Repair purchases done

office white furniture

Despite the snow and snowdrifts on the road - and this is what it looked like yesterday at around 17 p.m. expressway, category I snow removal, I managed to make my first renovation purchases.


1. White furniture

My desk with a shelf for documents of all clients and companies:

Shelf for employees:

2 desks for employees:

2. walls

I opted for gray walls, white skirting boards and a white ceiling.
I was looking for paint on the walls in a cold, gray color resembling concrete and I bought

Dekoral Akrylit W color: platinum gray, resistant to scrubbing, latex

Apparently, the walls look like this:

3. Additives
I will have a complete vision of accessories when I arrange all the furniture, but for now I have, among others, (most of the previous version of the office):


cardboard boxes and binders for documents:

flower pot covers as containers for stationery, desk lamps
two shelves for pictures: 55 and 115 cm:

And from the previous version of the office, our small corner:

which armchairs I dream of beautiful pillows ...
and desk chairs:

And all this on our carpet:

And here is the office plan:

We start the renovation on Thursday at noon 🙂

I can't wait - how do you like the vision of my office?

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