A baby is born ... let's not forget about Dad!

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In pregnancy, we are very often so focused on the baby and ourselves, on the whole preparation for a new role, for childbirth ... that we simply tend to underestimate the role of our man in all of this.

Probably it was also with us. It's impossible to hide, during these 9 months (and a few months after delivery) I felt that our little world revolves around me and the Baby.


That is why I decided to reverse these proportions and prepare a surprise for Wojtek.


Birth Day is a very responsible and stressful time for our significant other. For their commitment throughout pregnancy (and often much earlier), they will often not even hear a simple "thank you" because we either do not have time to even think about it, or we simply do not notice it or appreciate it.


Therefore, a few weeks before giving birth, I decided to prepare thank Wojtek in the form of a souvenir and surprise.


Looking for an idea, I thought of something that is elegant, classy, ​​timeless, that will stay with him forever, even at the bottom of the drawer, which in his old age he will be able to pass on to his son as a family souvenir.


engraving watch for dad

engraving watch for dad

I decided to buy a watch (I'm not superstitious), on the case of which I engraved a dedication on the back. I attached a very personal letter to him, in which I thanked him sentence by sentence for "everything" on two pages.


Thank you for calling me on December 10, 2004 ...


That's how we met, by phone!


Before leaving for childbirth, I packed my watch and letter in my drawer.


When Mikołaj was already in the world and Wojtek returned home, I called him and asked him to go to our bedroom, open the drawer and pick up the scarves when he was at the cupboard… I hung up.


After a while Wojtek called back and through tears thanked me for this wonderful surprise. He couldn't believe that I came up with it so wonderfully, that I found time to invent, prepare, hide and plan it all.


And a few words of comment through Dad's eyes:


The joy that accompanied me that day cannot be described in words. The birth of Mikołaj's son is the most beautiful day in my life. After such difficult beginnings and complicated pregnancy, I knew that my son is already in the world, that he is healthy, that the wife is safe and resting, and I can breathe a sigh of relief and invite my friends to the umbilical to celebrate. The smile did not leave my face. I was overwhelmed with a feeling of happiness that surpassed any I have ever known. And here's the phone and another greatness waiting in the drawer. Apart from a beautiful gift and beautiful words on handwriting, I received something more from my wife, something that will remain in my heart forever. Even if Santa Claus eats a letter and I lose my watch ...



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