Meet Oscar

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I know that humidification especially during the heating season is very important, so check out my two favorite ways to humidify air and one sell.

The first was an ultrasonic humidifier

We have an ultrasonic air humidifier, but I don't like the effect of steam rising everywhere, which settles on the floor, furniture or bedding, leaving them wet, and then evaporates, lifting the dust particles that we inhale. And I didn't make it up myself - when Miki fell ill for the first time, I moistened the room day and night until one Mrs. Pulmonologist told me that by using this method of moisturizing, I made the Child breathe ubiquitous dust. Not to mention how difficult it is to keep a humidifier like this clean - I mean our water container. The sediment and impurities in the water were almost impossible to clean through such a tiny opening of the container. In addition, after long-term use, white mineral deposits began to appear around the air humidifier on the floor. Whence? Such a humidifier breaks the water into very tiny particles… and the limescale comes out with the mist. So the humidifier moved to the bottom of the closet, and I started looking for other solutions to keep the room where the Child is sleeping sufficiently moist. What kind?

The second was diapers and towels

Every day, every so many days I soaked in water and hung it on a radiator or chair back. In illness, when I put a lot more weight on moisturizing, I scalded herbs and soaked diapers or pillow cases that I hung around the child's cot, which in addition to moisture gave relief to the respiratory tract. How much work with this I think I do not have to explain to you.

That is why I was very happy to have the opportunity to test the modern evaporative air humidifier with the male name Oskar by the Swiss brand Stadler Form.

What is this evaporation?

Evaporation, i.e. evaporation - the most natural and healthiest form of hydration, the same as hanging up my diapers!

Compared to an ultrasonic humidifier, no limescale, no steam, no wet floor, no bedding.

Compared to diapers - firstly, the air humidifies much faster, the water from the diapers does not drip onto the panels, does not wet the curtains, and I do not have to constantly monitor whether they are still damp, and secondly, this humidity remains at the appropriate level throughout the room . Oskar is dedicated to rooms up to 40 m2, but has a smaller and bigger brother, suitable for other sizes.

Meet Oscar

Oscar humidifier
evaporative humidifier Oskar Stadler Form
evaporative humidifier Oskar Stadler Form review

You know that we value simplicity in interiors and prefer less than more, so Oskar immediately charmed us with its cool and simple design. We chose from 6 available colors, but white seemed to be the best for our home. Thanks to her, Oskar fits perfectly into our colorful room for a child, but I would also like to put it in the bedroom or living room. The other colors are berry. lime, brown and black.

Oskar humidifier available colors

How it works?

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After opening the humidifier, we can see a surprisingly simple structure - it is a large container with a water tank in it, two filters increasing the surface of water evaporation, a fan and a cube with silver ions which, by destroying all microorganisms and bacteria, ensure hygienic moisturizing.

The fan sucks in the water evaporating from the filters and directs it to the room. Additionally, due to the fact that the humidified air passes through the filters, it is already pre-cleaned of dust particles and other impurities.

Keeping the water container in the humidifier clean is much easier than with the ultrasonic humidifier, and we replace the filters with new ones every 2-3 months.

Humidification programs


The humidifier has two speeds (the lower one is ideal for night work) and built-in hygrostat, thanks to which we can set the preferred degree of air humidification (from 40 to 55%), after which the humidifier will turn itself off to turn on again when the level drops below the set minimum. A fantastic feature for people who value automated solutions and save, for example, on electricity bills. Due to the simple mechanism, Oskar is a device that absorbs little energy, and thanks to the rest states, we can really minimize energy consumption. In addition, the humidifier will turn itself off when there is no water in it, so it does not work "dry" without any sense, consuming electricity, and this will be indicated by a special diode. However, water can also be added to it during its operation, and it is best to use a watering can for this purpose.

The device can also be put into a night mode, which consists in switching off the LEDs, which we used all the time, because the LEDs glow strongly, even in the softest light option.


Oskar came to us just when we were all cold and not only successfully replaced my diapers, but provided perfectly moist air throughout his testing. I wasn't worried about water leaking onto the floor or steam flocks or limescale, as in the case of humidifying the air with an ultrasonic humidifier or wet towels.

The manufacturer states that it has a fragrance dispensing function, but we did not use it so as not to irritate the runny nose. If it was not a test copy, after consulting the Manufacturer, I would be happy to pour my proven, filtered water with herbs into it, which has a beneficial effect on a cold Mikuś.

Do you care about proper air humidification?

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  • Olga

    With us, Oskar also became a friend of the house 🙂

    • Gretel

      Same here! The kids got very interested in him from the very beginning. And this is an excuse for us to talk about air quality, etc. 🙂

  • Mirka

    For me, Roger works wonderfully and I highly recommend it

  • Dominika

    I definitely recommend an Oscar, filters to be replaced only every 2-3 months

  • Marta

    Oskar is perfect for me! I am super pleased

  • Zuza

    My number one! I like Oscar very much, it clearly changed the air in our house

  • Sandra

    Oskar works great for me. Very fashionable and functional

  • Basia

    Hey, I'm also thinking about buying this humidifier, I have a flat of 35m2, I have dry skin and frequent cough, will this work for me?

    • Marta

      I have had it for a long time and I can recommend it, in my studio, 26 m3 works very well 😉 I practically never part with it, I even take it on vacation 😀 I turn it on for the night and noticed that I cough less often and dry lips and I have the impression that my skin's hydration has improved, I also recommend it 🙂

    • Kasia

      Dry skin and frequent coughing can be caused by low air humidity. For confirmation, it is worth using a hygrometer, i.e. a hygrometer. You can buy the cheapest one for a dozen or so zlotys. As for whether this particular humidifier will work for you, it depends on the layout of the apartment. Usually one device is taken into one room. A more reliable solution would be two humidifiers placed in different rooms.

