Stickers or decorative stickers on the wall - how to stick it evenly?

how to evenly stick a sticker on the wall

What are stains and why is it worth using them to decorate a children's room, bedroom or living room?

What are the crosses?

These are high-quality wall stickers that can be repeatedly attached and peeled off, i.e. re-attached without damaging the wall.

Where did the idea for slips come from?

Too often I make changes to our interiors to decide to spend many evenings painting the entire wall in a checkerboard pattern of identical clouds in five colors, even using a stencil. Too often, only to say after six months that it is high time to paint them over and paint… even the mountains. That is why colorful stickers seemed to be the perfect idea to decorate a child's room in accordance with its theme.

Where to buy slips?

When designing the room, I created a collage of themed colors that you can see here. That is why I could not find anything suitable in the standard offer of stick shops. So I decided to order the custom-made curves based on the colors I selected exactly, for which I used the Pantone color palette. The company made the stamps for us Redro.



Colors and designs

How to stick the crosses?

To start sticking, you must first have a plan. Total chaos is also a plan, but I put on clouds arranged in a chessboard. On the sheet of paper I calculated the intervals between the clouds, which allowed me to order the right amount.

How to stick the labels evenly?

When I received the card stock full of stickers I sat down and did not know where to start. And here she came to help me fiollkaawho, in response to my commentary, told me the story of how she herself stuck peas in 9's baby room in the month of pregnancy!

“I made myself such a mesh of threads, where I stuck them alternately with polka dots

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