven, filtered water with herbs into it, which has a beneficial effect on a cold Mikuś.

Do you care about proper air humidification?

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