  • Regina

    I highly recommend the Oscar from Stadler, the best quality

  • Kasia

    Hey 🙂
    I think I wrote a comment not under this post, because I was reading it. Please delete that one, and here I will ask you again.
    How do you rate the use of Oskar after time? What is the best for yes and what for no? Personally, I am bothered by the rather low real efficiency. The appearance is captivating!

  • Dobruś

    It's a great thing with this Oskar, it works perfectly in small and large rooms

  • Basia

    We have it and we love it!

  • Viol

    Oskar is perfect for dry rooms. You can feel the effect right away

  • Urszula

    Oskar is a great thing. I appreciate it very much and the effects are amazing

  • Tola

    Oskar is great, we love him. He worked wonders in our house, and the best thing is that the filters only need to be changed every 2-3 months.

  • Wing

    It's great and it's cool that there are so many color versions to choose from. It serves us a lot.

  • Olympia

    I highly recommend Oskar - he changed our lives. Breathes better at home, it is quiet and practical.

  • Inga

    A humidifier from Stadler, Oskar changed our home. Regulation of the humidity level, replaceable filters - a great thing. I recommend it, especially to allergy sufferers!

  • Juliet

    I love Oskar who completely changed our home. The water no longer condenses on the window, there is no fungus and we sleep better!

  • Jagna

    Oskar made a revolution in our home! No condensation on the windows, no fungus on the wall. Sensational, better breathing and sleeping!

  • Dorota

    It works great, it evaporates the air and prevents it from condensing on the window. Great thing, I recommend it! And this design <3

  • 18.09.2020

    I have the X-Muff from X-lander. Soft inside, solid material on the outside and beautiful patterns. A very nice gadget for cold days with a pram.

  • Karina

    It was a great choice for me. Mostly he is in the children's room, but sometimes I take him to the bedroom. I change the filter every 2-3 months and the best option is to set the degree of air humidity!

  • Jowita

    Oskar first impressed me with its design. Then I started testing it in the bedroom, where mostly the water condensed on the windows. And suddenly .. she disappeared! I am very pleased!

  • Danusia

    What I liked the most about it was the possibility to set the degree of air humidity in percent. In my black one, I replace filters every 2 months. I am also very happy 🙂

  • Hanka

    I am also just as pleased. Thanks to this equipment, every mother can sleep well. Even my children liked their new friend Oskar 🙂

  • wheaten ola

    I love Oscar, I have white and I admit that he is irreplaceable not only in winter but also in summer!

    • Alina

      I bought it in the summer, it worked well, that's a fact, now we'll see when the heating season starts.

  • Iri Iva

    cool idea with water with herbs! I also have this Oscar only that black very durable device because we have a lot

  • Rick Smith

    I have a moisturizer from this company Oskar and I must say that it is made great! matt designer varnish and of course, the work also works

    • Julita

      I also recommend it because it is great. Cool design, works quietly, uses little electricity.

  • King Wereska

    After a long time I am fully convinced of him! Well-made, quiet at night, it looks cool in the living room

  • Malwina Potocka

    I have it and I praise it very much. Works flawlessly and looks great, i.e. fulfills the two most important functions. I am of the opinion that such quality at such a price is the best choice

  • Chester

    I must admit, a little more expensive but it looks mega, hardly any one looks like this, and so does the silver cube

  • Agnieszka Stankiewicz

    it is the fact that Oscar is perfect in the room of a child and an adult. with us he wanders between rooms and goes on holiday with us even 🙂 visited some of the world; p but he falls asleep so well that we can't imagine sleeping without it

  • 17.12.2015

    They live pregnant with my parents, I always get up in the morning with a sore throat, and at night I did not wake up kicking the child but dryness so terrible that sometimes I could not breathe. I was also hanging wet towels on the chairs so that I could sleep soundly and I was considering buying a humidifier. When we switched to our gift, we received a device that measures air humidity and it turned out that despite the fact that our floor is the warmest in the whole house, the humidity remains normal and the purchase of the humidifier has gone away into oblivion. However, I can understand even a large expense for such equipment because I will never forget this terrible feeling.

  • 17.12.2015

    We are currently considering buying a humidifier as part of the antenatal layette. We decided on the ultrasound, but my husband convinced me to spend a dozen or so zlotys on ... a hygrometer. Thanks to this, we discovered that our apartment is not too dry, even in winter with the radiators turned on. It is also not good with too high humidity, fungi and mold may appear. Therefore, we will monitor the level of humidity when Jasiek decides to finally get out of the belly. And if there is a need, we will probably buy an ultrasonic one anyway, because this price is a bit of a massacre.

    • 17.12.2015

      But your wise husband! 🙂 we once got a hygrometer as a gift from Grandma because, unfortunately, it is too dry during the heating season. On such days I wake up with a slight hoarseness, and Miki also cough after waking up. In contrast to ultrasonic, I prefer wet diapers to hang. This pair, which settles everywhere and gets wet, and then evaporates with dust, as the Pulmonologist explained to me, made me feel at home.

    • 18.12.2015

      In that case, thanks to you, I saved about PLN 200, because I will not buy an ultrasound one. The cash register will go "to the piggy bank", we will see how wet diapers will work, and if I have to use them again and again, I will get an Oscar for something 😉