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In pregnancy, we are very often so focused on the baby and ourselves, on the whole preparation for a new role, for childbirth ... that we simply tend to underestimate the role of our man in all of this.

Probably it was also with us. It's impossible to hide, during these 9 months (and a few months after delivery) I felt that our little world revolves around me and the Baby.


That is why I decided to reverse these proportions and prepare a surprise for Wojtek.


Birth Day is a very responsible and stressful time for our significant other. For their commitment throughout pregnancy (and often much earlier), they will often not even hear a simple "thank you" because we either do not have time to even think about it, or we simply do not notice it or appreciate it.


Therefore, a few weeks before giving birth, I decided to prepare thank Wojtek in the form of a souvenir and surprise.


Looking for an idea, I thought of something that is elegant, classy, ​​timeless, that will stay with him forever, even at the bottom of the drawer, which in his old age he will be able to pass on to his son as a family souvenir.


engraving watch for dad

engraving watch for dad

I decided to buy a watch (I'm not superstitious), on the case of which I engraved a dedication on the back. I attached a very personal letter to him, in which I thanked him sentence by sentence for "everything" on two pages.


Thank you for calling me on December 10, 2004 ...


That's how we met, by phone!


Before leaving for childbirth, I packed my watch and letter in my drawer.


When Mikołaj was already in the world and Wojtek returned home, I called him and asked him to go to our bedroom, open the drawer and pick up the scarves when he was at the cupboard… I hung up.


After a while Wojtek called back and through tears thanked me for this wonderful surprise. He couldn't believe that I came up with it so wonderfully, that I found time to invent, prepare, hide and plan it all.


And a few words of comment through Dad's eyes:


The joy that accompanied me that day cannot be described in words. The birth of Mikołaj's son is the most beautiful day in my life. After such difficult beginnings and complicated pregnancy, I knew that my son is already in the world, that he is healthy, that the wife is safe and resting, and I can breathe a sigh of relief and invite my friends to the umbilical to celebrate. The smile did not leave my face. I was overwhelmed with a feeling of happiness that surpassed any I have ever known. And here's the phone and another greatness waiting in the drawer. Apart from a beautiful gift and beautiful words on handwriting, I received something more from my wife, something that will remain in my heart forever. Even if Santa Claus eats a letter and I lose my watch ...



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  • Agnieszka Młynarczyk

    it is very easy to forget yourself in this situation, unfortunately. That is why it is worth thinking about a gift for such occasions as the upcoming Easter, as well as completely average days 🙂

  • Katarzyna Frymarkiewicz

    A brilliant idea! And I'm looking for a divine watch for my husband and it's perfect. Do you remember the model? I would be forever grateful :)

  • Agnieszka

    Great idea! I wish I had come across your blog a year earlier - everything would have been different. .. and this appreciation is right, unfortunately. .. since the baby was born, I tell my fiancé that I love him much less often and everything upsets me. .. I have to somehow reward him that he can bear it all.

    • 15.03.2016

      Don't worry - there's always the right moment for a surprise straight from the heart 🙂 and maybe the first birthday will be perfect? you will surely come up with something wonderful <3

  • Diana

    But the number with this meeting 🙂

  • Ola

    Great idea with this gift! I am giving birth in March and I would also like to give something to my husband ... We always consult more, we advise each other, and taking into account our income, such a watch is quite an expense ... my husband is interested in military, likes reading historical books, is an amateur brewer - I would like buy him something with an engraving but I have no idea at all 🙁 can I count on advice? thank you in advance!

    • 07.01.2016

      Olu, and maybe:
      - engraved cufflinks - even if he does not wear such shirts now, for example for a baptism (if you plan) and other solemn occasions will be perfect, maybe he will wear them for the baby's wedding in 20 years? 🙂 http://www.lilou.pl/pl/konfigurator/spinki/ there are also men's pendants on a thong for less than PLN 100, but not every man wears them, but maybe yours Twój
      - some great set of books that will stay for the generation in which you write your dedication
      - maybe some knife or pocket knife or other engraved tool?

    • Ola

      Hmm… and a suit belt with an engraving on the inside? 🙂

    • Ola

      Or an elegant leather case for glasses, also with engraving 🙂

  • 12.11.2015

    I was moved! Something fantastic :) You had a fantastic idea.
    So now I thought how many gifts my M. gave me when I gave birth to our son ... I thanked him so many times for everything, I often surprise him, but I did not come up with the idea to thank him in any special way after the birth of my son ... maybe I'll invent something This time:)

  • cosmomama

    Great idea 🙂 and what is this superstition, because somehow I do not associate? 🙂

    • 16.10.2015

      And I don't know exactly and I prefer not to check 😉

    • 16.10.2015

      Apparently, if you give someone a watch, it counts down the minutes to the end of the relationship.

    • 16.10.2015

      But you came up with the number 🙂 very well 🙂

    • 16.10.2015

      You better

    • 16.10.2015

      Ah, and I thought that it was so hidden in your stuff that he would accidentally find it, that there would be a maximum surprise 😀

    • 16.10.2015

      No, it's a mistake

    • 16.10.2015

      Next time, go along that it was supposed to be like that because if it was like that it was supposed to be so, right? 😉

    • 16.10.2015

      I also gave him a watch on the engagement

  • Life and chill

    A wonderful idea, a beautiful story ... for me the tear spun in my eye while reading this text 🙂