Preparations for Easter - downloadable holiday planner

Are you already preparing for Easter? Only 1,5 weeks left! You wonder how to prepare well for Easter? I have prepared a Christmas planner for you, thanks to which you will be able to organize yourself perfectly!


It is a tradition in my family that I always organize Easter with Wojtek in our home. It is an occasion for small family celebrations, for example, during Easter, the Baptisms of our two sons took place.


So I know very well how laborious it is to prepare holidays, cook and decorate. So that you would not forget anything, I have prepared for you printable easter plannerthat will allow you to become a walking command center, control the chaos and no problem organize Easter : )


Preparations for Easter


Easter countdown

On the first page of the planner you will find Easter eggs with dates to be crossed out. remember about Easter Triduum - Holy Thursday, Friday, Saturday is also an important part of Easter!



I know perfectly well that there are people who can't wait to see cheerful Easter-spring colors, colorful Easter eggs, yellow chicks and fluffy bunnies in their home.


For these people, websites from decorations outside, inside and on the table. Here you can enter what and how much you need, where to get it (do you have it from last year, do you have to buy it?), What budget you can spend on it and how much you spent in the end.


If you are wondering how to decorate a house for Easter, see my old post and get inspired. There you will find simple tips on how to make Easter decorations yourself, with simple accents, and in a quarter of an hour!



Christmas cards

Although now much fewer cards are sent than before, there are those who treat sending Easter wishes by traditional mail as a must-see during Easter and Christmas.


In the planner you will find a field to enter a list of people / families to send cards and a field for the address - all in one place!




If your family has a tradition of gift giving at Easter, you will appreciate it gift letters.


Here you can enter what, for whom and where you would like to buy, what is your budget and how much you have spent, and finally simple columns-checklists, whether the gifts are already bought and packed.


We make many purchases - especially recently - online, so that you would not have to search through hundreds of e-mails in the planner you will also find online shopping tracker. Just enter what you bought, where and for how much, and finally mark whether you have already ordered it (you can also enter the date and when) and whether the package has arrived.



Christmas budget

On this page you will summarize the funds allocated (and spent) on gifts, decorations, food and other elements of your Christmas.



Festive cooking

An inseparable element of Easter!


First meal planner: what are you going to serve on Easter Saturday, Easter and Easter Monday? Write down your starters, main courses, side dishes, desserts, drinks and other snacks.


Then Unsubscribe planned dishes and pastriesand next to it all shopping listthat you need to prepare the dishes. You have 2,5 pages for that - a large shopping list will fit here!



Easter and Easter Monday - daily planner

These pages will help you organize your and your family's life. What are you doing on Easter morning? Are you going to resurrection or are you sleeping late? Easter breakfast is going home or are you invited somewhere?


Write down what yours is day plan for Easter and Easter Monday - morning, afternoon and evening. Next to it you will find a place for list of planned attractions and events. Maybe you are organizing a festive egg hunt in the garden? Maybe you want to organize a family movie screening, or maybe you are going to some intimate Easter concert?



Easter List - To do

In the rush of preparations, do not forget about yourself. Yes, I have prepared a list of what to do and what to prepare for you, but you will also find a table here to write how you will spend time for yourself.


After intensive preparations, do you deserve a moment of relaxation: a relaxing bath, a book, a walk with a friend? You will definitely come up with something!




That is something that every planner cannot do without - a place for mish-mash, scribbles, ideas and venting emotions 😉



You can find the Easter planner for download here. It is A4 format, so you can put it in a briefcase or clip it to a briefcase and use it, and take the necessary pages with you when shopping!


Ready to prepare for Easter? 🙂

3… 2… 1… let's go!

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