A gift for a young mother

gift ideas for young moms

A gift for a young mother - she deserves it like no one else! If a baby has recently appeared in your family, there is certainly a mother behind it 😉 I will suggest you today my ideas for gifts for a young mother, which you can buy online and easily send to her by post or courier - without leaving home.


When the Baby is born, the whole world begins to revolve around him, becomes the navel of the world not only parents, but also other family members. At this time, however, we should not forget about Mother, who after all put in a lot of heart and work both during pregnancy and childbirth. A gift for mom after giving birth is a nice gesture. Producing a small person is not so simple ;-).


Despite the coronavirus pandemic in the world, children are still born. Young mothers are doomed to lonely births and even the baby's father cannot visit them in the hospital. That is why it is worth showing her that you remember her, giving her something that will not only give her pleasure, but also will make the time spent with the child more pleasant and easier.


In the current situation, you cannot visit a young mother and baby, so try to get gifts that you can buy online and send to her with a nice note - without leaving home.


A gift for a young mother


Feeding dress

Although time spent with a newborn is associated mainly with walking around the house in a tracksuit and a comfortable feeding shirt, I believe that every mother deserves to feel particularly beautiful and feminine at this special time. When I was breastfeeding and had to coordinate the wedding day, I bet on Aglaia model with buttons. It is a dress perfect for feeding and elegant, just in time for a great output, for example baptism. Every day young mother will certainly be comfortable in Rita model. You can buy a dress if you know the right size or choose a gift voucher.


a gift for young moms ideas


Mom's backpack

Such from Lassig it is roomy, full of pockets and compartments that easily accommodate both things necessary when going out with a child, and Mom's trinkets. The backpack has both shoulder straps to put it comfortably on the back, as well as Velcro hooks to attach it to the stroller frame. Easy access to a key ring, a small cosmetic bag with a pendant or a thermo-insulated packaging for the bottle is a great convenience.



Mom's kidney

I liked very much lately kidneys. Since my children are bigger and we don't need so much stuff while walking, I appreciated the handiness of such a bag. A spacious main pocket and smaller, external and internal pockets allow you to store many things necessary during a walk, and the bag itself also has carabiners. It is a good solution when we are somewhere where we will not get the stroller - the stroller stays in the car, and we take the child in our hands and fasten the kidney on the hips or back - everything is at hand! A very practical gift for a young mother!


practical gift for a young mother


Feeding scarf

It's absolutely not that Mom has to hide while feeding - none of that, I don't think so. Often, however, for her own comfort, she would like to cover herself. Here he comes with help feeding scarf. It allows you to raise the blouse high, but does not cover the face of the baby. A very practical solution.



Feeding pajamas

Mom doesn't have to sleep in a green nightgown with a giraffe pattern 😉 Unless she likes! But it is worth giving her such a beautiful cardigan pajamas with a floral patternin which he will easily feed the baby. Such a pajamas are really a great idea for a gift for Mom after childbirth. You can also buy a gift card here.


feeding pajamas


Feeding shirt and blanket

A good quality feeding shirt and bamboo blanket that we can cover a baby is also a beautiful gift for a young mother. I recommend you this one beautiful set created by Aleksandra Żebrowska or gray shirt created in cooperation with Anna Lewandowska. I have one myself and I must admit that I not only slept in it, but it is so beautiful and comfortable that I walked around the house like in a dress.


a gift for a young mother to buy


Lilou bracelet

A nice touch will be jewelry for Mom, for example Lilou bracelet with pendant with a rocking horse and MAMA engraver, maybe a little boy / girl figure? Or maybe the initial of the child's name? There are plenty of ideas!


I have a bracelet with 3 figures of boys on my wrist - Wojtek is engraved on the large one, and Miki and Maks on the little ones. Thanks to this, I always have my boys with me wherever I am.



a gift for a young mother



Box diet for mothers

I myself remember very well how I suffered from a shortage of cooking time when my whole world revolved around a newborn baby. There are diet catering, which offer meal plans dedicated to mothers, or women who are breastfeeding. Balanced meals for the whole day, providing only the best ingredients and the right number of calories, will certainly relieve mom and give the feeling that someone cares for her.




If you don't like any of these ideas, let Mother know that you remember her, after all, for example, send a bouquet via flower mail. Let her feel that her effort is also appreciated 🙂

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  • Emilia

    Sensational post, extremely useful!

  • Sylwia

    I bought a spa voucher for my friend. Her joy is indescribable! 🙂

  • 04.01.2021

    I am looking for something just for my friend whose deadline is approaching inexorably! I didn't think about the kidney, but I appreciated its functionality during my previous holidays. I felt like I was wearing nothing. A young mother will definitely need such a gadget, the more that she will now have a lot of accessories to wear. Of course, it won't hold much, but it will always be a complement and addition. Regards 🙂

  • 24.07.2020

    The best gift will be accessories for babies, because they will definitely be useful for a young mother. I bought a friend of mine a supply of tetras and several swaddles.

  • 17.07.2020

    I think it's best to buy something useful, e.g. some kitchen equipment 🙂

  • 11.06.2020

    I think that in the store with children's accessories you can find a gift for a baby and for mother. You can buy a gadget that will relieve mom and take care of the child. Of course, flowers are always a good idea.

  • 21.05.2020

    Interesting ideas for a gift :) We'll add the idea of ​​giving a voucher for a relaxing and relaxing treatment in the Spa salon. A young mother will need a moment of rest in the hands of professionals and a nice atmosphere.

  • 06.05.2020

    Everything for feeding making it easier, functional and beautiful with 🙂
    Nights get easier ...

  • Kasia

    A great post, I would gladly receive each of these gifts after having a baby, and Aglaia would be the pinnacle of dreams (your pattern is beautiful). I would add a bouquet of flowers to the list, I got one after the birth of my son and I felt so appreciated 🙂
    I wish you and your loved ones all the best 🙂

  • 17.04.2020

    Very cool ideas! No. 1 for me is a dress from Marie Zélie - they are all so beautiful.